FreedomPop Cell Phone Plans Review

FreedomPop is hands-down the cheapest prepaid wireless provider we’ve ever seen—it’s literally free (sometimes). But be aware of low data limits
Overall Rating 2.5 out of 5
Free talk, text, and data plan for low-usage customers
Extremely low plan prices across the board
Low data, talk, and text limits
Recent Updates: More than a year
We revisited this piece at the end of 2019, expecting to find some changes in FreedomPop's plan offerings or policies. But some things never change. And apparently one of those things is FreedomPop. We'll check back occasionally to see if the company decides to update the plans they rolled out all the way back in 2014.

If you’ve always dreamed of saying goodbye to your cell phone bill, then FreedomPop might just make that dream come true. Like its name suggests, FreedomPop offers plans that (depending on your type of phone) are literally free. As in no money. We know, we couldn’t believe it either.

But don’t get too excited yet. FreedomPop’s prices might be impressive, but its data limits are pretty low and it doesn’t offer an unlimited data plan.

FreedomPop plans and prices for 12 months of prepaid service
PlanPriceLearn more
200 MB*FreeView Plan
500 MB**FreeView Plan
2 GB$9.99/mo.View Plan
5 GB$14.99/mo.View Plan
10 GB$19.99/mo.View Plan

*For GSM phones only.
**For CDMA phones only.

How FreedomPop works

If you’re like us, you have one main question about FreedomPop: how the heck does it offer any plans for free?

The answer is VoIP. Any calls you make or texts you send on a FreedomPop phone use a technology called “Voice over Internet Protocol,” or VoIP. It’s the same thing Skype uses when you use it to call your great aunt in Colombia. It basically means the call (or text) uses a data signal instead of a traditional cell signal.

VoIP is also really cheap (much cheaper than traditional service) and it doesn’t use much data. Hence we have FreedomPop and its free plans.

FreedomPop prepaid plans and pricing

FreedomPop has unbeatable pricing, but its plans work best for customers who don’t need a lot of data

If you’re always on Wi-Fi and hardly ever use data in the wild, then good news! FreedomPop might just let you ditch your phone bill completely.

FreedomPop lets you do everything on Wi-Fi, including make calls. And if you already use a non-SMS texting app like iMessage or WhatsApp, then you won’t even need to worry about texting limits on the free plans.

FreedomPop free plan data, text, and call limits
Data limitCall limitText limitLearn More
200 MB*200 mins.500 textsView Plan
500 MB**200 mins. 500 textsView Plan

*For GSM phones only.
**For CDMA phones only.

That said, FreedomPop’s free plans are not going to cut it for the streamers, gamers, or even casual Instagram scrollers of the world. 200 MB will buy you only five minutes of HD video streaming before your speeds will dip to ludicrously low levels and stop your YouTube binge in its tracks.

FreedomPop’s paid data plans give you way more leeway. You can get up to 10 GB-per-month at a super low price. That’s still not enough to stream 1080p video all day, but if you use Wi-Fi most of the time then 10 GB should be more than enough.

FreedomPop paid plan data limits and prices
Plan length2 GB plan5 GB plan10 GB plan
12 months prepaid$9.99/mo$14.99/mo.$19.99/mo.
6 months prepaid$11.99/mo.$17.99/mo.$22.99/mo.
3 months prepaid$13.99/mo.$18.99/mo.$24.99/mo.
1 month prepaid$24.99/mo.$34.99/mo.$59.99/mo.
View PlanView PlanView Plan

Note that you get the best value from FreedomPop if you agree to 12 months prepaid. If you really want a month-to-month plan you can stop at any time, then FreedomPop’s prices don’t look quite so good anymore—and in that case, we’d recommend going with a different prepaid plan.

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All FreedomPop’s paid data plans include unlimited talk and text.

What happens if you go over your data limit?

If you go over your data limit with FreedomPop, it will automatically charge you $15 to “top up” your data. That fifteen bucks is credited to your account, and the more data you use, the more FreedomPop will deduct.

If you sign up for a free FreedomPop plan and want to keep it truly free, then you really have to watch that low data limit. Otherwise your free plan just became a $15 plan.

You can also turn off Automatic Top-Ups, in which case your data will be cut off completely when you reach your limit.

FreedomPop cell phones and devices

FreedomPop specializes in refurbished devices. You won’t find the latest smartphone models here

Most prepaid providers don’t have all the latest smartphones, and FreedomPop is no exception. Plus, FreedomPop carries only used devices, so it’s safe to say the latest iPhone will never make the lineup.

What smartphones does FreedomPop have?*
MakeModels availableLearn more
iPhoneiPhone 7/7 Plus | iPhone 6s/6s Plus | iPhone 6 | iPhone SEView prices
SamsungGalaxy S7/S7 Edge | Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge Plus | Galaxy S5 | Galaxy Note 5View prices
LGLG G3View prices
HTCHTC 10 | One A9 | One M9 | One M8View prices
KyoceraKyocera Torque STView prices

*Not a complete list

Keep in mind, because all of FreedomPop’s phones are used or refurbished, getting a phone there is like looking for clothes at a thrift shop: The selection is going to change a lot and there’s no guarantee you’ll find the phone you want.

On the bright side, you’ll spend way less money on a FreedomPop phone than you would on a fancy new model.

How good is FreedomPop’s performance?

FreedomPop uses a combination of Sprint and AT&T’s networks

FreedomPop uses either Sprint’s network or AT&T’s network depending on whether your phone uses a CDMA connection or a GSM connection.

If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry. FreedomPop can figure out what type of phone you have during the sign-up process. And if you’re buying a new one, FreedomPop lists each phone’s connection type on the listing. All you really need to know is which type connects you to which network.

  • CDMA phones = Sprint network
  • GSM phones = AT&T network
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Keep in mind
Even though prepaid providers use the same networks as big-name brands, their actual service will likely never be on the same level.

AT&T has better coverage than Sprint, so if you want to make sure you’re hooked up to AT&T’s network, then choose a GSM phone. If you’d rather have Sprint, or you don’t have a preference, then a CDMA phone will work as well.

Customers report mixed experiences with FreedomPop’s service. It just depends on if there’s good coverage where you live. If you want to see what coverage looks like in your area, you can use FreedomPop’s estimate tool.

FreedomPop customer service

FreedomPop does not get stellar customer service grades

No wireless company comes out squeaky-clean on the customer service front. Even so, FreedomPop has some consistent customer complaints about lack of transparency and surprise charges.

We’d like to see FreedomPop improve its transparency, make its website easier to use, and give full plan details up front before you (metaphorically) buy into the service.

For instance, many customers have reported the free plan charged them for the $15 Automatic Top-Up even before they’d reached the data limit on the free plan. You can turn off Automatic Top-Ups, but most customers won’t know to do that.

We’d like to see FreedomPop improve its transparency, make its website easier to use, and give full plan details up front before you (metaphorically) buy into the service.

Recap—is FreedomPop good?

FreedomPop is definitely unique. It really does offer a free plan, and it has really cheap plan options for customers who want more data and unlimited texts and calls.

That said, its service can be unpredictable, and you definitely won’t find the latest phone models. But if you’re just looking for a cheap wireless service and an inexpensive used phone, then FreedomPop might work well for you.

  • Plans: FreedomPop offers two super low data plans for free. Its other plans range from 2 GB to 10 GB per month. There’s no unlimited data plan, so if you tend to use a lot of data, it’s not for you.
  • Performance: FreedomPop uses Sprint’s and AT&T’s networks, depending on what kind of phone you have (CDMA or GSM). We’d recommend going with a GSM phone if you have a choice, since AT&T has better coverage than Sprint.
  • Customer service: FreedomPop has a fair share of positive reviews, but there are also plenty of customers who complain about hidden charges and a lack of transparency.
  • Overall: FreedomPop is a unique pick if you want super cheap wireless service. Just make sure your real-life usage will work with FreedomPop’s plans first.
  • Leila

    My account is deactivated for several months because they updated their network and I didn’t purchase the new sim card. Recently I was chared for a service fee of $6.99. I immediately contacted Freedompop when I noticed my card was charged. But they said all payments are final and are not willing to issue a refund. My account has been inactivated for several months, which means I did not use any service at all (no call, no text, no data). It is ridiculous that an inactive account could be charged for any service fee. I think it is an abuse.


  • Randy Johnson

    Freedom pop is not free. They charge $20+ for over age protection, yet they remove the $20 after 30 days if you have not gone over the allotted 200 minutes. They steal this $20 and will not refund if you close the account.

    Worse yet, you have the $20 on account (supposedly). If you do not use the account any given month or do not reach a certain threshold of texts or minutes, they charge your cc $0.01. While you have a $20 account balance.

    To not use the account frequently is not burden to Freedompop. What they are doing should be illegal. It is deception, false advertising and theft. There is nothing free here and there is no service support.