Cell Phone Plan Perks That Could Save You Money

Tyler Abbott
Jan 25, 2024
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Cell phone carriers desperately want you to choose them instead of the competition, so most offer perks to incentivize you to sign up. For example, T-Mobile unlimited plans will give you a Netflix subscription and Verizon perks offer Hulu and Disney+ discounts.

In most cases, you’ll need to spring for one of the top-tier unlimited plans from a carrier to get the best perks. If you already pay for the service you’ll get for free with your wireless plan, you can save money by bundling everything into your cell phone plan.

Here’s an overview of the best perks you can get with different unlimited plans:

MetroMetro by T-Mobile
$60 Unlimited PlanAmazon Prime$60.00/mo.$139.00/yr.
T MobileT-Mobile
MagentaNetflix (Basic subscription)$70.00/mo.$107.88/yr.
Start UnlimitedDisney+ (6 mo.), Apple Music (6 mo.)$70.00/mo.$101.88/yr.
Play More UnlimitedHulu, Disney+, ESPN+, Apple Music$80.00/mo.$273.69/yr.
Do More UnlimitedDisney+ (6 mo.), Apple Music (6 mo.), 600 GB cloud storage$80.00/mo.$101.88/yr.
T MobileT-Mobile
Magenta PlusNetflix (Standard subscription)$85.00/mo$155.88/yr.
Get More UnlimitedHulu, Disney+, ESPN+, Apple Music$90.00/mo$345.57/yr.

Perks from T-Mobile cell phone plans

Both Magenta and Go5G unlimited plans from T-Mobile give you a free Netflix subscription, but you need to have two or more lines bundled together to get it. The only exception to the rule is a single Magenta MAX, Go5G Next, or Go5G Plus line, which still gets you a free Netflix Standard with ads account.

The T-Mobile Go5G Next, Go5G Plus, or Magenta Max plans gives you a Standard with ads Netflix subscription, which only allows you to stream on a single screen at time in standard-definition quality. The irony of the situation is that you need to get two T-Mobile Magenta lines together to get a single Netflix stream. Hopefully you and your wireless partner both like streaming the same stuff!

Magenta MAX, Go5G Next, and Go5G Plus automatically hook you up with the Standard with ads Netflix subscription if you just have one line active at a time, or you can get a free standard Netflix subscription with two or more Magenta or Go5G lines. The Netflix Standard with ads subscription values at $6.99/month, which means you can upgrade to Netflix Standard or Premium and get that much off your subscription.

Free in-flight data

Another sweet perk you get with T-Mobile unlimited plans is free in-flight data. T-Mobile partners with Gogo Air (which provides Wi-Fi on flights) to give Magenta MAX free data while flying. The airline you fly doesn’t matter to get free data, as long as the flight comes equipped with Gogo WiFi. Now you can watch Dune how it was meant to be seen–on a 6-inch phone screen.

T-Mobile Tuesdays

T-Mobile wireless or home internet users are eligible for T-Mobile Tuesdays. You get freebies, discounts, and the chance to win prizes with the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. Every (you guessed it) Tuesday, you'll be able to enjoy a bunch of deals and also get a sneak peek of what will be available the following week.

Here are a few examples of T-Mobile Tuesday benefits:

  • $25 off bouquets plus free shipping
  • 40% off hotels
  • Cruise credits
  • Up to 40% off car rentals
  • 10% cash back at participating restaurants (5% cash back every other day)
  • $5 off AMC popcorn

T-Mobile's perks are practically never-ending, as they change weekly and vary depending on where you live. And because not every service is available nationwide, some users are trading codes online with fellow T-Mobilers. That means if you live in Florida and get an In-N-Out code, you can swap it for someone's Culver's code in Idaho. 

Perks from Verizon cell phone plans

Verizon specializes in the Disney bundle perk that gives you free subscriptions to Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu (13.99/month value). On top of that, Verizon unlimited plans also can get you a free subscription to Apple Music ($9.99/month value). Verizon cell phone plans generally cost more than what you find from AT&T and T-Mobile, but perks can certainly help justify the price.

To get all the perks possible from Verizon, you’ll need to pay $90/month for your cell phone plan (which is a lot). All the free perks give you a combined value of $23.98/month, but when you include the 50 GB of mobile hotspot data, 600 GB of cloud storage, and excellent wireless coverage, the price becomes much more palatable.

Oh, you also get a bunch of year-long free trials with the Verizon 5G Get More plan, including Discovery+, Apple Arcade, and Google Play Pass.

If the 5G Get More Plan is too much for your blood (we don’t blame you), Verizon splits its perks between the 5G Do More and Play More unlimited plans. The 5G Play More plan still gets you the Disney bundle and Apple Music subscriptions, but doesn’t come with cloud storage. The 5G Do More plan only gives you a six-month subscription to Disney streaming services, but does give you all that cloud storage.

Perks from Metro by T-Mobile

Metro by T-Mobile is a prepaid carrier that offers affordable cell phone plans on T-Mobile’s network. Most prepaid carriers don’t offer much in the way of perks, but Metro bucks that trend and gives you an Amazon Prime subscription with your unlimited plan.

Amazon Prime costs $139 per year, and you can just forget about that cost when you sign up for the $60 Metro by T-Mobile plan. Getting unlimited talk, text, and data, along with a free Amazon Prime subscription for less than $60 per month makes for a pretty solid deal. With that free Amazon Prime subscription, you can order items off Amazon without paying for shipping, and you get access to Amazon Prime’s streaming catalog.

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