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Speeds up to250 Mbps
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DSL & Fixed Wireless Internet 51% coverage in Fairbanks, AK Reliability data not available
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Speeds may vary
Mobile Internet Available in Fairbanks, AK Reliability data not available
Speeds may vary
Mobile Internet Available in Fairbanks, AK Reliability data not available
Speeds may vary
Mobile Internet Available in Fairbanks, AK Reliability data not available
Speeds up to5G
Mobile Internet Available in Fairbanks, AK Reliability data not available
Speeds may vary
Mobile Internet Available in Fairbanks, AK Reliability data not available

Fairbanks, AK provider recommendations

ACS: Best fiber internet provider in Fairbanks

ACS: Best fiber internet provider in Fairbanks

pro Fast speeds up to 2,500Mbps
pro No contracts or data caps
pro Free Wi-Fi equipment
con Limited fiber availability
con Not cheap

Fairbanksans are accustomed to braving life in the coldest and northernmost metropolitan area of the United States, but that doesn’t mean that they should settle for slow internet. Luckily, residents of the Last Frontier have two fiber internet providers in their area.

The two providers are called Alaska Communications (ACS) and GCI. Though neither option comes cheap, both companies are known for good customer service and superfast speeds.

Of the two, we prefer ACS because it offers truly unlimited data, meaning your internet speeds will never be capped or throttled. ACS also stands out for offering dedicated fiber connections that ensure you won’t have to share the bandwidth you paid for with your neighbors. Plus, ACS’s plans are about $10 cheaper than the competition.

Alaska Communications’ fiber-optic network map covers virtually every neighborhood in Alaska’s Golden Heart, including Fort Wainwright and the University of Alaska, Downtown Fairbanks, Northeast City, Aurora, College, South Fairbanks, and South Van Horn. ACS fiber internet is also available in Chena Ridge, Farmers Loop, Fox, Badger, and North Pole.

Best ACS internet plan for most people in Fairbanks: Fiber 500 for $105.00/mo.

Though we wouldn’t call it cheap, Alaska Communications’ Fiber 500 plan offers users the most bang for your buck. These plans do not require contracts and come with free installation and Wi-Fi equipment. Be sure to check if the company is offering any promotional pricing when you sign up because you might be able to snag a nice discount for the first few months of service.

We love that this plan provides 500Mbps symmetrical internet speeds, letting users upload content at the same rate as they download. That kind of speed should do the trick for just about anyone, including work-from-home professionals, students, gamers, or anyone hoping to stream the final season of Stranger Things in HD.

Hughesnet: Best value internet provider in Fairbanks

Hughesnet internet pros and cons

pro Available anywhere in Fairbanks
pro Affordable introductory pricing
con Data caps
con 24-month contract
con Price increases

Everything is more expensive in Alaska. But folks in Fairbanks looking for internet on a budget might be surprised by Hughesnet. Hughesnet’s satellite internet comes with some significant downsides, like data caps and slow-ish speeds, but other affordable options like Verizon 5G Home Internet are not as widely available in the Fairbanks area at this time.

Hughesnet’s coverage map includes the entire U.S., meaning any house with a clear view of the southern sky can receive the signal. This is great news for those who live on the edges of town in places like Ester, the Hills, Pleasant Valley, Two Rivers, Goldstream, Steele Creek, and Moose Creek, and beyond.

The company’s basic 50Mbps plan will run you $50 per month for the first 12 months, before increasing to the regular rate of $75 a month. Keep in mind that a two-year contract is required, so you will end up paying the higher rate for half that time. Installation is free if you choose to lease the equipment, which will cost an additional $15 per month.

Best Hughesnet internet plan in Fairbanks: Select 50Mbps plan for $50.00/mo

We recommend Hughesnet for people on a tight budget with casual internet needs. Hughesnet’s Select plan provides up to 50Mbps download speed and 3Mbps upload speed, which is enough internet bandwidth to power casual streaming, browsing, working, and gaming habits without noticeable slowdown.

We wouldn’t recommend Hughesnet for heavy internet users because it comes with a soft data cap of 100GB. Once users hit the limit, their speeds are reduced to a pitiful 1–3Mbps. For anyone who needs faster speeds or can afford to pay a little more, we’d suggest shopping around for another Fairbanks internet provider.

Mountain Beam: Best fixed wireless home internet service in Fairbanks

Mountain Beam Internet pros and cons

pro Wide wireless coverage area
pro No contracts or data caps
pro Local company
con Not cheap
con Limited max speeds

Another futuristic home internet solution in Fairbanks uses 5 GHz line-of-sight radio technology to transmit signals from towers straight into your home. Companies like Mountain Beam and SPITwSPOTS (don’t ask us what that name means) have their own tower networks ready to connect rural Fairbanksans to the rest of the world.

Mountain Beam (formerly known as FAI5G or Fairbanks 5G) has seven towers in and around Fairbanks, located strategically on Ester Dome, Moose Mountain, Birch Hill, Gilmore Trail, Blackberry Dr, Skyflight Ave, and Johansen Expressway. Anyone with a direct line of sight to one of those towers can get connected. If you’re not sure, step outside and take a look for yourself! We’ll wait.

We prefer Mountain Beam to others because the plans have no contracts or data caps. The mid-tier costs around $100 per month, but don’t expect that to get you fiber-optic speeds. The fastest plan available is only 48Mbps.

The speeds aren’t great, but the generous terms of service and competitive price-point might be more desirable than other direct wireless or satellite services. Mountain Beam is a local Fairbanks company, and customers seem to appreciate the personal touch when it comes to customer service.

Best Mountain Beam internet plan for most Fairbanksans: 24/24 Mbps plan with speeds up to 24Mbps for $90.00/mo.

Mountain Beam’s mid-level plan will be a perfect fit for many Fairbanks locals who value a company that started in the Golden Heart City. Customers are also quick to recommend the service for its reliable internet speeds, even in remote areas.

Importantly, Mountain Beam feels like it has its customers’ best interests in mind. Rather than upsell equipment, the website provides information to empower users to buy and install their own equipment before signing up. Suffice it to say, we’re not used to seeing that type of thing from bigger companies.

Starlink: Best satellite internet provider in Fairbanks

Starlink Internet pros and cons

pro No contracts or data caps
pro Available everywhere
pro Fast speeds
con Expensive equipment

Each year thousands of people flock to Fairbanks for a chance to see astral phenomena like the midnight sun and the northern lights. Some of those curious spectators may have even noticed a fast-moving blinking light in the sky. UFO? Nope, it’s just one of Starlink’s thousands of low-orbit satellites that comprise its unique satellite internet network.

Starlink offers satellite internet to a staggering percentage of earth’s landmass, including all of Alaska. And though the Standard plan price of $120 per month may seem steep to those in the Lower 48, it’s actually not bad compared to other internet plans in the 49th State.

Starlink users consistently report speeds on the higher end of the advertised range and, critically, they report lower latency than other satellite internet providers. We like that the company does not impose hard data caps or require contracts for service either.

As is the trend with tech companies, Starlink strives for a simplistic user experience. And it’s actually pretty easy to get the service going! But we’ve heard it may be too simplistic at times and some customers have had difficulty reaching an actual customer service representative when they need support.

Best Starlink plan for most Fairbanks households: Standard plan with speeds from 20–100Mbps for $120.00/mo.

Starlink’s Standard plan is probably the right fit for most Fairbanksians, though the company also offers plans tailored specifically to businesses and travelers. The best part? Any home in Fairbanks can get it. The biggest drawback is the cost of hardware, which can go up to $599.

The good news is that we think 100Mbps should be enough to get the whole family through a long winter, whether they’re playing Apex Legends, keeping up with the latest TikTok trends, or streaming another rerun of Parks and Recreation.

Alaska Communications
Alaska Communications
pro Speeds up to 250 Mbps
pro DSL connections

Tech type availability in Fairbanks, AK

Fiber availability


four fiber cables curving upwawrd from bottom left

Renowned for its reliability, fiber can reach download and upload speeds up to 10,000Mbps. While it isn’t available everywhere, it’s the best internet you can get.

Cable availability


vertically upright cable

Cable is bread-and-butter internet—widely available, often affordable, and very fast, delivering download speeds that range anywhere from 25Mbps to 1,200Mbps.

DSL availability


internet cable protruding diagonally

DSL maxes out at 100Mbps, but many DSL customers get much slower speeds than that. DSL is becoming obsolete, but it’s still a solid option in rural areas.

Satellite availability


satellite facing left emitting radio waves

Satellite is available practically everywhere, even in the most remote parts of the country. It’s costly and comes with strict data limits and slow speeds, so use it as a last resort.

Fastest internet plans and providers in
Fairbanks, AK

The fastest internet providers can get you gigabit or even multi-gigabit speeds. Not everyone needs a 1,000Mbps connection or faster, but it’s worth the investment if you’re a power user or live in a large household.

Max Download Speed
Connection Type
Learn More
Alaska Communications
250 MbpsDSL
Alaska Communications
250 MbpsFixed Wireless
150 MbpsLTE Home

How much speed do you need?

Take a look below at what you can do with different speeds commonly offered by internet service providers (ISPs). You can read more about the average user’s speed needs in our internet speed guide.

Internet Speed
No. of people
No. of devices
5–25Mbps 1–2 1–5 Casual web browsing • Emails • Social media • Streaming SD video • Streaming music
25–50Mbps 2–4 4–7 Streaming HD and 4K video • Streaming music • Online gaming • Light work from home
50–100Mbps 4–6 7–10 Streaming 4K video • Online gaming • Working from home • Using home security devices
100–500Mbps 6+ 10+ Streaming 4K video • Online gaming • Running a home office • Using home security and smart home devices
500–1,000Mbps 10+ 15+ Running a home office or creative profession • Streaming in 4K • Live streaming • Online gaming • Using home security and smart home devices

To get these numbers, we used the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) broadband speed guide, our streaming internet speed guide, and our Zoom internet speed guide.

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