How to Use SimpliSafe with August Smart Locks

Use SimpliSafe with August to lock and unlock your doors

August and SimpliSafe work together so that you can control your August smart locks with your SimpliSafe home security system keypad, key fob, or mobile app.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

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When you integrate your August locks with your SimpliSafe home security system, then your door locks will lock and unlock in sync when you arm and disarm your SimpliSafe system.

For example, when you tap “Off” in the SimpliSafe mobile app, your August Smart Locks will get the message to disarm and unlock your doors for you. That way you don’t have to pull up two separate apps just to get inside your own house.

Which August locks work with SimpliSafe?

August has three smart lock models that work with SimpliSafe’s alarm system:

All three models work the same way with SimpliSafe, but the most convenient model is the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock.

The other two August locks require a separate bridge to connect to your internet (and subsequently to your SimpliSafe system). The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock comes with Wi-Fi capabilities built-in, so you can connect it to your network without plugging in a separate device.

How to integrate August with your SimpliSafe system

First, log in to your SimpliSafe account on the web portal. Click on Integrations on the left-hand menu bar and select August.

Click Activate on the August integration, and SimpliSafe will prompt you to log in to your August account and choose the location that has your smart locks. Once you select the right location, you can see all your August smart locks in one place (if you’re fancy and have multiples).

You can customize which August locks do which actions in relation to your SimpliSafe system.

For example, you can set your garage door to unlock when you disarm your SimpliSafe system, but your front and back doors will stay locked. Or you can set your back door to unlock when SimpliSafe’s in Home mode but lock during Away mode. Do whatever makes sense for you.

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Important note: You need an Interactive plan
You need the SimplISafe Interactive monitoring plan before you can integrate your August locks. We recommend the SimpliSafe Interactive plan anyway so you can do other things like use the mobile app and control your SimpliSafe system with Alexa or Google.

Use Alexa or Google to control SimpliSafe and August together

Another way to integrate August locks with your SimpliSafe system is through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You can set up routines that both lock your August smart locks and arm your SimpliSafe system.

Just know that Alexa and Google won’t arm your SimpliSafe system automatically as part of a routine. All they can do is pull up the SimpliSafe skill and ask what you want to do.

August integrates with Alexa and Google more directly, so you can lock and unlock your doors as part of your smart home routines without having to give an additional command. For example, you can set it up so that when you say, “Alexa, I’m going for a run,” Alexa will turn off your lights and lock your doors at once.

Alternatively, use the SimpliSafe Smart Lock

The August integration is convenient, but if you’re not an August fan, then SimpliSafe does offer its own smart lock. Just like August smart locks, it works with your existing deadbolt. And you can set it to lock and unlock automatically when you arm or disarm your SimpliSafe system.


The August smart lock integration is easy to set up with SimpliSafe, and it’s convenient to control your door locks alongside your security system. If you don’t want the August lock, then consider getting SimpliSafe’s own smart door lock instead.

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