Eufy Video Doorbell Deep Dive Review

A smart doorbell without monthly fees

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Steve Siems
Aug 25, 2022
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Eufy is a name that has really started to gain some popularity in Home Security. In this article, we're taking a look at the Eufy Video Doorbell—their battery-powered doorbell that shoots in 2K. It sounds like the best of both worlds, but is it really?

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What we like about the Eufy Video Doorbell

With every new product Eufy brings out, they just seem to get better and better. Here are some features we like about their video doorbell.

No subscription fees

The biggest draw to Eufy products is that there are no subscription fees. Everything is stored locally on the device or the hub that is kept in the house. Now that can be a concern if you're worried about your device getting stolen, but it can save a lot of money on monthly fees.

Great battery life

Another big plus with Eufy products is their battery life. Their batteries usually last anywhere from six months all the way up to a year on a single charge. This doorbell has a battery that lasts 180 days on a single charge. That's going to vary depending on how busy the area is and how much traffic you're getting at your door, but 180 days on one single charge is awesome.

A bundle of premium features for free

This device is weatherproofed, it has 16 GB of local storage, and you get detailed notifications with a snapshot notification. This video doorbell also works with popular voice assistants like Google and Amazon.

Other features include:

  • live view
  • recording history
  • activity zones setup
  • two-way audio
  • instant notifications
  • multi-user access
  • advanced AI detection

Now, these are all features that typically big-name companies charge you for through their subscription services, but Eufy provides that for free. This AI detection allows you to set it up to notify you only if it detects a person approaching your front door.

What comes in the box?

Inside the Eufy Video Doorbell box, you will see the new Homebase Station 2. It has a nice design and small size. On the back, there is a port for the power cable, an Ethernet port, as well as a USB port that is dedicated to charging the camera, not for storage. There are two buttons: one for resetting the device and a sync button that is also an alarm on/off button. Also inside the box are a power cable, a USB cable for charging, an Ethernet cable, a key, screws with anchors, cable extensions, a 15˚ wall-mounting bracket, and lastly, the doorbell itself. On the back of the doorbell, you will find the mounts for the wiring (optional), a sync button, and a micro USB port.

How the Eufy Security app works

Setting up all the features that this doorbell offers is done within the Eufy Security app.

When you select the Play button, it will bring up a live view of the front door. Now below that on the bottom, you can either

  • select the camera icon to take a video,
  • use the scissors icon to take a picture,
  • or hold down the microphone button to talk through the doorbell’s microphone.

There are also pre-recorded voices, and you can also select to mute or unmute the speaker on that end.

Camera and streaming settings

Selecting the gear icon above the image takes you into the camera settings where you can turn the camera on and off, set the watermarks, and customize the LED light.

If you scroll further down you will see options to set motion detection and video quality. If you ever find you are having problems seeing the images on the camera, you can enable the WDR feature streaming quality and also set the video encoding format.

Streaming can be set up to work with Alexa or Google displays. You also have the option for streaming to go to the smartphone first, or the smart display, in whichever format you prefer first.

The app has three quick responses that are pre-built in, but you can manually set up customized quick responses more tailored to your liking.


For notifications, you have two options—you can either have the app notify you when the doorbell is pushed or when it detects motion. Notifications can be customized to choose which type you want to receive.

By default, notifications include a thumbnail image. Text-only notifications send you a text right away. If you choose both image and text, you will receive the text right away, letting you know something is happening, and then it's followed up with a thumbnail image of what is happening.

Other features of the Eufy Security app

Also in the settings menu are power management, sound, and surveillance.

You are able to change the working mode of this camera by selecting optimal battery life, optimal surveillance, or a custom setting. In the custom option, you can extend the length of the recording, from 60 seconds all the way up to 120 seconds.

A nice feature we want to point out is if the device stops detecting motion, it will just stop the recording early.

Detection statistics, battery percentage, and days used are also tracked and available for you to review.

The section called Indoor Chime is where you can set up your chimes. You have the option to use the existing chime that is in your house for your old doorbell if you had one wired up. If you don't, or if you also want to, you can set up the Homebase to set up a chime. There is also a choice for Amazon, so if you have one of the Echo devices, you can use that as a chime as well.

Located at the bottom of the home screen, you can select items such as events, security, schedules, and for exploring other Eufy products. The security settings area provides you with options for setting home, away, disarm, and geofencing.

The Eufy hub includes built-in Wi-Fi

A feature we really love about the Eufy hubs is that they have built-in Wi-Fi, and the big benefit of that is you can put the device anywhere in your house and get it as close to your door as possible to make sure that the camera has the best signal to the space station and getting the best quality.

If you're fortunate enough to have an Ethernet cable by your front door then you can always plug it in through Ethernet, but the built-in Wi-Fi is just a great addition to the Eufy Video Doorbell. The camera captures images in 2K, and the audio pickup is absolutely amazing. The night vision is great as well.

Final thoughts: Is the Eufy Video Doorbell worth it?

This battery-powered doorbell can shoot up to 180 days on a single charge. It shoots in 2K resolution, has no subscription fees, and comes with all the features that pretty much all the other cameras come with.

Bottom line: We think this is a fantastic product and would recommend it as a good choice for anyone looking for a quality video doorbell for their home.

And if you've decided Eufy's Video Doorbell isn't the right fit for you, take a look at our smart doorbell buyers guide.

Steve Siems
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Steve Siems
Steve is a social media influencer and an overall Smart Home enthusiast. He loves to geek out with all things tech, and is quickly becoming one of the industries leading voices. When he's not in front of the camera, Steve is researching the next greatest Smart Home accessory or playing with his 2 little girls in sunny So Cal.

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