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Steve Siems
Steve Siems
Steve is a social media influencer and an overall Smart Home enthusiast. He loves to geek out with all things tech, and is quickly becoming one of the industries leading voices. When he's not in front of the camera, Steve is researching the next greatest Smart Home accessory or playing with his 2 little girls in sunny So Cal.
Is Amazon Sidewalk Sharing Your Internet with the Neighbors?
We looked into Amazon Sidewalk and whether you’re sharing your internet with your neighbors and how to turn it off.
DoorCam2 by Remo+
Remo and Doorcam 2, home security with ease.
Wyze Cam v2 vs. Wyze Cam v3
We tested out the new Wyze Cam v3 and compared it to the v2. We show you everything you need to decide if you should upgrade to the newest addition to the Wyze security family.
Top 11 Smart Home Gift Ideas
We dive into our favorite smart products so you can smartify your home with the best gadgets on the market. We’ve got gift ideas ranging from security devices to smart vacuums.
Ring Smart Lighting Pathlight Review
The Ring Solar Pathlight might be expensive, but it connects with your Ring ecosystem for a complete home security system and gets the job done.
Google Nest Audio Review
We test the features and the power of the Google Nest Audio speaker to find out if this speaker will keep you dancing.
Ring Spotlight and Motion Sensor Review
We review the Ring Spotlight and the Ring Outdoor Motion Sensor with a hands-on test. Learn how the two devices work together and if they’re worth the money.
Ring Smart Lighting System Introduction & Overview
An introduction to the Ring Lighting System and overview how it integrates into the rest of the Ring system.
How to Connect Lights to Ring System
We’ll walk you through syncing your Ring lights and cameras to create safety and convenience routines that work best for you.
7 Amazing Tricks for Blue by ADT
We walk through Blue by ADT’s easy setup, intuitive customer portal, robust smart home integration, and customized sensors, alerts and routines.
Ring Smart Light & Bridge Review
We fill you in on how the Ring Smart Lighting and Bridge starter kit impacts your wallet, Wi-Fi, and phone app storage.
Philips Hue Color Smartbulbs Review
Let’s take a look at the Philips Hue Color Smartbulbs and their millions of color options, helpful routines, app features, and widespread smart device compatibility.
Reolink Argus 2 with Solar Panel Bundle Review
Arlo Solar Panel Deep Dive Review
In this video, home security expert Steve Siems reviews the Arlo Solar Panel, dives into optimal positioning, and tests charging via sun vs. in the shade.
Google Nest Cam vs. Nest Cam IQ Indoor Camera Review
In this video, home security expert Steve Siems compares the Google Nest Cam and Cam IQ indoor cameras' hardware, software, overall experience, and cost.
Arlo Ultra 4K Review: One Year Later
The initial release of the Arlo Ultra was kind of a disaster. Have things improved since then? We take a look to see if this camera is worth $600.
Eufy Video Doorbell Deep Dive Review
In this video, home security expert Steve Siems reviews the Eufy Video Doorbell, a great camera that provides many top features without a subscription fee.
Arlo Pro 3 Review
The Arlo Pro 3 has a lot more features than the Arlo Pro 2, plus it has some impressive new features. But does it do everything you need it to?
Ring Home Security System
We reviewed some of Ring’s cameras all together so you can see how the Ring Security System performs.. Dig in to see if this is the system for you.
Frontpoint Hidden Features
The Frontpoint home security system’s smart home compatibility is off the charts. Learn how to easily integrate with other devices to create convenient routines.

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