How to Connect Lights to Ring System

We’ll walk you through syncing your Ring lights and cameras to create safety and convenience routines that work best for you.
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Syncing Ring Lights with Ring Cameras

If you have recently picked up some Ring Smart Lighting, you’ve probably at least noticed in the app that you can turn the lights on and off. You can adjust the brightness up and down, and then if we take a look, we can also set up a lighting schedule. So we can turn lights on and off at certain times of the day.

You can also trigger your lights to turn on and off depending on the motion sensor in your cameras. To do this, you need to link those lights to the cameras that you want to control them.

How to Sync Ring Lights and Cameras

Going back to the home screen of Ring, I’ve got a camera setup here.

Choose camera: I’m choosing the peephole cam. I’m going to tap on that to load up the settings for the peephole camera. This is really easy to do.

Link devices: If you look at the third option from the top here, we’ve got linked devices. Here, you pick which devices you want to link to this camera. I’m going to click on linked devices. I chose the peephole camera that is in my door.

See routine options: Now, if we read on the top here, we say, when the front door detects motion I want it to . . . (and then you choose your routine). We can have it either turn on the backyard lights, the front-yard lights, or we can actually even have it trigger another camera to start recording. Or we can pick all of these options if we want to.

Choose a routine: For this one, since it’s in my front yard, I’m going to say, “I want you to turn on the porch lights when it detects motion.” This way, I don’t have the porch lights on all the time. And that way, it’s just turning on when somebody approaches the door. I’m choosing front lights, and it’s giving me a heads up, letting me know that this is probably going to drain my battery on that camera a little faster, but that’s okay.

Plan routine timing: And then it’s going to ask when we want these lights to be activated. So, by default, it is 6:00 p.m. all the way up to 8:00 p.m. I’m going to leave that as the default.

Confirm routine: We’re going to click on OK. We can see that those lights are now linked up with a motion sensor in that camera. I’m going to go ahead and click save in the top right corner.

Repeat process: We’re going to back up, and then we’re going to do the same thing with the camera in the backyard. So that’s a Stick-Up Cam. Click on settings; link devices. So, for this one, since it’s in my backyard, I want it to turn on my backyard lights. So, we’ll click on backyard lights right here (drain the battery faster; that’s fine). We’re going to leave everything as default. So now when the camera and the backyard detect motion, the lights in the backyard are going to turn on.

Ring Lights and Camera Sync Demo

All right, now that everything is linked up, let’s go out front and I’ll show you guys a demo.

So, the camera’s going to be all about placement. I stuck mine right down here on the windowsill just to give a demo showing that when it detects motion, it’s going to turn on the light above it.

If we walk in front of it, we’ll see the light is now blue on there and the light is already on. We’ve already got the porch light on. It turned on that quickly by motion detection from the camera that was sitting shooting at the path walking up to my house.

Hope you enjoyed this quick how-to on how to connect your smart lighting with your Ring cameras.