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This smart thermostat can potentially save a lot of energy, but you might have to use a third-party provider. Thermostat Smart Thermostat
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    Connects with Alexa and Google Assistant
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    Has geo-services
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    Generally requires third-party dealer
Brianne Sandorf
Sep 19, 2022
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If you’re looking for the smartest of smart thermostats, the Smart Thermostat is a strong contender. It’s well designed and feature-rich so you can save energy. You just might have to sign up with a security or smart home dealer to use it.

Pin is one of the most popular security and smart home equipment sellers on the market. The company also makes some killer apps to manage its systems. Smart Thermostat price

The Smart Thermostat price varies when you get it from a dealer.

The first thing to know about it doesn’t like to sell equipment directly to the user.

If you want an Smart Thermostat (or any other wares), you generally have to go through a third-party security or smart home dealer. That dealer could be a big name, like ADT or Link Interactive, but it could also be a small, local business.

The dealer then decides how much you’ll pay to install and use your Smart Thermostat.

If you already have a security or smart home dealer, you might be able to upgrade to the Smart Thermostat. Just ask.

You can also find this thermostat on Amazon. However, our research suggests that you can’t fully use it if you don’t already have an or security or smart home system in place. Smart Thermostat equipment

This thermostat looks nice and can monitor the temperature in multiple rooms.

The thermostat is a pristine white, and the display numbers are even whiter. The thermostat also has a glazed sheen that makes it a little more elegant than your typical matte thermostat. Thermostat


While the interface has buttons for easy use, there’s not a lot you can do with the digital display. You’ll be jumping into your app to take care of the nitty-gritties, like checking the temperature in other rooms. Or, if you’ve hooked up your system to Alexa or Google Assistant, you can use a voice command.

Info Box

Your thermostat also monitors humidity levels in your home.

Remote sensors

Like the Ecobee SmartThermostat, an Smart Thermostat works with remote temperature sensors. You can place them throughout your house so that you or your thermostat can adjust the temperature setting by room.

Amazon sells the remote sensors separately. They aren’t cheap ($54.63 as we write these words), so be prepared to fork out extra money. If you want multiple sensors, it’ll add up fast.*

Of course, if you don’t care about controlling the exact temperature of each room, you can forego this expense altogether.

* List prices as of 09/19/2022 3:00 MST. Smart Thermostat features

You can do a lot with a Smart Thermostat.

The main selling point for this thermostat is it can potentially save you a lot of energy and, therefore, money. Let’s talk about some of the features that make that possible.


Your thermostat uses your phone’s location settings to monitor when you leave the house. It also uses activity sensors to determine whether the building really is empty.

If it is, it won’t worry about keeping your home at the perfect temperature until it sees that you’re heading in the direction of the house. Then bam! Everything goes back to how you like it.

Local weather adjustments

The Smart Thermostat keeps an eye on weather data with real-time, local updates. If the weather tips to an extreme, your thermostat will automatically adjust without you lifting a finger.

Parental controls

Are you the proud parent of a child who’s always too hot or too cold? You can set a lock-out on the thermostat so that no one but you can change it.

You can set a lock-out on the thermostat.

If that feels too heavy-handed, you can set an alert for when the temperature goes above or below a certain range. That way, you can wrest control of the system only when you need to. Smart Thermostat home automation and mobile control

The thermostat can connect with other products through the mobile app.

An thermostat can sync with other devices to create a true smart home. It also offers a high level of remote access.

Home automation

This thermostat has average home automation capabilities. It works with Amazon Echo and Google Home. It’s also compatible with other and some Z-Wave equipment through the app. connected devices
Light Bulb

What other smart devices can you get with This manufacturer has a number of homegrown sensors and hubs. It doesn’t make all of its own products, though. doesn’t sell its own video doorbells, smart sprinklers, bulbs, or smart locks. Instead, it partners with brands like SkyBell, Rachio, Leviton, and Yale to sell their products. In short, you can buy other brands at, but they’re all part of an “ system.”

If you have a security provider that uses (like Frontpoint), your security equipment and thermostat can talk to each other. For instance, if your carbon monoxide or smoke detector goes off, your thermostat will turn off the HVAC system to keep the gas/smoke from spreading.

Mobile control powers apps for many of its dealers, both big and small. It also has a highly-rated standalone app.

We don’t have a way to track down and check every single third-party app has created. But we have looked at the standalone app, and we like it. It’s well organized and looks easy to use. And you can use it on your phone, tablet, Apple Watch, or smart TV. Smart Thermostat installation

Installation is dependent on your dealer’s terms.

If you buy the thermostat through a third-party security dealer, that dealer will determine the installation details. If you buy from Amazon, it’s up to you to figure it out.

Generally, a thermostat is more complicated than another smart home device. Unlike a sensor or a smart lock, it has to be connected to your HVAC wiring. We don’t recommend messing with a heating and cooling system unless you know what you’re doing, so we suggest hiring a professional.

(The temperature sensor should be significantly easier to set up, so you might be able to do that one yourself.) Smart Thermostat customer experience

You may have to go to your dealer for customer service issues.

When you buy the thermostat from a security or smart home dealer, the dealer is responsible for your device and the terms of your service. At least that’s what says. On the BBB, it reroutes all complaints by suggesting the complainant go to their dealer. Unfortunately if you buy from Amazon, it’s not clear how will handle any issues you might have.

It’s not clear how handles issues with users who bought from Amazon.


The Smart Thermostat makes the most sense if you already have a compatible system.

We recommend this ultra-smart thermostat. But because the process for buying, installing, and controlling the thermostat on your own is so unclear, we wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. We think it’s best when you already have a third-party service or are planning to buy one.

Some security system/smart home providers that already use equipment or apps are as follows:

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