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A worthy VPN that provides a free trial, no credit card required.

VPN Secure
VPN Secure
4 out of 5 stars
  • pro
    Select your encryption level which determines your speed and security
  • pro
    Includes MetaSearch for protected searches
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    Not widely available
John Brandon
Mar 22, 2022
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Choosing a VPN can involve some legwork in terms of knowing which features are available at what price. VPNSecure helps you wade through all of this complexity and test out the features on your own.

Unfortunately, there is no longer a free trial option with this VPN. But they do offer a 30-day trial period for just a dollar.

While VPNSecure does throttle the connection to allow only 2GB of downloads per month, it still gives you a nice glimpse of how it all works by testing the interface, extra features, and what you can do with the VPN app.

And, VPNSecure does offer some nice extras. One of them is that you can choose your level of encryption (which they call a “cipher”) as a way to control your speed. If you want less encryption and more speed, you can scale back the encryption. If you want the most encryption possible, then you can sacrifice some Internet speed.

The main benefit to any VPN service is protecting your IP address, your internet connection, and—let's be honest—our Netflix viewing. With a VPN app like VPNSecure you don't have to think about a DNS leak, using an HTTP proxy, or obscuring your internet in some other way. It all happens on the fly using a remote VPN server. You can rely on the Android VPN app on your mobile device, connecting with an Apple iPhone to enjoy unlimited bandwidth, and use the app on multiple devices for simultaneous secure connections.

  • Offers anonymous payment methods like Bitcoin, PayPal, Payza, and Paymentwall
  • Allows you to select your encryption level which determines your Internet speed
  • Includes the MetaSearch search engine that protects your IP address and gives you the best search results
  • Is only available in 48 countries
  • Doesn't offer a free trial

VPNSecure prices and plans

A slightly lower monthly plan and a 30-day trial for a dollar

As mentioned at the outset, the fact that VPNSecure doesn't offer a free plan is a bummer. But for a buck, you can kick the tires on the product and see if you like the interface, extra features, and the security options available.

VPNSecure prices and plans comparison


$1.00 (30 days)

One month


One year


Three years


Data effective 3/22/22. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

Beyond that, VPNSecure is a little lower-priced than some of the big names of VPNs such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN. At $9.95, it’s about $2 cheaper than many VPN clients when you pay by the month. The pricing doesn’t scale down as much as other clients, however. When you pay for the twelve-month rate, the price per month is $6.66—other clients sometimes lower the price more than that.

That said, the three-year pricing plan is quite reasonable. It figures out to $2.99 per month, which is one of the most affordable pricing plans you will find for a VPN.

Compare VPNSecure prices to other VPN providers
Standout feature



Select your encryption level which determines your Internet speed



Up to 8 connections per subscription



Servers available in over 180 countries



High security with 256-bit bank-level encryption

Data effective 3/22/2022. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

VPNSecure: MetaSearch for safe searches

A unique feature meant to make your searches more secure.

Every time you do a search on the Internet—whether you have a VPN or not—you are revealing a lot about yourself. For example, if you search for “baby diapers”, you are telling advertisers that you have kids. Even if your Internet connection is secure, you are still typing that data into a search field (likely on Google).

VPNSecure offers a unique search function called MetaSearch. During our testing phase, the feature was in beta and enabled, although the company has now rolled out the feature for all users.

VPNSecure MetaSearch

It’s worth noting because not many clients offer a safe search function. When you type in search criteria, MetaSearch keeps the data private and also doesn’t show any ads as you review search results.

VPNSecure: Cipher speed and security settings

Select the encryption level you want to control speed.

All VPN clients will add encryption to your connection—called forming a VPN tunnel. It’s the reason you can surf securely and safely—no worries about a hacker stealing your personal information, someone spying on your web visits, or about how you have compromised your privacy in other ways.

The one caveat here is that encryption tends to slow your Internet connection speed by as much as 10-15% (with some VPN clients that use advanced encryption, the speed can lower by as much as 20-25%). The good news with VPNSecure is that you can select the level of encryption you want and therefore control the speed leveling.

For example, you can select from either 128-bit AES encryption or 256-bit encryption. When you do, you can essentially pick lower security and faster speed or higher security and slower speed. You might decide you need more advanced security for a movie download but not for normal browsing on the web. VPNSecure calls this the “cipher” setting, and it’s easy to find in the main settings control panel.

Our pick: The best VPNSecure plan

Best: $1.00 Trial (30 days)

Who it’s best for: Those who want to test out the interface and features
Why we recommend it: Not many VPN clients offer an almost-free version with anonymous payment options.

We recommend taking VPNSecure for a test drive if you’re still unsure about committing to a monthly plan. Although it’s limited, you’ll get a feel for the service and can decide whether you want to continue. After 30 days, we recommend starting with the One month option to see how it feels without the limitations.

VPNSecure pricing and standout feature
Standout feature

One month


Select your encryption level which determines your Internet speed

Data effective 3/22/2022. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

Recap: Is VPNSecure good?

VPNSecure is a good VPN to test out and try, especially if you’re new to the VPN market. Because there’s a trial that’s limited by bandwidth that lasts 30-days, it’s a good way to see if you like the VPN provider. It’s even a good way to see if you like a VPN at all for your Internet surfing.

Prices and plans: Reasonable pricing compared to the big names

  • 30-day trial - $1.00
  • One month - $9.95/mo.
  • One year - $6.66/mo.
  • Three years - $2.99/mo

Standout features:

  • $1 trial version
  • MetaSearch secure for searches
  • Anonymous payment options
  • Cipher speed and security settings


When a VPN offers a low-cost trial, it means you can protect your privacy and test out the VPN app without committing to a higher monthly price or plan contract. A cheap trial is often meant to convince you to keep using the VPN.

You might think of “safe searching” as an oxymoron. People surf for nefarious things and they don’t want anyone to know. Yet, there are valid reasons to want to search privately—namely, so advertisers don’t bombard you and can’t tell what you are searching for.

John Brandon
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John Brandon
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