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Find out which DISH bundle is best for you and your family

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    Guaranteed pricing for two years
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TV channel count
America's Top 120$79.99/mo.190
America's Top 120+$94.99/mo.190+
America's Top 200$99.99/mo.240+
America's Top 250$109.99/mo.290+
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January 30, 2023
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If you need both TV and internet for your home, DISH's bundles are an excellent option.

You can get at least 190 channels and up to 940 Mbps, so you won't have to worry about lagging internet while you're on a Zoom call with your boss.

We like bundling because it's so convenient. You can order from just one provider, you only have to worry about one bill, and you'll get a better deal than if you were to order the services separately.

Alright, let's get into the details and find the best bundle for you and your family.

Compare DISH bundle prices near you.

Steps to finding the right bundle for you

DISH doesn't have bundle plans already created for you to put in your cart. Instead, you get to choose which TV plan you want, and then you get to pick which internet provider you want to bundle it with. And DISH gives you the option to choose from Frontier Fiber, and Viasat.

Since DISH doesn't have pre-created bundles for you to choose from, we'll guide you through the steps to find the right bundle for you and your needs.

Step one is considering how many channels your family wants and how many Mbps of internet you all need.

Do you just want basic channels? Or would you like premium channels in your lineup?

Do you or your family members work from home, and do you all stream from seperate devices at the same time? Or do you live solo, and you might not need that many Mbps for your internet connection?

Steps two and three are picking a TV package and an internet plan that fits your specific needs. We're going to go over more details on the channel lineups and internet connection options to help you make that decision.

Step four is calling DISH. We know it's often easier to just simply order a product online, but talking to a representative on the phone will be well worth it.

When you call to order, you're more likely to get a better deal as they will find internet quotes for you. They'll also be able to tell you which internet providers are in your area. You'll get your new service ordered within that phone call, and it will be easier than you think (1-877-357-2664).

And don't forget to check out the perks section to see what benefits you can get from bundling with DISH.

Which DISH TV package should I get?

In our DISH review, we recommend DISH's America's Top 200. We like this plan because it gives you most, if not all, of the popular sports, entertainment, lifestyle, and kids' channels. You'll get access to Cooking Channel, Hallmark Channel, MLB Network, NBA TV, Nick Jr., and Univision.

DISH'S America's Top 120 plan gives you the basic, popular channels like the Disney Channel, HGTV, and ESPN. Get America's Top 120+ package if you want NFL Network and college sports networks.

You'll want America's Top 250 to watch MGM+ Drive-In, The Movie Channel, Universo, and STARZ channels.

If you need more help deciding, check out our breakdown of which DISH TV package you should choose.

A quick comparison of DISH's TV packages
TV channel count
America's Top 120$79.99/mo.190
America's Top 120+$94.99/mo.190+
America's Top 200$99.99/mo.240+
America's Top 250$109.99/mo.290+

Which internet plan should I get?

DISH gives you three internet connection types to choose from (depending on where you live in the US). Those choices are broadband/wired, fiber, and satellite.

Frontier's Fiber Internet 500/500 internet connection is best for families who don't use as much internet, like smaller families or families who aren't home all day as it offers 500 Mbps download speeds.

To give a little perspective, each device needs three Mbps to stream Netflix or YouTube TV.

Frontier's Fiber 1 Gig is for families who stream and use the internet at home for lots of hours in the day at once.

If you're like us, you're working from home, and we recommend a minimum of 50 to 100 Mbps download speeds for working or schooling from home (per person).

The Viasat satellite internet service is available anywhere in the US. And this service gives you unlimited data.

Check out Catherine McNally's reviews (our internet expert) on Frontier or Viasat, for more answers to your questions.

What perks do I get when bundling with DISH?

DISH hands out all of the perks for new customers. If its bundling options haven't quite convinced you, DISH's bonuses just might be the cherry on top.

  • You get guaranteed pricing for two years.
  • All of DISH's bundles include free HD channels for life and a Smart HD DVR.
  • DISH gives you free installation for up to six rooms when you order a bundle.
  • You'll get 80,000 titles to stream and others to rent, including new movies.
  • You'll get free premium channels, including STARZ, for three months.
  • You can stream live channels and your recordings with the DISH Anywhere app when you're waiting for your car to be serviced.

Recap: Which DISH bundle is best?

In our opinion, DISH's best bundle is America's Top 200 (TV plan) and Frontier Fiber Gig (internet plan). It's best for families who want all of the popular sports, entertainment, kids, and lifestyle channels.

It's also perfect for families who work from home, stream streaming services throughout the day, and want the quickest download speed DISH offers.

If you're looking for the most inexpensive and basic bundle, get America's Top 120 TV plan with Frontier's Fiber Internet 500/500.

And don't forget, we recommend you give DISH a call at 1-877-357-2664 and talk to a representative to get the best deal for your bundle (and the pricing is guaranteed for two years).

Now that you know, here are your next steps.
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Dish Authorized Retailer
4 out of 5 stars

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