Ting Mobile Cell Phone Plans Review

We love Ting’s use-based pricing and good customer service—but data fanatics need not apply.
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Overall Rating 3 out of 5
Pricing based on what you use
Customer service is very responsive
Plans get expensive for heavy data users


Ting has a unique pricing structure that’s not like prepaid plans but isn’t like traditional cell phone plans either. You still pay for your service at the end of the month, but you pay only for what you’ve actually used.

Ting Mobile price per line of service
# of linesPrice
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If you use your phone only to text your mom a few times a week and call your partner now and then, then Ting comes out pretty cheap and can save you a lot of money. But if you love streaming YouTube, look elsewhere—Ting’s prices get very high very fast for heavy data users.

Ting Mobile prepaid plans and pricing

Ting’s text and call pricing is awesomely low—but watch out for those high data costs. 

It sounds a little weird to pay only for the cell phone service you use, but it’s a great option if your phone plan is too big for your real-life needs. If you pay Verizon a bunch of money every month for 8 GB of data and you only use 2 GB, then you’re wasting your money.

That’s not a problem with Ting because if you use only 2 GB of data, then you pay only as much as 2 GB of data costs.

Ting Mobile price per amount of data used
Data usedPrice
1-100 MB$3
101-500 MB$10
501-1 GB$16
1.1-2 GB$20
>2 GB$10/GB
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That said, if you use a lot of data, Ting doesn’t look nearly so good. Any more than a couple gigabytes and your bill will probably be the same as or higher than it is with your current cell provider.

Example Ting cost with high data usage
Use categoryAmount usedPrice
# of lines1$6
Minutes400 mins$9
Texts900 texts$5
Data5 GB$50
Total cost = $70

Suddenly, you’re back up to an expensive phone bill each month, while still not using that much data.

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Data tip
You can cut your data usage by staying connected to Wi-Fi as much as possible—especially when you do things like watch videos or stream music. You can also download music and videos on Wi-Fi and save them to listen to/watch later, data-free.

What about text messages and calls?

Ting has really good prices for texting and calling—especially if you don’t do much of either.

Most major cell phone plans these days give you unlimited texts and calls. But how much time do you really spend talking on the phone each month? If you’re like us, then probably not much, which means unlimited minutes aren’t really necessary.

Ting Mobile prices for call minutes
Minutes usedPrice
1-100 mins$3
101-500 mins$10
501-1,000 mins$16
1,001-2,100 mins$20
2,100+$35 then 1.9 cents per min
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Even if you’re a texting addict, you’re probably not sending that many SMS messages each month, which is what unlimited texts really cover.

If you use a data-based messaging app, like iMessage or WhatsApp, then that long text convo with your brother isn’t counting toward your text limit anyway.

Ting Mobile prices for call minutes
Texts sent and openedPrice
1-100 texts$3
101-500 texts$5
501-1,000 texts$8
1,001-2,0000 texts$11
2,001-4,800 texts$35 then 1.9 cents per min
>4,800 texts25 cents per text
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What if you use more data, texts, or minutes than you planned?

The short answer is you pay for it. But Ting makes it pretty easy to control your use, so you shouldn’t have to worry about it too much.

Types of usage alerts:

  • Text reminders
  • Hard caps (cutoffs)

If you just want a little reminder that you’re nearing a preset usage limit, you can set an alert. But if you know you’ll just ignore the notification and keep sending those texts, then you can set hard caps.

If you set a hard cap, then once you reach that limit, you’re done. Your phone will stop you (or your 15-year-old kid) from mindlessly using more data, opening more messages, or making more calls.

Ting Mobile cell phones and devices

We were pleasantly surprised to find Ting carries the latest models of iPhones and Samsung Galaxys.

A lot of small cell phone companies don’t have the latest phone models. If you go with a company like FreedomPop, you’re not going to find the Samsung Galaxy S9 in its stores. But Ting actually has a relatively decent selection of the latest smartphones.

You won’t see less popular brands like Huawei or HTC here, but you can pick up the latest iPhone no problem. (Although maybe not the minute it’s released.)

What smartphones does Ting Mobile have?*
MakeModels availableLearn more
iPhoneX, 8 / 8 Plus, 7 / 7 Plus, 6s / 6s Plus, 6View phones
SamsungGalaxy S9 / S9+, S8 / S8+, Note8, J7 Perx, J3 EmergeView phones
LGG7 ThinQView phones
MotorolaMoto Z2 Play, Moto G6/G6 Play, Moto X4, Moto G5S Plus, Moto E4/E4 PlusView phones
AlcatelIdol 5S, A50, A30, Go FlipView phones
BLUS1View phones

*Not a complete list.

If you’re the type of person who waits in line at the Apple store for the latest model, then Ting Mobile might not be a good bet. It probably won’t have the latest smartphones as soon as they appear on the market.

What if you want to bring your own phone?

You can (probably) transfer your current phone to Ting. As long as your device is eligible, it’s pretty easy to switch over.

We were actually impressed with how transparent Ting is about its BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program. When you bring your phone over, Ting gives you step-by-step instructions on how to transfer everything, and the only extra thing you have to pay for is a new SIM card.

Ting Mobile SIM card: $9

How good is Ting Mobile’s performance?

Ting Mobile uses Sprint’s and T-Mobile’s networks, depending on what kind of phone you have.

Ting Mobile uses two different major wireless providers’ networks: Sprint and T-Mobile. T-Mobile generally has better coverage than Sprint, so you’ll probably want to go with a T-Mobile-compatible phone if you can.

  • T-Mobile-compatible phone type: GSM phones
  • Sprint-compatible phone type: CDMA phones

That said, we also recommend you check your area’s coverage before you choose one type of phone or another. Sprint does work better than T-Mobile in certain areas—just not very many of them.

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Don't know what type of phone you have?
Don’t worry, you can enter your device ID on Ting’s website and it’ll figure it out for you.

The customers we’ve seen have had varying experiences with Ting phone service. How good it is really depends on where you live.

Just like with T-Mobile’s and Sprint’s regular networks, your phone should work pretty well while you’re wandering around the city and not so well in other areas, like your favorite campground (or our airport-adjacent building).

Ting Mobile customer service

Ting customer service was easy to reach, but we were left unclear about some service details. 

Our customer service experience with Ting was definitely easy. You can reach Ting over the phone or through its online chat system, which is what we did. The chat agent responded within one minute and was friendly.

That said, when we asked about mobile hotspot speeds with Ting service, the agent could really only tell us that the speed depends on your phone’s connection. They did say the fastest possible speed is 4G (LTE). But we have to wonder if most users will really get that.

Recap—Is Ting Mobile good?

Ting is a great way to save some cash on your phone bill if you don’t use much data each month. Its prices for texts and calls are super cheap, and for low-usage customers, it might be a dream come true.

ting mobile logo

But watch out if you tend to use a lot of data or if you live somewhere outside Ting’s coverage area.

  • Plans: Ting doesn’t offer traditional plans. Instead, you pay at the end of the month for however much service you’ve used. That’s great for low-usage customers, but it gets very expensive for heavy data users.
  • Performance: Ting uses both Sprint’s and T-Mobile’s networks, depending on what kind of phone you have. If you have a choice, we recommend choosing a GSM phone so it will use T-Mobile’s network.
  • Customer service: Ting’s customer service was responsive and easy to reach, but they couldn’t give us all the info we wanted on some service details.
  • Overall: Ting is a great pick if you live in an area with decent coverage and you don’t use very much data every month.

If you want a cheaper phone plan but you use a lot of data, then check out our Cheap Cell Phone Plans review for budget options with lower data prices.