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Easton Smith
May 07, 2024
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Ting’s cell phone plans range from a super cheap $10 a month to a steep $55 a month. We think Ting's Flex plan offers the most value. It's cheap, simple, and allows you to only pay for the data that you use. That way, you don’t end up stuck with a high phone bill when finances are tight.

This Flex plan is the real selling point for Ting because, sadly, the company’s unlimited data plans are just not as good (or as cheap) as the competition.

Read on for a deeper dive into Ting Mobile's Flex plan, along with key phone plan features like coverage, customer service reputation, perks, family plans, and more. We've got everything you need to know before signing up with Ting.

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Ting mobile plans

  • Flexible plans
  • Amazing coverage
  • Mobile hotspot data
  • Pricey unlimited plan
  • Data deprioritization

What we like

Ting is a relatively small mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that uses the T-Mobile and Verizon networks. It’s probably never going to be a huge player in the market, but for a small slice of the population, it might be a great fit.

So, what does Ting do right? Let’s review.

Flexible plans

With Ting’s Flex plan, you won’t have to worry about being locked into a pricey unlimited data plan. You can use as much (or as little) data as you like each month and only pay for what you use.

You’ll pay a base rate of $10 for unlimited talk and text each month. Then, you’ll pay $5 extra for every GB of data you use beyond that.

Of course, $5 per GB can start to add up if you use a lot of data. This is why Ting mobile has some other plans available, like a $25 a month 5GB plan, a $35 a month 12 GB plan, and a $45 a month 22GB plan.

Ting Mobile is definitely among the best providers for those who don’t know what next week holds, let alone next month.

Looking for other affordable phone plans?

Ting Mobile offers some great deals, but it’s not the only company out there. Take a look at our review of the best cheap cell phone plans on the market.

Amazing coverage

As we mentioned before, Ting actually operates on the T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless networks. This is very good news for Ting customers.

We’ll talk more about specific coverage and performance measures for these two networks below. But, for now, we’ll just say that Verizon gives you the best nationwide coverage, and T-Mobile wins the data speeds race.

Hotspot data included

You may have noticed that cheaper mobile carriers, like Ting, tend to skimp on the perks and extra features. You usually won’t find free international calling, subscriptions to service, and other party favors with these plans.

One of the freebies that tends to be left out of these plans is mobile hotspot data. But Ting is an exception to that rule. All of Ting’s plans let you use your data as hotspot data.

With the Flex plan and Set 5GB Plan you can use all of your data as hotspot data. With the Unlimited plan, you get 22GB, and the Unlimited Pro plan gives you a whopping 35GB of hotspot data. 

What we don’t like

Ting gives you flexibility, decent prices, and a great network. But you might find other parts of the company’s service to be lacking, like pricey top-tier plans and data deprioritization.

Pricier unlimited data plans

Ting’s cheap Flex plan is a pretty sweet deal. But once you start stacking more data onto your plan, the prices go up rapidly. For example, the Unlimited Pro Plan will set you back $55 a month. Check it out.

For that chunk of change you’ll get “unlimited data,” which actually means 35GB of full-speed data. After you hit that 35GB cap, your data speeds will go down to 2G speeds.

Compared to other companies, like Visible Wireless (which offers a $45 unlimited data plan with 50GB of full-speed data) or Tello (which offers a $25 unlimited data plan with 35GB of full-speed data), Ting’s unlimited plans don’t seem like a great deal at all.

Looking for a cheaper unlimited data plan?
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If you want all that sweet, sweet data without paying an arm and a leg, check out our line up of the best unlimited data plans.

Data deprioritization

You might be wondering, how does Ting offer cheap plans using another company’s network? Well, we’ve got the answer: It’s because they essentially rent bandwidth from T-Mobile and Verizon, but don’t bear the costs of maintaining and expanding all that infrastructure.

So, what’s the catch? Well, the owners of the network can (and will) prioritize the data speeds of their own customers over those on MVNO plans. In other words: Ting customers will get worse network performance than Verizon and T-Mobile customers.

We call this data deprioritization, and it means you might have trouble streaming video, playing online games, and scrolling through Tik Tok during times of “peak use”.

How do Ting’s plans compare?

No review would be complete without taking a gander at the competition. How do Ting’s plans stack up against the competition? This chart shows some other affordable cell phone plan options.

Cheap plans comparison

Ting family plans

Ting’s family plans may save you some hassle, but they won’t save you money
  • Add as many lines as you want
  • Same flexible plans
  • No discounts on additional lines

What we like

If you’re thinking of ordering a Ting Mobile SIM card for yourself, why not pick up SIM cards for the whole family? It’s a lot easier to manage the family phone bills when everyone is on a single account.

Here are the benefits of going with a family plan from Ting Mobile.

Add as many lines as you want

Go ahead, add all of the kids to your Ting plan. Throw on a few cousins, an uncle, and your own parents while you’re at it. In fact, you can add an unlimited number of lines to your account with Ting.

This can make it easier to manage your bills, enact parental controls, and see how much data you have left.

Same flexible plans

Ting’s family plans are exactly the same as its individual plans. Every line will get unlimited talk and text, and then you’ll all share from the same pot of data.

So if you had three lines on the Flex plan it would run you $30 a month, base rate. Then you would pay for the data that each line used. It’s a good deal for families that don’t use a ton of data.

Do you have a family member who’s in the military?
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You may be able to get great discounts for the whole family when you bundle your plans together. Check out our review of the best military cell phone plans.

What we don’t like

The drawbacks of Ting’s family plans are similar to those of its individual plans. They lack data, your speeds can be deprioritized, and the unlimited plans are relatively pricey. But we need to add one more issue to the list: they aren’t actually any cheaper than buying separate individual plans.

No discounts

Usually, the draw of a family plan is that it gives you a better deal when you bundle multiple lines together. For example, US Mobile offers a $50 unlimited data plan with 100GB of full-speed data, but users can get it for $40 a month with more than three lines. 

But with Ting, you’ll see no such savings. So the only real benefit of going with a family plan is the ease of managing bills and parental controls on a single account instead of several different accounts.

How do Ting’s family plans compare?

Ting’s family plans might not save you a ton of money. But there are plenty of other MVNOs that do offer discounts on multiple lines. Here’s a look at a few of our favorite ones.

Ting family plans comparison

Ting Mobile coverage

T-Mobile and Verizon: name a more iconic duo—we’ll wait

Ting’s coverage is, to put it simply, the best. This MVNO uses both Verizon's and T-Mobile’s networks to give you service. Just take a look at how much of the country is covered by these two networks.

Ting Mobile cell phones and devices

Here’s a look at the top devices that Ting sells.

Looking for the best deal on a new phone?

Ting offers some decent prices on new devices, but you may be able to find even steeper discounts. Every week we highlight the very best phone deals on the market.

Ting customer service

Unlike bigger carriers, Ting doesn’t have brick and mortar stores. That means your customer service experience will be over the phone, in online chats, and internet forums. So, how does the company do?

Our customer service experience with Ting was definitely easy. You can reach Ting over the phone (1-855-846-4389) or through its online chat system, which is what we did. The chat agent responded within one minute and was friendly and helpful.

Recap: Is Ting Mobile right for you?

Now that we’ve told you everything we know about Ting Mobile, it’s up to you. Is this the right discount MVNO for you (and your fam)? Maybe a quick recap will help you decide.

  • Individual plans: Total Wireless’s individual plans are relatively cheap and offer great coverage using Verizon’s network. However, the lack of full-speed data and the possibility of slowdowns will be a deal breaker for many people.
  • Family plans: Ting's family plans make account management easier but you won't see any additional savings for multiple lines.
  • Performance: Verizon’s and T-Mobile's network, which powers Total Wireless, offer unparalleled coverage and superfast data speeds (at least when you’re not being deprioritized).

Ultimately, we think Ting's plans are worth it for those who don't need a ton of data and want to avoid a contract. Its Set 5 and Set 12 plans are great for individuals looking to save some money without sacrificing all their data. And don't forget, you can always pay for more data as you go.

If those family plans sound right for you (and your kids), then you can sign up right here. If not, there are plenty of other carriers out there who would love to have your business!

Easton Smith
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Easton Smith
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