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You’d be surprised how much money you can save by opting for a Verizon prepaid plan instead of a postpaid plan. Seriously, I’ve been writing about cell phone plans for a couple of years, and I was surprised too. In fact, I might need to call my wireless provider and switch to a prepaid plan after I write this.

Before we single out the best Verizon prepaid plans, here is an overview of all your Verizon prepaid options.

For context, here’s all the postpaid Verizon plans available right now.

When you’re comparing prepaid and postpaid Verizon plans, the main variable you want to look at is the amount of data you get every month. All of these Verizon plans come with unlimited talk and unlimited text, but the data is what pushes the monthly price up.

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Our LEAST favorite Verizon prepaid plan
The cheapest Verizon prepaid plan, the $30 Prepaid Smartphone Plan, is one of the weaker cell phone plans we’ve seen. Paying $30 a month for 1 GB of data is like paying $30 for a McDonald’s hamburger.

You’ll get the most value out of the two Verizon prepaid cell phone plans in the middle. We recommend either the $35 Prepaid Smartphone plan or $45 Prepaid Smartphone plan.

What’s the catch with prepaid cell phone plans?

Okay, if prepaid plans are so much cheaper than postpaid plans, how come everyone isn’t on a prepaid plan? The catch with prepaid cell phone plans is that you have to pay at the beginning of the month instead of the end, and you usually don’t get the same perks you would get with a postpaid plan.

For example, Verizon’s postpaid unlimited plans come with a Disney+ subscription and free Apple Music for six months. Verizon’s $65 Prepaid Unlimited cell phone plan is positively perkless. It’s only a $5 difference between Verizon’s $65 Prepaid Unlimited cell phone plan and Verizon’s $70 Start Unlimited plan. In this case, it would probably be better to go with the basic postpaid Verizon unlimited plan rather than the Verizon prepaid plan because the perks outweigh the price difference.

$35 Prepaid Smartphone plan

This is one of those delightful situations where a prepaid plan can both save you money and give you more monthly data. The $35 Prepaid Smartphone plan comes with unlimited data, unlimited text, and 6 GB of data. Compare that with the postpaid 5 GB plan that costs $55 a month. So, to recap, you pay $20 less a month with the prepaid plan and you get an extra 1 GB of data every month.

You don’t even need to stress about missing any cool perks, either. Verizon’s big perks only kick in when you opt for a postpaid unlimited plan. So if you’re not interested in a Verizon unlimited plan, the only real downside here is that you’re paying at the beginning of the month instead of the end of the month.

If you’re saving $20 every month, who really cares when you pay?

$45 Prepaid Prepaid Smartphone Plan

The only other Verizon prepaid plan worth your attention is the $45 Prepaid Smartphone Plan. Compared to the $35 Prepaid plan, you pay an extra $10 a month to double your data to 16 GB a month. As a friendly reminder why prepaid plans rule, a comparable Verizon postpaid plan only gets you 5 GB a month, and it costs $55 a month—$10 more a month than what you would pay for the 16 GB on the $45 Prepaid Verizon plan.

This plan doesn’t come with any cool perks, but if you ask me, saving money is a pretty cool perk in and of itself. You can use that extra money to buy your own dang perks.

Get an unlimited prepaid plan on Verizon’s network

If you want a prepaid unlimited plan that works on Verizon’s awesome network, we highly recommend Visible Wireless. Visible, an MVNO wireless provider that operates on Verizon’s network, offers an unlimited data plan that costs $40 a month.

Recap: The best Verizon prepaid plans

To make a long story short, if you’re on a Verizon limited-data postpaid plan, you’re doing it wrong, friend. You can save $10–$20 every month by switching from a Verizon postpaid plan to a Verizon prepaid plan.

Stick with either the $35 Verizon Prepaid plan or $45 Verizon Prepaid plan to get the most value, and whatever you do, avoid the $30 and $65 Verizon Prepaid plans because they’re terrible.

So, what are you going to do with that extra money you’ll save every month by switching to a prepaid plan? Have you noticed any downsides by switching to a Verizon prepaid plan? Let us know in the comments section.