Best Smartphones for Kids 2021

  • Best Cheap iPhone for Kids

    iPhone SE (2020)

    Retails for $399.99
    Great parental controls
  • Best Cheap Android for Kids

    Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit

    Cheapest Galaxy phone
    Google parental controls
  • Best Smartwatch

    Gizmowatch Disney Edition

    Call, text, and GPS
    Minimal screen time for kids
  • Best Flip Phone

    Alcatel GO FLIP

    Way cheaper than a smartphone
    Minimal distractions

If you have to get a phone for your child or teenager, you can get them a watered-down-but-still-good iPhone or Galaxy device, an old-school flip phone, or you can avoid the whole phone thing a little while longer with a smartwatch. You don’t need to break your budget and get your kid the best new iPhone or anything, you’ve got plenty of discounted options.

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What are the best cheap smartphone deals happening right now?
Most major Apple and Android devices come with parental controls and you can see all the latest deals for smartphones here.
Best phones for kids
ModelPriceStorageScreen sizeLearn more
iPhone SE$399.9964 GB4.7 inchesBuy Now
Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit~$50.00*16 GB5 inchesBuy Now
Gizmowatch Disney Edition$179.994 GB1.65 inchesBuy on Amazon
Alcatel GO FLIP~$10*4 GB2.8 inchesBuy Now

*Price subject to change

iPhone SE (2020): Best iPhone for Kids

Inexpensive iPhone with great parental controls


  • Affordable iPhone (for once)
  • Parental controls


  • No headphone jack

The iPhone SE (2020) is the cheapest new phone Apple has ever released, and we really couldn’t be happier about it. Without getting into all the technical nitty gritty details, the 2020 version of the iPhone SE is basically as powerful as an iPhone 11, but doesn’t have any many bells and whistles, like a triple-camera set up. If you do want to get into the technical side, check out the video below.

The iPhone comes with built-in parental controls that allow you to set boundaries for how long your kid can be on their phone and what apps they can download and how often they can use them. In other words, you might lose the battle of letting your teenager download Instagram, but you can set limits on how long they can use it at a time.

To set up the parental controls, you’ll just need to go to Settings, then Screen Time, and Turn On Screen Time. This is what the set up will look like from there:

Setting Up Parental Controls on iPhone

Make sure to establish it’s your child’s iPhone at the beginning.

Set App Limits for Your Child

On this screen you can limit how long your child uses certain apps. You should set YouTube to one minute a day and see if your kid gets mad.

Set Content and Privacy Settings

This is where you can decide what apps your child can access.

What we don’t like

The iPhone SE (2020) has a few downsides and the biggest one might be the lack of headphone jack. Do you want to hear your child listen to “Baby Shark” over and over again with maximum volume? No thanks. Silence is golden, and that’s especially true when it comes to annoying kid videos playing out loud.

What cell phone plans can I get with an iPhone SE (2020)?

The iPhone SE (2020) works with any wireless network you can imagine, so you’ve got tons of options for cell phone plans. Here are some low-cost, low-data cell phone plans that we would recommend.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit: Best Android for kids

Super cheap Android phone with all the parental controls


  • Really inexpensive smartphone
  • Google Parental controls


  • Not much storage space

What we like

The Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit is a real-deal smartphone from a major brand that somehow manages to be $50 or less to purchase, depending upon the provider you use. It doesn’t look like a $50 phone, and you can download popular apps like Instagram and TikTok, so you could honestly tell your kid that it cost $500 and they would probably believe you. Yes, it doesn’t have the same impressive specs you would find on a Galaxy S20, but it will definitely get the job done for most kids.

Because you’re on an Android device, you can use Google’s Family Link app which lets you enable parental controls. You can control contacts on your kid’s phone, see how much time they’re spending on their phone, and you can lock them out of their phone whenever you want!

You can either download the app from the Play Store or set it up from your computer. It’s super easy to set up as well, just follow the prompts when you download the app.

Setting up Google Link

If you use Gmail for your email, you’ll have no problem setting parental controls up on your kid’s phone.

What we don’t like

The main place that you feel the budget-ness of the Galaxy J3 Orbit is with its storage space. You can’t get more than 16 GB of storage on a Galaxy J3 Orbit, which can quickly fill up. For example, my iPad has a 16 GB storage capacity and I had to delete half of my photos on there to make room for an app update.

Your kid won’t be able to download tons of apps with that 16 GB limit, which might actually be a good thing when you think about it that way.

What cell phone plans can I get with the Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit?

The Galaxy J3 Orbit is compatible with mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) providers, which essentially means that you get cheaper access to major wireless networks. You can get an unlimited data plan for as low as $20 a month along with the Galaxy J3 Orbit.

Gizmowatch Disney Edition: Best smartwatch for kids

How about no phone at all?


  • Call, text, and GPS
  • Less distractions


  • Not a phone
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How much does it cost a month for wireless service on the smartwatch?
Surprisingly cheap at $5 a month for unlimited talk, text, and data on Verizon’s network. Gizmo has a partnership with Verizon, which just so happens to offer the best coverage in the country.

Opting for a smartwatch instead of a smartphone means that your kid won’t be tempted by Instagram, YouTube, or Clash Royale (or whatever the kids play these days) all the time. You get all the perks of knowing where your kid is at all times, and they got none of the perks of having a smartphone. That’s a parenting win right there.

What we don’t like

This is kind of a cop-out answer, but believe it or not, this watch is not a phone. If you have an older teen, or maybe even a preteen, a smartwatch over a smartphone could be a tough sell. The smartwatch makes more sense for younger kids that are in that sweet age of innocence before adolescence comes and ruins everything.

Alcatel GO FLIP: Best flip phone for kids

Blast from the past


  • Cheapest option
  • No distracting apps


  • Not a smartphone

What we like

For those of us who think life was great back in the early-to-mid-2000s, we can relive the glory days through our kids with a good ol’ fashion flip phone. Yes, they still do make flip phones, it turns out. Flip phones are amazingly inexpensive–you can expect to pay around $10 for the device itself, which certainly beats paying $700 for an iPhone 11. If memory serves, I paid like $300 for a Razr flip phone in high school.

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Is the phone good though?
The Alcatel GO FLIP is certainly the best flip phone out there for the price. It has a fairly new operating system with a basic internet browser, a decent camera, and a long battery life. You can spend over seven hours of talk time before draining the battery.

If you’re worried about introducing social media to your child, this smartphone doesn’t even allow social media apps to download. It’s always great when you can tell your kids something’s impossible and you don’t have to lie about it.

What we don’t like

Similar to the smartwatch situation, not everyone kid will get jazzed over a flip phone like we did in 2003. If your child expects a phone that can download popular apps and be able to FaceTime with friends, then purchasing this phone will likely lead to a meltdown. Just speaking from personal experience.

What cell phone plans can I get with the Alcatel GO FLIP?

You won’t find any major carriers like Sprint, AT&T, or Verizon that support the Alcatel GO FLIP, but there’s a solid selection of MVNOs that offer super cheap rates. These are the top four plans we’d recommend for the phone.

Recap: What are the best phones for kids

Whether you want to get your kid a new, but surprisingly budget-friendly iPhone, or take it back to the days of prime Coldplay and get a flip phone, you’ve got some options to choose from.

What are the best phones for kids?

  • Best iPhone for kids: The iPhone SE (2020) is the best iPhone for the price right now. It comes with built-in parental controls that are easy to use. You will be considered a “cool parent” if you get this phone for your kid.
  • Best Android for kids: The Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit is one of the most inexpensive smartphones we’ve seen. It comes with access to the Play Store, which has lots of parental controls apps, but we’d recommend Google Family Link for most folks.
  • Best smartwatch: The Gizmowatch Disney Edition smartwatch makes perfect sense for parents who want to keep track of their kids, but aren’t ready to give them a phone. It costs $5 a month for unlimited text, talk, and unlimited data for the GPS.
  • Best flip phone: The Alcatel GO FLIP will literally cost you less than you probably spent on your lunch today. Your kid can call, text, and have access to a rudimentary internet browser, but won’t be able to download social media apps.

Do you have any thoughts about giving your kid a phone? In your opinion, when is the right age to give a kid a phone, and what phone should you give them? Let us know in the comments below.

Kids are typically data hogs

If your kid has access to a smartphone, then they are probably streaming something on YouTube as you read this. Streaming, in particular, takes up a lot of internet power, which is why we recommend getting a reliable Wi-Fi signal to make sure the whole family can access the internet at the same time. The last thing you want is for your Zoom call to crap out because your kid is streaming Paw Patrol in 4K.

Out of the best internet providers available, we’d recommend one of the options below.

5 Best home internet options
ProviderMonthly priceDownload speedsData capLearn more
Xfinity Internet$34.99$94.99*501200 Mbps11.2 TBView Plans
Verizon Fios Home Internet$39.99$89.99200940 MbpsNot AvailableView Plans
AT&T Fiber$35$60300940 MbpsUnlimitedView Plans
CenturyLink Internet$50$65100940 MbpsUnlimitedView Plans
Viasat Internet$30$150^12100 Mbps12300 GBView Plans
Data effective 11/19/18. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
* For the first 12 months. Some packages require a 1- or 2-year contract.
For the first 12 months plus taxes and equip. fee.
New customers only. Rate requires paperless billing and excludes taxes. Additional fees apply.
^ For the first 3 months.