Verizon Fios vs. Xfinity Internet Review 2020

Xfinity is available in more places and has more internet plans, but Verizon Fios swoops in with fiber internet and amazing customizable TV packages.
Best Speeds
Monthly price
Download speeds
200940 Mbps
Best Nationwide Availability
Monthly price
Download speeds
151000 Mbps

Between Verizon Fios’s fiber-optic technology and Xfinity’s extensive cable and internet network, we all expect cutting-edge internet speeds and competitive prices. But do these two internet giants deliver? And which one does it best?

Let’s take a look at which internet service provider (ISP) gets you the best prices, speeds, and bundle options.

Verizon Fios versus Comcast Xfinity overview
ProviderVerizon Fios Home InternetXfinity
The Verizon authorized retailer logo with the trademark red checkmarkXfinity by Comcast Logo
Download speeds200–Up to 940 Mbps15–2,000 Mbps
Upload speeds200–Up to 880 Mbps2–2,000 Mbps
Data capNot Available1 TB–Unlimited
Learn moreView PlansView Plans

Find out which offers the best price in your area, Verizon Fios or Xfinity.

If it’s available to you, go with Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios: Best internet speeds
ProviderPriceDownload speedsDetails
Verizon Fios$39.99–$79.99/mo.*200–Up to 940 MbpsView Plans

Data effective 1/9/2020. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
*Price w/Auto Pay + taxes & equip. charges.

Verizon Fios might seem expensive, but its prices are actually some of the best when it comes to the speeds you get. To top that off, you’ll get stunning fiber internet with no annual contract at all. Now that’s a win-win.

Verizon’s latest changes to its TV packages also make it hard-to-beat. It’s completely done away with TV packages as we know them. Instead, Verizon’s new “Your Fios TV” lets you pick your five favorite channels and recommends a TV channel line-up for you.

How Your Fios TV works

1. You automatically get the top broadcast networks. Don’t worry about picking networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Telemundo, or Univision. These are already built into your channel line-up.

2. Pick your top five cable networks. It’s time to personalize your package with your top five favorite networks. Verizon lets you pick from popular networks like the ones below, then recommends a package that’s personalized just for you.

• A&E
• Animal Planet
• Bravo
• Cartoon Network
• CBS Sports Network
• Comedy Central
• Discovery Channel
• Disney Channel
• DIY Network
• Food Network
• Fox News
• FS1

• FX
• Hallmark Channel
• National Geographic Channel
• Nat Geo Wild
• NFL Network
• Nickelodeon
• TeenNick
• USA Network

And hey, your TV package comes with all your local networks plus additional content too. (For example, if you choose Fox News, it comes with CNN and MSNBC.)

Verizon also shows some love to telenovela and fútbol lovers with around 20 Spanish language networks too.

3. Change your TV plan whenever you want. Er, well, not whenever, but at least once per billing cycle. That’s still extremely generous. And you can schedule any changes too.

Despite limited availability, Verizon Fios continues to receive glowing reviews. It’s also earned recognition for technological advancements and customer satisfaction. Simply put, fiber is the future.

Which costs the most, Fios or Xfinity?

Overall, Verizon Fios gives you more for your money. Part of this comes down to fiber being more reliable than cable internet, but it’s also due to Verizon Fios giving you more speed for your money.

Also, Xfinity’s prices vary based on where you live. You may find a cheap price in one area but a more expensive plan featuring the same speed in another area. (We dig into this in our Xfinity review if you want to know more.)

But the biggest caveat is that Verizon Fios is mostly limited to the East Coast, whereas Comcast Xfinity is available nationwide. That’s a big deal—you can’t save money if you can’t even get the service in your area!

We talk more about Verizon Fios’s availability in our full-length review.

Verizon Fios versus Xfinity prices
ProviderMonthly priceDownload speedsDetails
Verizon Fios$39.99–$79.99/mo.*200–Up to 940 MbpsView Plans
Xfinity Internet$29.99–$299.95/mo.**15–2,000 MbpsView Plans

Data effective 1/9/2020. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
*Price w/Auto Pay + taxes & equip. charges.
**Price for the first 12 months. Some packages require a 1- or 2-year contract.

While Verizon Fios has only three internet-only packages, its price for the speed you get is spot-on in our book. You’ll find it hard to find such a low price for any of the speeds it offers.

Verizon Fios Home Internet-only price
PlanPriceDownload speedDetails
Internet 200/200$39.99/mo.*200 MbpsView Plans
Internet 400/400$59.99/mo.400 MbpsView Plans
Fios Gigabit Connection$79.99/mo.Up to 940 MbpsView Plan
Data effective 11/19/18. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
* w/ Auto Pay + taxes & equip. charges.
w/ Auto Pay + taxes & equip charges
w/ Auto Pay + taxes

Of course, we do like choices, and Xfinity delivers far more choices than Verizon Fios does. We think its Extreme Pro and Gigabit plans are the best bang for your buck—these two plans even beat out Verizon Fios’s price.

Xfinity internet-only price
PlanPriceDownload speedDetails
Performance Starter$19.99^25 MbpsView Plan
Performance$55^100 MbpsView Plans
Performance Pro$70^200 MbpsView Plan
Blast! Pro$80^300 MbpsView Plan
Extreme Pro$60^600 MbpsView Plan
Gigabit$84.99^1000 MbpsView Plan
Gigabit Pro$299.95°2000 MbpsView Plan
Data effective 11/19/18. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
^ For the first 12 months with a 1-year agreement.
° with No Term Agreement

But we can’t talk price without pointing out that Xfinity’s plans all come with a one-year contract. Yes, you can grab a no-contract plan through Xfinity, but you’ll pay more per month.

With Verizon Fios, your internet plan automatically comes without an annual contract. You heard us right, there’s no need to commit and we love it.

Verizon Fios vs. Xfinity: TV service comparison

Decide what TV channels are dealbreakers for you. Once you have that in mind, it’s much easier to pick between Verizon Fios and Xfinity. We have a feeling Verizon Fios will be your favorite.

Why’s that? Well, Verizon Fios is the only traditional provider to offer a personalized TV package. With Your Fios TV, you get to pick your five favorite channels and Verizon recommends a package for you based on the channels you pick.

You can add sports, kids, or other channel packages with Xfinity, but those costs add up quickly, and there’s less personalization.

Verizon Fios TV vs. Xfinity TV overview
ProviderVerizon FiosXfinity
Package price range$50–$90/mo.*$49.99–$104.99/mo.**
Package channel range125+ to 425+ channels140+ to 260+ channels
Equipment rental charges$12/mo. or included$10/mo.
DetailsView PlansView Plans

Data effective 1/9/2020. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
*For new TV res. custs. $12/mo. STB and $15/mo. router charges apply. $99 set-up & taxes & terms may apply. Subj. to credit approval & may require a deposit. Fios avail. in select areas.
**Price for the first 12 months.

Verizon Fios starts out small, but ends up with higher channel counts in its middle- and top-tier packages than Xfinity.

And while we like high channel counts, keep in mind it’s more about having the channels you like. Paying for 500 channels doesn’t make sense if all you want to do is keep up with your favorite shows on one or two networks.

Well . . . Verizon Fios must have heard all of us, because its Your Fios TV recommends a package based on your top five favorite channels—and you can even switch them up at least once a billing cycle. (Check out how it works.)

We like the X1 DVR experience more, but is Fios better?

While the DVR should be somewhat of an afterthought, we do like the X1’s interface and overall experience more than Verizon Fios’s offerings, but it’s really not that different.

As for Verizon, our vote goes to the Multi-Room DVR Premium. It does cost extra each month, but comes with 4K capability and two whopping terabytes (TB) of storage. It also records up to 12 shows at a time and, paired with the One Mini, it lets you watch TV pretty much anywhere in your house—even if there’s no cable outlet. (Or you forgot to have your technician activate it.)

Verizon Fios DVRs vs. Xfinity X1 DVR
DVRVerizon Fios DVRsXfinity X1 DVR
Price$12–$30/mo. or included*$10/mo.
Simultaneous recordings2 up to 126
Picture qualityUp to 4KUp to 4K
Storage500 GB–2 TB500 GB
DetailsLearn MoreLearn More

Data effective 1/9/2020. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
*For new TV res. custs. $12/mo. STB and $15/mo. router charges apply. $99 set-up & taxes & terms may apply. Subj. to credit approval & may require a deposit. Fios avail. in select areas.

If you’re not sure which Verizon Fios DVR experience fits best with your TV viewing habits, here’s a quick breakdown of the three options you have:

Verizon Basic DVR

  • Cost: $12 a month or included in The Most Fios TV package
  • Simultaneous recordings: Up to 2
  • Storage: 500 GB

Verizon Multi-Room DVR: Enhanced

  • Cost: $20 a month
  • Simultaneous recordings: Up to 6
  • Storage: 1 TB

Verizon Multi-Room DVR: Premium

  • Cost: $30 a month
  • Simultaneous recordings: Up to 12
  • Storage: 2 TB

P.S. We’ve got even more details on the Verizon Fios DVR experience in our Fios TV review.

Verizon Fios vs. Xfinity: Internet speed

Xfinity may have the fastest internet available in the premium tier at 2 Gbps, but Verizon Fios Home Internet offers up to 940/880 Mbps speeds, and those are nothing to laugh at.

Xfinity advertises itself as the “fastest internet in America,” and the data from the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC’s) 2018 report proves it’s definitely one of the fastest.

The FCC report ranks Xfinity fourth when it comes to delivering speeds that are faster than the speeds it advertises, while Verizon Fios ranked seventh.1

Verizon Fios vs. Comcast Xfinity 2018 internet speed scores1
ProviderFCC average actual/advertised speed
Verizon Fios107.9%

At the end of the day, we say you can’t go wrong when it comes to either ISP’s speed—but Verizon Fios’s fiber is likely more reliable.

Package recommendations

Verizon Fios: 400 Mbps Internet + Your Fios TV

At $109.99 per month, this package includes more than enough for a family who loves to stream and game but also enjoys tuning in to their favorite channels too.

An average household with multiple users and devices shouldn’t have trouble streaming or downloading. Fiber technology makes data easier to deliver, so even if it’s peak hours, you’ll still get reliable internet service and speed.

While this option is a little light on channels, Verizon Fios’s approach to Your Fios TV more than makes up for it.

Verizon Fios recommended package
Package400 Mbps Internet + Your Fios TV
Download speed400 Mbps
Channel count125+
DetailsView Bundles

Data effective 1/9/2020. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
*General: For new eligible TV and/or Internet res. custs. Availability varies. Wired & wireless Internet speeds vary due to device limits, multiple users, network & other factors. See for more info. $15/mo. router and $99 setup charges & other taxes & terms may apply. Auto Pay (ACH or bank debit card only) & paper-free billing req’d. for Internet service. Subj. to credit approval & may require a deposit. Fios TV: $12/mo. STB charge may apply.

Xfinity: X1 Starter Pro Double Play with Performance Pro Internet

With 175 Mbps and more than 140 channels, this double play bundle from Xfinity is great for anyone who wants a mix of streaming and channel flipping in their life.

The price for what you get isn’t bad either—the Performance Pro internet plan alone costs close to $50 a month, so consider this bundle a small bump in price for even more TV love.

Comcast Xfinity recommended package
PackageX1 Starter Pro Double Play with Performance Pro Internet
Download speed150 Mbps
Channel count140+
DetailsView Bundles

Data effective 1/9/2020. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
*For the first 12 months.

Xfinity vs. Verizon Fios: Customer service

We’ve heard almost nothing but glowing reviews of Verizon Fios’s customer service. On the other hand, Xfinity’s customer service is a mixed bag.

Most internet providers come with a not-so-great customer service reputation, so hearing that Verizon Fios’s customers are pretty satisfied makes this ISP stand out even more.

Recap: Which is better, Verizon Fios or Xfinity?

Verizon Fios takes the advantage in most areas (like price, lack of annual contracts, and a personalized TV package), but Xfinity serves a larger part of the country and has a few great internet deals too.

If it were us, we’d spend the little bit of extra money on Verizon Fios to make sure we get what we want and just because fiber internet is exceptional. It’s also our pick for the best fiber internet out there. But if you can’t get Verizon Fios in your area, Xfinity is our top pick for cable internet providers.

Best Speeds
Verizon Internet - Fios Gig
Download speeds:
200940 Mbps
Starting at$39.99/mo.

Find the best providers in your area.

FAQ on Verizon Fios vs. Xfinity

What are early termination fees (ETFs)?

Early termination fees (ETFs) are charged when you cancel your service before your contract is up. Most ISPs require you to agree to a one- or two-year agreement that says you’ll keep the service for that period of time. If you change your mind, those fees can add up fast.

Because it has no annual contracts, Verizon Fios doesn’t charge early termination fees. But Comcast Xfinity may charge you up to $480 in early termination fees if you cancel your service before your contract is up.

What’s the difference between fiber and cable TV and internet?

Fiber has a faster and more reliable signal than cable, but it’s costly to set up. This means it’s less available and more expensive to install, but we think it’s worth it.

Are Comcast and Xfinity the same thing?

Comcast brands its television, internet, and other services as Xfinity. In the past, the names were often used interchangeably. Today, the company prefers to be called Xfinity.

Are Verizon and Fios the same thing?

Verizon owns Fios, but Fios is the name given to the fiber optic network.

Who has more Wi-Fi hotspot access?

If Wi-Fi hotspots are a concern, then Xfinity is your winner. Xfinity has over 15 million hotspots nationwide compared to Verizon’s 5,700+.

With Comcast, more hotspots means less data drained and more connectivity and support throughout the country. Verizon won’t charge you for your data use, but you may prefer having more easy-access points if you travel frequently.

What is Verizon’s HD STB charge?

Verizon charges a $12 a month set-top box (STB) fee for renting your receiver. (But hey, if you grab The Most Fios TV package, there’s no monthly charge for your first STB.)

Who is more reliable, Verizon Fios or Xfinity?

Fiber technology is more reliable and faster than cable. While a thunderstorm may disrupt a cable connection, fiber should operate fine as long as your house still has power.

Do Fios or Xfinity offer trial periods?

Because it comes with no annual contracts, Verizon Fios doesn’t throw early termination fees (ETFs) your way. Ever. Xfinity, on the other hand, gives you 30 days to cancel your service without incurring that pesky ETF.

Who has better video quality?

Fios wins here. Fast internet speeds deliver streaming content with less latency and pixelation.


  1. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), “2018 Measuring Broadband Across America: Fixed Broadband Report
  • Tony Hoffman

    The MAJORITY of verizon’s HD channel are the same station but different coasts…so you will have STATION-E, STATION-C, STATION-MT, STATION-W. The ONLY time that is beneficial is if you miss a show and want to catch ti from another timezone…but that’s what DVR and On Demand is for. If you do not count repetitive channels, Xfinity has MORE HD CHANNELS than Verizon. Verizon is a bust and not worth the money!!!

  • Fredrik Jonsson

    The uplink information in the table is incorrect for Comcast/Xfinity (it should say 6-30Mbit) which makes them very slow compared to Fios symmetrical (50-750mbit) connections. Can be important if you work from home over VPN or if you’re a serious gamer.

  • Jack Fiamingo

    All of the info offered here is interesting and needs to be considered BUT the User Experience is the ultimate test. It’s all about FUNCTIONALITY for me.
    The following examples are issues with xFinity that ARE NOT issues with Verizon FIOS. It is also the reason that if FIOS ever becomes available at my current location OR if I relocate somewhere that FIOS is available… I will be an ex-Comcast customer. The features (or should I say, LACK OF features) are very important to me and seem to be correctable by Software Update. Is the technology not robust enough to provide basic features that were available to me as a FIOS customer? So, should I assume that there is a financial reason that we don’t get the functionality? I suppose that if I was never a user of FIOS services I wouldn’t know the difference. I was and I am.
    Buffer Issue #1:
    You have been watching a program live from its beginning. TEN minutes into the program you decide you want to record it. Let say that you think your spouse would appreciate the program and you want them to see it. You set it to record. IT DOESN’T MATTER that the buffer has the last half hour (or whatever) your recording begins TEN minutes into the program.
    Buffer Issue #2:
    You were watching live TV in the family room. You decide to go to the bedroom to finish the program. You are not recording the program. You turn off the TV (NOT the xFinity box). You turn on the TV in the bed room. THERE IS NOTHING in the buffer.
    Buffer Issue #3:
    With FIOS, if you have 3 viewing locations with boxed (clients and main unit), ALL maintain whatever channel you are currently watching AND/OR were previously watching ARE AVAILABLE at any other location and are RETAINED so that you can go to ANY location and select ANY of the channels (whether the location are active or not) and you will have NINETY MINUTES of buffer available for EACH and EVERY channel.
    Remote Function:
    SKIP FORWARD. No time programmable Skip Forward button. Forget about programmable. There NO BUTTON for this purpose at all. XFinity might say, but you can just use the Fast Forward button. Here is the deal. I program the (non-existent) Skip Forward button for (let’s say) 30 seconds. The program I am watching has 6 – 30 second commercials for each break. I don’t need to stand there tending the remote while watching the TV screen poised to hit the button to catch the return of the show from the break. I JUST HIT THAT BUTTON 6 times and… boom! We are back to the show. I didn’t need to even look at the screen.
    There are several other issues and annoyances but those are my biggest complaints. They just make the experience frustrating.

  • Szuwarski Ziom

    is anyone mentioning the saaaaad fact that even the fastest COMCAST data plan slows down to a 5-7 meg creep during evening hours when your whole neighborhood is on Netflix/Hulu/YouTube or other data heavy domain. additionally Comcast/Xfinity could give me free TODAY internet and i still would not want it!
    internet access is as good as it’s availability – every Comcast customer knows how to reboot their gateway/router as they are inherently PO-PO DEVICES – ask Fios customer – most have never ONCE rebooted their router/gateway.

    you can guess i was Comcast customer before. for 12 Y and i thought this is how internet supposed to be – then this miracle happened 7 Y ago Fios came to my neighborhood and – HOLY MOTHER OF GOD –
    i have since switched router 2 times once to get gigabit and second time to get rid of it – i now run my own router. (this is the only issue i have with Verizon they access/spy everything on the router from WIFI password to logs/traffic to Q&A port forwarding to occasional modem reset/update logon to your account and 10 minutes after u changed your WiFi password they will display it on your account page)

    I’m OTA type a person (50$ antena in the attic + silicon dust tuner and 150$ Mini PC do all my DVR) so i only have internet service from fios 50/50 (they throw in free 75/75 upgrade) meg service 40$
    after 2 year contract the price hikes but i just switch service to my wife and we’re back on the 40$ plan!
    I can do this for as long as it takes. I’m on the 4th switch.

    i’ve been with both and hands down Comcast don’t stand in the same room as FIOS!
    although when u call u cant listen to advises from sales people as they will tell u that if u have more than 5 devices u need gigabit –
    most businesses have 50-100 workstations running fine on 100 meg service ping gives you speed and 100 meg bandwidth is plenty sufficient for 30 device (which household has 8 devices streaming hd video at once
    MPEG-4 AVC Video at 18000 kbps for 1080p — 18megs
    MPEG-4 AVC Video at 8000 kbps for 720p — 8megs
    HEVC 4K video at 25000-40000 4K — 25-40 megs

    so 100 Mbps bandwidth gives u
    5 streams of 1080p
    10 streams of 720p
    2 streams of 4K streams
    easy peasy for 100Mbps service
    if u game 20 meg bandwidth with ping under 20 will do wonders (fios generally gets ping 6-17 ms – milliseconds on 50Mbps service and above)

    there u go who needs gigabit which they are pushing
    40$V plan suffices for 99% of EVERYONE

    I should’ve wrote this article and paint Comcast for the disaster that they are
    but then this domain would NOT post it as COMCAST would probably sue them!

  • Jay Gerard

    I had Fios for 4 years. Internet only. Used a digital tv antenna. Comcast offered a tv (local) plus internet for about what I currently pay Verizon. I called Verizon to see if they could come close, they cannot as an existing customer.
    I don’t upload, No Facebook. No Netflix, Hulu etc. Very little TV and only on 1 set. I do not record. I do use a Roku mainly for music and Podcasts. I am not a gamer and I do not download music etc.
    Would Comcast, offering my local tv and internet be a good buy to replace Verizon internet only (at a higher price).

    BTW, my phone is thru OOMA.

    Any suggestions?

  • Steve Eagle

    im looking to leave Verizon to go to comcast. is this a goods move

  • Steve Eagle

    i’m looking to leave Verizon to go to comcast is this a good move

  • Dr. B

    I have FIOS for about 20 years. They increased my rate continuously but never upgraded anything including internet speed of 20/20. When I call and complain they say they will update but I have to pay a lot more because I am an existing customer. Thus, I am going to Xfinity!!

  • Andre’ B

    I think Its fair to say that Verizon does not offer no contract plans at a good price. They advertise one price but never say its another price for no contract. They don’t even say that they will ding you extra money for bleating them to ding your credit report. Imagine that, someone wouldn’t a company to din their credit for internet packages. I have to ask… If a company puts out that they offer one plan. Don’t put up front that there’s additional fees if you don’t choose that package, and then penalize you for not wanting to go with the less expensive package they advertise but its really not that price….isn’t that a form of extortion? And aren’t we; the consumer and of the tech; deserved of not being bullied into paying more for really bad customer service? You tell me