How to Self-Install Xfinity Internet

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November 16, 2021
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If self-installing Xfinity internet sounds like flying a spaceship to the moon, then allow this article to light the way in five easy steps.

After we cover installation, we'll also give you some tips for troubleshooting your connection. We can hear the countdown to takeoff steadily running in the background, *seven, six, five ...* So without further delay, here's how to self-install Xfinity internet.

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We're assuming you're here because you want to skip those hefty installation fees. If you'd rather let the pros handle it, check out our tips for snagging free Xfinity installation.

1. Make sure your Xfinity Self-Install Kit is complete

Before activating your internet and connecting your devices, you need to make sure you have everything you need. Comcast (who owns Xfinity) provides a variety of self-installation kits for Xfinity Internet, Xfinity TV, Xfinity Voice, and Xfinity Home.

Here's a list of what you should have in your Xfinity Internet Self-Install Kit:1

  1. A "Getting started" guide
  2. An xFi Wireless Gateway (a device that serves as both a router and modem)
  3. An Ethernet cable
  4. A power cord
  5. A coax cable
  6. The Comcast Customer Privacy Notice

After you've checked that everything's in place, it's time to activate your Xfinity internet service. If you're missing anything from the list above, you can call Xfinity or arrange to return your kit for a different one.

2. Activate your Xfinity devices using the Xfinity xFi App

Activating Xfinity Internet with the xFi Gateway is extremely simple: just download the Xfinity xFi App and sign in using your Xfinity account information.1 You should instantly see something pop up on the screen asking if you want to activate Xfinity.

If there isn't a pop up, select Overview on the top left-hand side of the app and choose Account. Then go to look under the devices tab and choose Activate xFi Gateway or Modem. Once you've completed this, the internet portion of the set-up is complete.

Using your own router

First, set up your modem in the center of your home. You want your devices to be able to connect easily no matter where you go. Then, plug your modem into a power outlet and turn it on. Let it sit for a while to warm up. If you don't let it set for at least a few minutes, you might not be able to activate it.

Next, you'll need to set up an internet connection so you can activate your modem. Look for the name of the network and a password (somewhere on the modem itself). Then, go to any of your devices and use this password to connect and activate Xfinity Wi-Fi. Once you've connected, you can activate your modem online

3. Activate your modem online (if you didn't on the app)

There's another way you can activate Xfinity Internet without the app: you can do so online. This also works if you're activating Xfinity TV. All you need to do is turn on your equipment and go to There you'll find easy instructions for how to activate your devices.

If you've done all of the above and still can't figure out how to activate your devices, there's a list of videos on the Xfinity website that might help you. These videos can help clarify the process depending on whether you have Xfinity xFi Gateway or want to use your own router.

4. Connect your devices to the network

Setting up the Xfinity W-Fi is the easy part. Simply connect all your home devices to your network. Go to "WiFi," select the network that's yours, and enter your network's password. If you changed your password when you activated your devices, enter the new one.

5. Test the connection

Now that your network is set-up, you'll want to test everything to make sure it's working properly. Think of this step as the last 10 feet in a 5K race—it's one of the most important parts. If you're having trouble with the connection, here's a few things to try:

  1. Check that all cables are securely plugged in, both to the wall and back of the router.
  2. Make sure the power outlets you're using are working properly. Consider trying your device in a different outlet.
  3. Make sure all your devices are activated. If you tried this already but still don't know if it worked, call Xfinity and someone can help you activate your devices.


  1. Xfinity, "How to Activate Your Xfinity Internet Service." Accessed September 23, 2020.
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