Xfinity Internet Not Working? Here’s What to Do.

We got all the details to help you be on your way to saving the world on the internet.
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Chantel Buchi
Staff Writer, TV & Streaming
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Published on November 16, 2021
2 min read

Your Xfinity internet isn’t working, and you need to fix it STAT! Because, of course, you need to finish your work, get back to your video game, or scroll on social media.

We’ve all been there. And it’s the twenty-first century. The world might feel like it’s going to end if we don’t have our internet connection.

Well, stop your fretting. We hopefully have the solution to your problem.

Although Xfinity ensures their network can handle usage spikes and heavy traffic, everything isn’t always perfect. So here are a few ways to get your internet up and going again.

Restart your modem.

If you’re experiencing slow speeds and problems connecting to your Wi-Fi, restarting your modem just might fix it. There are two easy ways to do this.

  1. Through My Account online, go to the Internet Service Tab, scroll down to Devices, select Restart Modem, and then Start Troubleshooting. It can take up to ten minutes to restart.
  2. In the Xfinity My Account app, scroll down and select Internet, select your modem, and Restart This Device if you’re accessing the app on an Apple device or Troubleshoot if you’re on an Android. Troubleshooting will take up to ten minutes.

After you’ve troubleshot your modem through the app, you’ll be asked if it worked. If you select No, you’ll be prompted to schedule a call or tweet at Comcast.

Or you can try our other solutions below.

Is it time for a new internet provider? Look for internet service available near you.

Check the power and connections for your devices.

Sometimes the problem can be the device itself. So, first and foremost for this section: restart or unplug and replug the device you’re using.

When rebooted, make sure you’re connected to the correct network.

If that didn’t make a difference to your internet connection, try these steps:

  • Check if all equipment cables are plugged in.
  • Make sure the plugs for the device you’re using haven't come loose.
  • Make sure the outlets are working correctly.

Make sure your account is up to date.

Another reason your internet service could be down is that your account information isn’t up to date.

In My Account, go to the billing tab to see if your payments are successfully going through.

Move closer to the router.

Sometimes you’ll notice that you have a better internet connection as you move closer to your router. This may mean your workspace or bedroom where you’re trying to connect is an area of limited to no internet access.

Xfinity suggests xFi pods if this is your problem.

A two-pack for $199 will help with Wi-Fi connectivity issues in three bedrooms or if you are two stories above your router.

Check for Comcast outages.

If none of these steps are solving your internet connectivity issues, check for local Comcast outages. (Comcast owns Xfinity.)

If the problem is an outage in your area, there won’t be much you can do except wait for the network to come back again.

But like Xfinity said: they have a team of engineers and technicians who are working 24/7 to keep the network running smoothly. It should only be a matter of time before they fix the problem.


So remember, this is what you need to do when your internet connection is weak (other than remembering to take a deep breath *wink*):

  • Restart your modem.
  • Check the power and connections of your devices.
  • Make sure your account is up to date.
  • Move closer to your router.
  • Check for Comcast outages.

If you want to learn more about Xfinity internet, check out our full review. If you’re shopping for a new internet provider, check out our reviews for CenturyLink, Verizon Fios, and best internet providers.

Is it time for a new internet provider? Look for internet service available near you.
Chantel Buchi
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Chantel Buchi
Chantel is all about finding the best tv or streaming service to watch as many football games as possible to keep her Fantasy Football team in check. Prior to being a TV and Streaming Tech Reporter for, she worked for NFL Network and The Alliance of American Football. Before that, she received a B.A. of Communication at the University of Utah and an M.S. in Sports Journalism at USC. Go Utes and Fight On. Contact her at

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  • Holly Beth Veith

    Well….they are doing nothing for our family!!!! We are paying for Blast! Pro and our average download is 150 and upload is .5 ……..So my husband is working 8 hours a day in his car in a McDonalds parking lot because Xfinity said we are getting some download, so they can’t help us. My husband has to sign on to a VPN so that upload causes him to be unable to work. He needs to keep his job….so he gets to work from a parking lot. I have a friend who had AT&T and had the same issue, so decided to switch to Xfinity and they came out and did it in 24 hours. It’s all about the $$$$$ for them. The representative said they could see it is an outside issue with the line….It’s not something we can fix. Thanks for NOTHING Xfinity!

  • Tom Williams

    Comcast Xfinitity internet pro package does not support a single zoom session during the 9-5 business day- even when you split the voice off to a verizon cell phone call. What is worse is their customer support process just wastes your time and they never even commit to trying or answering. Cable is a shared technology at the neighborhood level. Xfinity under-provisions this infrastructure and over-sells the capacity. I pay for “up to 200Mbps” but can not meet the minimum requirements for my job. please send me an NPS survey