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Speeds up to150 Mbps
Satellite Internet 94% coverage in Anchorage, AK Reliability data not available
Speeds up to1000 Mbps
Pricing Pricing not available
Fiber Internet 100% coverage in Anchorage, AK Reliability data not available
Link not provided
Speeds up to30 Mbps
Pricing Pricing not available
Fixed Wireless Internet 92% coverage in Anchorage, AK Reliability data not available
Link not provided
Speeds up to250 Mbps
Pricing Pricing not available
DSL & Fixed Wireless Internet 75% coverage in Anchorage, AK Reliability data not available
Link not provided
Speeds may vary
Mobile Internet Available in Anchorage, AK Reliability data not available
Speeds may vary
Mobile Internet Available in Anchorage, AK Reliability data not available
Speeds may vary
Mobile Internet Available in Anchorage, AK Reliability data not available
Speeds up to5G
Mobile Internet Available in Anchorage, AK Reliability data not available
Speeds may vary
Mobile Internet Available in Anchorage, AK Reliability data not available

Anchorage, AK provider recommendations

Alaska Communications internet: Best for casual internet users

Alaska Communications Internet pros and cons

pro High-speed internet options
pro No annual contract
pro Optional mesh network and HomePass subscription
con Spotty availability throughout Anchorage

Anchorage offers some internet options you won’t see in the Lower 48, starting with Alaska Communications. Alaska Communications requires no contracts and offers two plans: One with 10Mbps and one with 25Mbps. The 10Mbps plan is slow, but the higher-speed plan meets casual internet needs.

Each plan comes with a subscription to HomePass, a service that shows you if foreign devices tap into your Wi-Fi network (particularly helpful in keeping tourists from using it). The plans also include an option for a mesh network, which increases your Wi-Fi coverage in your home.

Alaska Communications has limited network coverage in Anchorage, so check whether you live in its service area before moving forward.

Best Alaska Communications internet plan for most people: [Unlimited Internet 25Mbps, 25Mbps for $94.99/mo.]

This is the fastest Alaska Communications plan in Anchorage, and we recommend aiming for max speeds if you can get it. That sounds like a glacial pace for Wi-Fi, but 25Mbps is still high-speed internet. It won’t work if you have a home office or are an avid gamer, but it works for just about everything else.

Borealis Broadband: Best for media consumption

Borealis Broadband Internet pros and cons

pro Multiple plan options
pro 1 TB data cap
pro Symmetrical speeds
con Incomplete availability in all of Anchorage
con Expensive plans

Borealis Broadband offers customers its colorful name, multiple plan options, a sky-high terabit data cap, and symmetrical speeds. The 1 TB data cap is generous—to exceed the limit, you have to watch all Alaska Daily episodes a ridiculous number of times in 4K. And the symmetrical speeds allow you to upload content at the same rate you download it.

Like Alaska Communications, Borealis Broadband has yet to make it to all of Anchorage, so double-check that this service is available where you live.

Best Borealis Broadband internet plan for most people: [Diamond, 30Mbps for $170.00/mo.]

If Alaska Communications’ 25Mbps plan isn’t doing it for you, Borealis Broadband offers a faster option with its 30Mbps Diamond plan. That 5Mbps difference isn’t a lot, but it matters if you need just a little more speed to de-lag your FaceTime calls with family in Canada. And while this plan is jaw-clenchingly expensive at $170 per month, if you need it, you need it.

Matanuska Telecom Association: Most customizable option

Matanuska Telecom Association Internet pros and cons

pro Multiple plan options
pro Unlimited data with most plans
pro Upload speed doubling available
con Unadvertised exact speeds

Matanuska Telecom Association offers several different plans for various internet needs. The exact speeds of its internet service plans are behind a contact information wall. (You have to give a bunch of personal info to receive details about the plan you want.) The lack of info makes it hard to cross-compare MTA plans to other providers, though the website does feature descriptions of each plan's internet usage level.

Almost every plan comes with unlimited data for maximum streaming and gaming. If you pay an extra $9.99 each month, you can even double your upload speed (particularly handy if you’re a videographer). For additional fees, you can also increase your Wi-Fi coverage, enroll in a VPN, receive identity theft protection, and more.

Best Matanuska Telecom Association internet plan for most people: [Plus Unlimited for $139.99/mo.]

Based on the description, the best plan for a typical household is the most popular plan, Plus Unlimited. Plus Unlimited is for “multiple devices, home office, and remote learning.” It’s $139.99, but based on the description, we suspect it’s a better bang for your buck than Borealis Broadband’s $170 plan.

pro Speeds up to 150 Mbps
pro Satellite connections
Matanuska Telecom Association
pro Speeds up to 1000 Mbps
pro Fiber connections

Tech type availability in Anchorage, AK

Fiber availability


four fiber cables curving upwawrd from bottom left

Renowned for its reliability, fiber can reach download and upload speeds up to 10,000Mbps. While it isn’t available everywhere, it’s the best internet you can get.

Cable availability


vertically upright cable

Cable is bread-and-butter internet—widely available, often affordable, and very fast, delivering download speeds that range anywhere from 25Mbps to 1,200Mbps.

DSL availability


internet cable protruding diagonally

DSL maxes out at 100Mbps, but many DSL customers get much slower speeds than that. DSL is becoming obsolete, but it’s still a solid option in rural areas.

Satellite availability


satellite facing left emitting radio waves

Satellite is available practically everywhere, even in the most remote parts of the country. It’s costly and comes with strict data limits and slow speeds, so use it as a last resort.

Fastest internet plans and providers in
Anchorage, AK

The fastest internet providers can get you gigabit or even multi-gigabit speeds. Not everyone needs a 1,000Mbps connection or faster, but it’s worth the investment if you’re a power user or live in a large household.

Max Download Speed
Connection Type
Learn More
Matanuska Telecom Association
1000 MbpsFiber
Alaska Communications
250 MbpsDSL
Alaska Communications
250 MbpsFixed Wireless

Internet availability faster than 100Mbps by region





How much speed do you need?

Take a look below at what you can do with different speeds commonly offered by internet service providers (ISPs). You can read more about the average user’s speed needs in our internet speed guide.

Internet Speed
No. of people
No. of devices
5–25Mbps 1–2 1–5 Casual web browsing • Emails • Social media • Streaming SD video • Streaming music
25–50Mbps 2–4 4–7 Streaming HD and 4K video • Streaming music • Online gaming • Light work from home
50–100Mbps 4–6 7–10 Streaming 4K video • Online gaming • Working from home • Using home security devices
100–500Mbps 6+ 10+ Streaming 4K video • Online gaming • Running a home office • Using home security and smart home devices
500–1,000Mbps 10+ 15+ Running a home office or creative profession • Streaming in 4K • Live streaming • Online gaming • Using home security and smart home devices

To get these numbers, we used the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) broadband speed guide, our streaming internet speed guide, and our Zoom internet speed guide.

Internet provider averages in
Anchorage, AK

arrow pointing down at horizontal bar

Average download speed

86 Mbps
arrow pointing up at horizontal bar

Average upload speed

29 Mbps
clock with equal length hands pointing at the 12 and 4 positions

Average latency time

68 ms

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