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Bay Alarm Security’s got great customer service, but it doesn’t advertise prices.

Bay Alarm
Bay Alarm
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    Prices aren’t transparent
Brianne Sandorf
Aug 23, 2023
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If you live in California, Arizona, or Washington state, you can get a home alarm system from Bay Alarm Security. You’ll get highly rated customer service and one-of-a-kind benefits, but you won’t be able to price out your order without speaking to a Bay Alarm rep. Get ready to jam to some hold music.

Bay Alarm Security vs. Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical is an acclaimed medical alert device company. Our research suggests it’s part of Bay Alarm Security. We haven’t found documentation that 100% verifies this, but Concord, CA, houses headquarters for both companies.

Bay Alarm Security plans and pricing overview
Monitoring price range
Home automation integrations
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Bay Alarm

Call for exact quote

36 mos.


Data effective 8/23/2023. Offers subject to change.

Bay Alarm Security pricing, contracts, and fees

Bay Alarm keeps its packages and its exact costs under wraps. We aren’t fans of this; we think it’s crummy to make potential customers jump through hoops for pricing info.


Bay Alarm Security does use contracts, which, again, aren’t clearly advertised on the site. Customer reviews indicate that you can expect a 36-month monitoring contract (which is industry standard). They also suggest that, if you cancel, you’re responsible for buying out the rest of your contract.

You can move homes with your Bay Alarm system and get a free reactivation. But it’s unclear whether Bay Alarm helps you move your equipment. It’s also unclear whether it’d charge if it did help out. Be sure to ask when you get your quote, especially if you know you’ll be moving in the next few years.


Apart from monitoring costs, Bay Alarm Security says it charges a “reasonable installation fee,” though it won’t share the amount outside of a personalized quote. We’re guessing the fee varies based on customer installation needs.

Bay Alarm Security equipment

Bay Alarm's equipment is not quite what we'd call impressive, but it's better than equipment offered by some big national brands. It’s from third-party brands, like DMP and Honeywell, so you won’t get anything proprietary. But we’re big fans of the equipment variety—especially from a smaller, non-national security company.

We also like the visual design of most of Bay Alarm’s pieces. This isn’t your grandmother’s ugly security system; it’s not going to be a total blight on your home decor.

Bay Alarm Security sensors

Bay Alarm Security cameras

With Bay Alarm, you can get both an indoor camera and/or an outdoor camera.

Bay Alarm indoor security camera

Source: Bay Alarm

Bay Alarm Security camera specs
SpecsIndoor cameraOutdoor camera
Two-way communicationYesNo
Night visionYesYes
Motion detectionYesNo
Storage7 days7 days
Learn more

Data effective 08/23/2023. Offers subject to change.

It’s weird to us that the outdoor camera doesn’t include two-way talk or motion detection, while the indoor camera does. Most people use security cameras to keep an eye on suspicious activity outside the house, not inside. We think Bay Alarm Security should either try a different Honeywell outdoor option or get its outdoor cameras somewhere else. It just makes more sense to have feature-rich outdoor cameras.

Bay Alarm Security video doorbell camera

Bay Alarm video doorbell

Source: Bay Alarm

We’re intrigued by this minimalistic-looking V-4060DB video doorbell. It’s sold by DMP, and it’s a lot less ostentatious than Ring Alarm or Nest doorbell cameras. In other words, potential thieves and intruders are less likely to notice this baby and rip it off your doorframe.

DMP says the following about this camera:

  • It records at 1080p and has a 180° view.
  • It uses your existing doorbell hookup.
  • It’s got motion detection features.
  • It updates its software automatically.
  • Its footage has “pinch-to-zoom technology” to look more closely at anything that interests you.
  • It comes with four different faceplate options so you can customize your look: black, charcoal, silver, and pearl.

These features and specs definitely make the V-4060DB comparable to the most popular video doorbells.

Other equipment

Besides cameras, Bay Alarm Security sells the following equipment:

  • Control panels
  • Keypads
  • Motion sensors
  • Door and window sensors
  • Key fobs
  • Glass break sensors
  • Heat detectors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Door locks
  • Thermostats
  • Lights

Bay Alarm Security home automation and mobile control

Bay Alarm Security automation is so-so, but we like the mobile app.

We can’t verify the manufacturer for Bay Alarm’s control panel, and it looks like its alarm app is proprietary. That prevents us from doing in-depth product home automation research. We know only what Bay Alarm tells us about system compatibility. Frankly, it ain’t much.

Bay Alarm Security home automation integrations

  • Z-Wave-enabled door locks
  • Z-Wave-enabled thermostats
  • Lights? Of some kind? (Bay Alarm doesn’t say which.)

Could be better, and could definitely be worse. We’re guessing the Z-Wave love means Bay Alarm Security is straight-up Z-Wave compatible, but we currently can’t confirm.

Mobile app

Bay Alarm app

Source: Bay Alarm

We like Bay Alarm’s app because it's incredibly user-friendly. You can use it to arm and disarm your system, lock and unlock your door, view your security video feed, control your smart thermostat . . . you get the idea.

Bay Alarm Security installation

Customers seem satisfied with the system install.

A Bay Alarm system is not a DIY system. You’ll have to schedule a time for a technician to install your security.

Installation fee: Bay Alarm only knows. But it’s supposed to be reasonable.

Most Bay Alarm Security reviews rave about the technicians, so you’ll likely be in good hands. In fact, the installation techs are a major reason we’ve rated Bay Alarm customer service so highly. (See the next section for more.)

Bay Alarm Security customer experience

Customer service is something Bay Alarm does well.

The customer service is what truly sets Bay Alarm Security apart. We were overwhelmed by the number of positive Bay Alarm Security reviews. Most customers seem to like their installation and troubleshooting technicians, especially. We lost count of the reviews that called out these techs by name because of their awesome service.

There are also plenty of customer benefits to love with Bay Alarm Security, such as the following:

  • Safety escort services: Don’t feel safe going home alone? Instead of calling the police and trying to convince them to send resources to you, you can ring up Bay Alarm Security for an escort.
  • Vacation watch: When you’re away from home, you can arrange to have Bay Alarm Security personnel drive by. They’ll pick up your mail and check your house.
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee: If you aren’t satisfied in the first 90 days, you can return everything and cancel. No harm, no foul.
  • One-year warranty: Bay Alarm Security will replace faulty or broken equipment during the first year of service.

We have to be honest: this is the only service we’ve ever reviewed that offers safety escorts and vacation watch. We think these offerings are incredible, and we love Bay Alarm Security’s thoroughness in looking out for their customers.

Recap: Is Bay Alarm Security good?

We don’t like the pricing (or lack thereof), but we like most everything else. The customer service is especially golden.

We feel lukewarm about Bay Alarm Security’s price protocol. We think that security companies should be transparent about costs. Even a ballpark estimate on the website would be nice, like, “Monitoring starts at $XX.XX,” or “Equipment ranges from $XXX to $XXX.”

But there are lots of things we appreciate about the equipment, and we’re super sold on Bay Alarm customer service. Seriously, this security company has far better reviews than most big-box providers. So if you’re not on a set budget, and you live in California, Arizona, or Washington, Bay Alarm Security is worth looking into.

If Bay Alarm doesn’t sound right for you, there are plenty of other security systems to choose from. Check out our Frontpoint security review, our ADT security review, or our Xfinity Home review to get started. You can also look at this comparison of the top home security systems.

Bay Alarm Security FAQ

At, we mainly deal with national players, not small, local businesses. But Bay Alarm Security is in a sweet spot. It’s nationally known yet not available everywhere. You’ll get both the benefits of name recognition and the familiarity of a local provider.

Probably not, and here’s why.

Bay Alarm Security and Bay Alarm Medical, although related, appear to be run as two separate companies. Each has its own headquarters, logos, and websites. They don’t even cross-advertise services. If service bundles exist, they aren’t calling them out.

One possible reason for this: medical alert systems are self-installed, so Bay Alarm Medical offers service in every state. Bay Alarm Security, on the other hand, only does business in three. In short, Bay Alarm could offer medical alert/security packages in those three states alone.

To be clear, though, we think Bay Alarm Medical’s worth it even if you can’t bundle with security. We haven’t written a Bay Alarm Medical review, but we’re familiar with both the medical alert industry and Bay Alarm’s product. It deserves its acclaim as a top-ranked medical alert service.

Medical alert devices from Bay Alarm Medical are necklace-based. Professional monitoring for the system starts in the $20 range, and adding fall detection brings the monthly cost to the $30 range. You can get a system that works at home or on the go, and you can even add a unique car-based medical alert device for vehicle crashes.

Some other home security companies, like ADT and Vivint, may bundle their home security and medical alert systems. You’ll want to get an exact quote for the equipment you need.

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