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Craig Hanks
Craig Hanks
Craig is a long-time writer, presenter, and podcaster, and he now runs the Reviews.org YouTube channel, where he strives to be far more charming and presentable than he is in real life. Within the Reviews.org umbrella, he has accidentally become a streaming expert after covering the streaming wars for almost three years. Craig is also the founder and host of The Legendarium Podcast, his outlet for his love of fantasy and sci-fi literature.
6 Best Streaming Cloud DVRs
Streaming TV service demands a DVR that delivers. Check out our ranking of the six best streaming cloud DVRs.
Cord Cutting Setup for Beginners
You’ve decided to drop your cable TV, but what’s next? Watch Craig as he dives into the best apps, devices, and services for those switching to streaming for the first time.
The Best Ways to Watch Anime (FREE and Paid)
For casual anime, Hulu/Netflix might be good enough. But if you’re an anime addict, get VRV or Funimation. Here's why.
How to Use Parental Controls
How to set up parental controls on Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Tubi, and Amazon.
Plex Review
Plex combines your personal media, live TV, and on-demand streaming into one service. We’ll walk you through all the features so you can see if Plex is worth it.
HBO Max vs. Netflix
Though HBO Max is a new player in the streaming world, it’s got a lot to offer. We compare HBO Max to Netflix by diving into pricing, streaming quality, and content.
Top Ten Hidden Gems on Roku
Your guide to the top ten unknown features on your Roku device.
Will Google Take Over Streaming in 2021?
Google is on the move. Will they take over streaming in 2021?
HBO Max and Roku Together at Last
HBO Max is finally on Roku, here’s what you need to know.
Top 10 Free Apple TV Channels 2021
America’s top 10 free Apple TV channels in 2021.
How to Sideload Apps on Firestick
How to sideload apps on Amazon Firestick.
Discovery+ Streaming Service Review
Cut the cord with Discovery+ and live the dream of streaming at your finger tips.
10 New Chromecast Hidden Gems
Get the most out of your Chromecast by using some of our favorite apps that you’ve probably never heard of. Explore free Chromecast apps.
HBO Max is Now Available on Your Roku
HBO Max is now available on your Roku. Here’s how to get it.
Top 6 New Chromecast Tips and Tricks for Maximum Awesomeness
The New Google Chromecast is loaded with features and grown-up. Check out the top tips and tricks.
Apple TV+ Review, One Year Later
We took another look at the Apple Tv + after one full year. Here’s what we found out.
Cord-Cutting 101: Streaming Devices
In this episode of Cord-Cutting 101, we look at the Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Nvidia Shield to find the right streaming device for you.
Anime on HBO Max: the Good and the Bad
A review of HBO Max’s Crunchyroll anime partnership and other streaming anime services.
Peacock TV Streaming Review
We reviewed Peacock TV streaming and compared the Free, Premium, and Premium Plus packages as well as pricing and recommendations.
Polk Signa S2 Soundbar Review—and Giveaway
Polk Signa S2 soundbar review and giveaway. Get the details on sound quality, EQ modes, and remote control features.

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