The Disney+ Dream Job

Social Distancing? How does a $200 Gift Card and a 1-Year Disney+ Subscription Sound?

The application for this Dream Job has ended. Thank you to everyone who applied!

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Tyler Abbott
Staff Writer, Mobile & Wireless
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Published on December 01, 2020
6 min read

The world feels like a wild place right now, so we at want to make yours a little better. That’s why we’ve re-opened our Disney+ Dream Job with a few modifications.

We’ll pay you $200 (in a Visa Gift Card) and supply a year-long subscription to Disney+ (also via gift card) to 10 lucky applicants. You have a few assignments if you’re selected for this Dream Job:

  1. Relax.
  2. Take your mind off what’s going on outside for a few hours.
  3. Fill out the winner’s survey.
  4. Watch a Disney movie.
  5. Spend your $200 on whatever you want.

Pretty easy, right? We recommend cozying up on the couch and ordering some food from a local restaurant (no-contact delivery, please) with that $200 you’ve got.

In all seriousness, we just want to give you some extra money and something entertaining to watch to help you get through the day-to-day difficulties of COVID-19. We’re all in this social distancing thing together. We want to make it a little easier for you.

Who can apply?

Are you 18 or older and a US resident? Then you can, and probably should, enter to win.

Honestly, the main requirement is that you’re an actual person who would enjoy streaming Disney+ and $200 cash. (Well . . . Visa Gift Card, actually, but still!)

Literally, nobody doesn’t like free TV and free money, so you should probably enter. We’ll be giving out the gift card and year-long Disney+ subscription to 10 lucky folks who apply. I would enter if I wasn’t specifically told that I could not enter.

What will you get?

You will get two things with the Dream Job:

  1. A 1-year Disney+ Subscription Card (valid for new subscribers only)
  2. A $200 Visa Gift Card to do with what you want

Not to mention the immense satisfaction one feels when being paid to watch TV. You know, that might actually be the best part of this whole thing. Honestly, all of it is the best part.

What will you watch?

Better question—what won’t you watch? Disney+ offers enough content to get you through the next three pandemics. The entire Simpsons catalog alone can last you months, though in all honesty, things do drop off a bit after season 10.

Here are just a few ideas for things you could start binge-watching on Disney+

  • The Mandalorian
  • The Imagineering Story (Really cool docuseries about Disney theme parks to keep you occupied until the parks reopen)
  • Frozen 2 (It’s on while I’m writing this. It’s okay, so far.)
  • Any Disney movie you can think of (even the deep cuts, like The Black Cauldron)

In case you’re not familiar with Disney+’s immense catalog of shows, we recommend starting here to get an idea of what you can watch.

How to apply for the Dream Job

All you have to do is send us an email at with the words "Dream Job" in the email subject line, and your name and favorite Disney movie in your email message.

As long as you include your name and your absolute favorite Disney movie, and you’re at least 18 years old and a US citizen, then your application will be added to our list.

Applications for the Disney+ Dream Job have closed.
Info Box

Thank you so much to everyone who applied to our Disney+ Dream Job! Over 50,000 people reached out and applied and we couldn't be more thrilled with the response.

The application period for our Disney Dream Job ended on April 10, 2020, and now we look forward to announcing the winners!

One last thing! We’re not Disney . . . Or Visa. We’re
Heads Up

This dream job is being conducted by and is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by the Walt Disney Company, or Visa Inc.

How will you know if you got the job?

Submissions will close at 11:59 p.m. MST April 10, 2020. Winners will be randomly selected and receive an email, Monday, April 13, 2020 to confirm eligibility and start processing your $200 and Disney+ subscription. See Dream Job Terms & Conditions below for complete rules.

Terms and Conditions Dream Job Terms and Conditions

The rules of the dream job are as follows:

1. The promoter of this Disney+ Dream Job (“Dream Job”)  is Clear Link Technologies, LLC, doing business as (“”) whose principal office is located at 5202 W. Douglas Corrigan Way, Salt Lake City, Utah 84116.

2. Employees of or their family members or anyone else connected in any way with the Dream Job or helping to set up the Dream Job shall not be permitted to enter.

3. Persons must be at least 18 years old, or otherwise have reached the age of majority under the laws of the state where they reside in order to apply for the Dream Job.

4. Only lawful residents of the United States are eligible to enter.


6. There is NO ENTRY FEE AND NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO APPLY FOR THIS DREAM JOB. Any purchase or consideration otherwise given by entrants will not improve one’s chances of being selected for the Dream Job.

7. Campaign Period: The Campaign period will start on Friday March 27th 2020, and will close on Friday April 10th 2020 at 11:59 PM. After the closing date, no further applicants to the Dream Job will be permitted.

8. To apply, email and put “Dream Job” in the subject line. By entering the Dream Job, entrants agree to receive marketing material from Notwithstanding the foregoing, entrants may opt-out of promotional emails from by stating “I opt-out of promotional material” in the body of the entry email.  Opting-out of promotional emails will not affect an entrant’s chances of being selected for the Dream Job.

9. Each entrant may only enter once.

10. will select ten (10) Dream Job recipients (“Recipients”) at random from the pool of eligible entrants using a random number generation tool.

11. Odds of being selected for Dream Job depend on the number of entries received.

12. The Recipients will be notified by email, phone call, and/or letter within five (5) days at the closing date. If a Recipient cannot be contacted, is not eligible, or does not claim the prize within five (5) days of notification, reserves the right to withdraw the prize from the Recipient and pick a replacement Recipient.

13. The entrants specifically acknowledge that the prize package will be provided by, and that the Dream Job is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or affiliated with the Walt Disney Company or any of its affiliates, or Visa, Inc.

14. will mail, email, or hand deliver the prize package to the Recipients.

15. Recipients acknowledge that participation in the Dream Job will be as an independent contractor. No agency, partnership, joint venture, or employee-employer relationship is intended or created by acceptance of the  Dream Job. Recipients have no authority to bind to contracts, make any agreement or representations on’s written consent. Recipients shall not be eligible to participate in any vacation, group medical or life insurance, disability, profit sharing, or retirement benefits, or any other fringe benefits or benefit plans offered by to its employees. is not responsible for withholding or paying  any income, payroll, Social Security, or other federal, state, or local taxes, making any insurance contributions, including unemployment or disability, or obtaining worker’s compensation insurance on Recipients behalf. Recipients acknowledge that stipend is subject to all applicable taxes. Recipients are solely responsible for all such taxes or contributions, including penalties and interest.

16. Dream Job consists of answering a survey created by the team about the Recipient‘s experience using the Disney+ streaming platform. will notify the Recipients how to complete the Dream Job requirements.

17. Recipients will receive (i) a 1-year subscription card to Disney+ (valued at $69.99); and (ii) a Visa Gift Card worth two hundred dollars ($200).

18. Disney+ subscription card valid for new subscribers only.

19. The Recipients agree to the use of their names and image in any publicity material associated with the Dream Job. Any personal data relating to the entrants will be used solely in accordance with current federal and state data protection laws. For more information, please visit the Privacy Policy at

20. No cash alternative to the Disney+ subscription or Visa Reward Card will be offered. Opportunity to participate in the Dream Job is not transferable. reserves the right to substitute the subscription with a subscription or items of equivalent value without giving notice.

21. A list of the Recipients will be available 28 days after the closing date where legally required. To request a list of Recipients send the request in a stamped addressed envelope to the following address:
5202 W. Douglas Corrigan Way
Salt Lake City, Utah 84116

22. reserves the right to cancel or amend this Dream Job and these Terms and Conditions without notice.

23.’s decision in respect of all matters to do with the Dream Job will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

24. The Dream Job and these Terms and Conditions will be governed by Utah law and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Utah.

25. By submitting an application for this Dream Job, entrants agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Tyler Abbott
Written by
Tyler Abbott
Tyler has been obsessed with watching sports as efficiently as possible since the creation of the DVR. He is always on the lookout for the best tech in TV and wireless so he can watch all the sports and still have enough time to hang out with his baby. He has written about streaming, wireless, and TV for over three years. He hopes the Lakers will eventually get better.

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  • Taylor Helene

    How many people love Disney movies

  • Selma

    I absolutely applied.
    It’s a win win!!!
    Disney movies, popcorn, a large stepend and my favorite cuddle buddy, which is my ? dog.

  • Robin Poter

    As much as I’d love to do this, I’ve found it hard to be a Disney fan the past few years. Disney has forgotten how to be Disney. We’re not talking about a time like when Disney did De Furer’s Face, but Disney has made two major blunders.

    1) They’ve abandoned their fans in many ways, Star Wars being just one major issue.

    Not only did they abandon them, they have lashed out at them fiercely, and still expect them to support them, and let their children watch their product, which is why Galaxy’s Edge will not be a great money maker for them. It leave many to wonder if they really hire fans for anything anymore. The Last Jedi was so bad in every aspect, I hardly qualify it as a Star Wars movie.

    2) They’ve gone too extreme on the SJW front with fake feminism.

    While I love most of the “princess” movies (Enchanted, Brave, Frozen, Beauty and the Beast animated, etc…) they also release movies like Ralph Breaks the Internet. I like to compare this to Brave. Why? The main character is the Villain.

    In Brave, Merida causes all the troubles she gets into, but she gets her point of view across to her parents, she grows, her parents grow, and she’s not forced into a marriage she doesn’t want, which is a lot of what Disney is trying to push.

    You than get Ralph Breaks the Internet… Vanellope becomes one of the worst heroins and greatest villains Disney has produced, not to mention how all the princesses get portrayed. While the title implies it’s all Ralph that causes all the troubles in the movie, but it was all Vanellope. She breaks her game, she lies and cheats which is all confusing to Ralph. Vanellope is completely selfish in everything she does. On top of that, she does the one thing that the first movie disdains… She goes Turbo. And, at the end of all of it, we are expected to feel sorry for her, and forget all the havoc she brought upon herself and everyone around her. The victim in all of it… Ralph.

    This is Disney done wrong. There is not value in this movie. There is no growth. This is the story Disney is now pushing in their products.

    I will say, the one series I enjoyed that seems to have faded is the Disney Fairies series. It’s about friendship… Being yourself… Teamwork… Sadly, this is everything Disney has forgotten. I pray they don’t send Frozen down the same crap hole they sent all their other IPs (Intellectual Properties) down.

  • Daniela

    hey! I was wondering if I could apply even though I am 16?

    • Rachel


  • Brenton

    I could really use the money to pay for my moms grave stone. #7122093954

  • Hossein

    veerrry gooood??

  • Candice

    I am a huge Disney fan. I binge watch Disney movies every month. Sad I cannot participate since I do not meet the 2nd requirement. :'(

  • Hossein


  • Shundria Jones

    I’m kind of excited to watch my old time favorites!!

  • Cyd Marie Flores Melendez

    Me encanta

  • Brien B.

    This sounds great… until you realize that $1,000 for a “job” where you have to watch over 500 hours of content (if you want them to watch EVERY episode of The Simpsons (665), Boy Meets World (158), Malcolm in the Middle (151), et. al) come out to around $1.87 an hour.

    Even if you just stuck to all the films listed and the first season of each show, that’s still 200 episodes of television and 21 movies, over 110 hours of content, for around $8.80 an hour — just barely more than the federal minimum wage, and less than many states’ minimum wages.

    • Stan Rickert

      Lets look at this breakdown another way…

      Most people watch at least an hour of TV a day, instead of what you normally watch pop on a Disney show instead, no extra time needed…

      The extra time someone will be paid for will be the time it takes to make a submission video, it can be a lengthy process especially if you’ve never done it. If it takes 8-12 hours to produce a submission video and you get paid $1,000 to do it you’re looking at $83.33 to $125 and hour. That is a heck of an hourly rate for anyone!! And don’t forget the bonus Disney+ 1 year subscription at $69.99 on top of that!
      This is a nice hourly wage and decent bonus for anyone…. Or just a simple $33.33 per movie or episode! ??

    • Frisbeegirl

      Where did you get the idea that you had to watch all of that?? They said you need to watch 30 movies OR full episodes (not entire shows) in 30 days. Which means to complete the 30 in 30, you just need to watch one movie or one full episode each day. Easy. The movies they listed are just some ideas if you’re unsure what you want to watch.

  • Ram
  • Jen Weller

    What is the 30 day period to watch them in?

  • Mina

    I am such a huge huge disney fan and unfortunately I live in Australia ????? crying right now

  • Linda Hertzog Green

    I’m not understanding the question with what link im supposed to put for what social media is the strongest. The only social media I use is facebook.

    • Anthony Goodley

      Then you are not the person they are looking for.

    • Ellen Oskoian

      I know. I didn’t like that either.

  • Vanessa S

    I would like to know this too!

  • Stephanie

    I can’t seem to submit. After i click it i don’t see anything. How can i find the captcha

  • Frank DiSalle

    I am READY!

  • Joselyn Edger

    Wheres the application and how do i put a video on here?

  • Edward Himmelein

    How do I submit a video on here?

  • Sandra Lugo

    I just sent my application and hope I get picked!

  • Phyllis Henderson

    its easy to do a video on your computer or smartphone.i would like to be entered o take a vacation o disneyworld next summer . it would be dream come true.i would like t do something for my grandkids and daughters thank u pleaase for this opportunity. phyllisann Henderson

  • Lauren Whittaker

    I’m all ready and heck I can watch all 30 movies/shows in 2 days.

  • Nicolle Caputa

    This is so exciting! Giving it a shot! I’ve been a huge Disney fan my whole life and it’s part of who I am! Good luck!

  • Ольга Кайдас

    what a pity that I can not take part in the competition, because I live in Russia (in the conditions prescribed that the competition is held for residents of the United States). and so far I do not know so well the English language to watch these cartoons in the original. But I love Disney! and I wish good luck to all participants! These movies were and still are my favorite, and I will watch them anyway!

  • Kyra Laramie

    Can we use a avatar as the person on the screen. I have major self esteem issues and I don’t like my face. So can we use a drawing and a voice over as our review?

  • Kyra Laramie

    Can we use a avtare as the face on the screen? I have major self esteem issues and I don’t like my face. Can I use drawings and voice over for the video?

  • Elcoyote Solitaire

    No love for the Canada 🙁

  • Edward Himmelein

    This is my 6th message, and I haven’t received a reply back. How do i put a video on the application for the Disney+Dream Job?

  • Mikerz IXOYE

    Only going to select up to 5? Very sad.

  • mrsspj

    I hope you pick me and my Disney Loving son! We have so much fun watching the movies and singing the songs! We had to just do our video on our phone instead of our DSLR but we love Disney and watch it daily anywho!! HA HA! Looking forward to DisneyPlus!

  • Leschon Serrano

    Is the deadline time 11:59pm in PST or MST?

  • Leschon Serrano

    I just found out about this… does anyone know if the deadline is 11:59pm PST or MST?

  • Erin

    Was really excited to apply, but was dissapointed to find out Canadians arent included:((((((((((

  • Kitty Kester

    My husband and I took our kids to the Disney movies at the age where they were in the over shoulder Mommies pouch that I made dad wear. Our kids were quiet and loved Disney movies from months old and now they show their kids Disney movies. We sent them all our video collection of the classic disney movies. We had to take them cause we love them, I meant the movies…lol. We binge watched Mandalarian recently. How cool to get paid to watch the disney channel!

  • RKrasheD11

    this is a nice website and also an informative website. many many thanks for sharing this article