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Category: Trends

Best College Towns in Your State

You might be surprised to see who made the list, but we sought out towns with a low cost of living, abundant jobs, and easy transportation.

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The World’s Guiltiest Online Pleasures Revealed

We’re just taking a look at online guilty pleasures by country—and no, this list isn’t about adult content.

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The Most Influential LGBTQ+ Person from Your State

In honor of Pride Month, we compiled a list of influential LGBTQIA+ people in entertainment and politics born in each state across the US.

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The Most Popular True War Movies by State

Our military men and women come from every corner of our nation, and each state has a favorite true war movie. Do you agree with your state’s favorite?

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These States Are at High Risk for Black Friday Violence

Curious how likely Black Friday violence will be in your state? We crunched the numbers to help you decide if you should shop from home.

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The Winningest College Football Team by State

We dug into the stats and found each state’s team that wins the most games. Maybe they don’t all win in primetime on ESPN, but they win.

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The Most Popular Movie Scenes Filmed in Your State

You might be surprised at just how close you are to some of Hollywood’s best movie moments.

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Marvel vs. DC Movie Ratings Box Office Battle

We wanted to explore the quality of these blockbuster films — specifically, we were curious to see how critic ratings impacted performance.

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Your State’s Favorite Emoji in 2018

We wanted to explore our beloved emojis on a deeper level, so we set off to see what emoji each state has Googled the most.

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