4 Underrated Services for Amazon Prime Subscribers

I wish I'd known about these underrated Amazon Prime services sooner!

Chantel Buchi
Jul 10, 2023
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Most Amazon Prime members know about Prime shipping, Prime Video, Prime Day, and Kindle (ebook) services.

But did you know that Amazon offers around 200 additional services? Me neither.

Some are for unique and niche groups, like robot makers and computer developers, but I will highlight a few that almost everyone could benefit from—including me.

Four services to take advantage of on Amazon Prime today

1. What is One Medical?

One Medical and Amazon recently teamed up to give Prime members convenient 24/7 health care.

A One Medical membership is $145 for your first year and then $200 for each year after that. This membership pays for 24/7 virtual care through video chat or messaging and an app that allows you to order prescriptions through Amazon Pharmacy and book doctor appointments.

With One Medical, you can schedule a same-day or next-day physician appointment and choose whether it is remote or in-person.

When you book an appointment, though, you will still need to pay the co-pay and prescription bill—the membership doesn’t cover those parts. (Sigh.)

I’d say this service is most beneficial for those who have kids or for elderly folks. You could save money and time without visiting the doctor’s office when you can jump on a quick call with a doctor to find out if what you or your kid is experiencing is nothing to worry about.

2. What are Amazon’s Livestreams and Shoppable Videos?

When you visit Amazon on a browser, you’ll find a Livestreams tab at the top. With the app, search “Amazon Live.” This is where you’ll find loads of “shoppable videos.”

These videos are made by influencers and range from topics like “Today’s Best Deals,” “Spring Outfits,” “Our Favorite Sleep Products,” and “20-Minute Cardio.”

Amazon Live might be a shopper’s dream to discover new products, and it can be useful to stumble upon products you never knew you needed. Either way, some videos offer a discount code you can use toward your purchase of the items they’re highlighting.

As a Prime member, you can follow your favorite influencers and save videos for later.

3. Connect your Amazon account with Alexa

You might already have an Alexa in your home, but did you know she can be your personal assistant?

Alexa also makes it easier for you to order products through your Amazon Prime account. So if you barely ran out of diapers, house cleaners, or aftershave, Alexa can easily add it to your cart while your hands are full.

Just say, “Alexa, order rice from Prime Now,” Alexa will add it to your cart, and you can open your cart whenever it’s convenient for you to click “Buy Now.”

Ok, one more cool thing Alexa can do for its Prime members: Alexa can order ingredients for a specific recipe for you.

And if you’re trying to clear out your fridge, you can even ask Alexa to “find a recipe with garlic and chicken.”

If you don’t have an Alexa device, I can guarantee you’ll like how she can tell you the weather, which day Easter is this year, and what happened in the Cubs game last night.

Our home security expert, Brianne Sandorf, recommends the Amazon Echo Dot and the Echo Show 10.

4. What is Prime Wardrobe?

You might have seen TikTok or Instagram influencers do it, but you can too. I’m talking about Prime Wardrobe.

Let’s say you have a Spring wedding to attend, but you’re unsure if light pink, blue, or green is the right color for you. This is where this service can step in. And speaking of steps …

Prime Wardrobe has three easy steps:

  1. Choose up to six clothing pieces or accessories
  2. Only pay for what you like
  3. Send back what you don’t like at no extra cost

You can choose from women's, men's, kids, and baby's clothing. If you’re more into jewelry, shoes, or hats, you can add those to your pack too!

Your options are not limited, so you can order from brands like UGG, Under Armour, Calvin Klein, Clarks, FOSSIL, Adidas, and Levi’s.

Once you receive your six items, you can try them out for seven days. And if the dress is longer than you thought or your toddler’s feet grew during the 2-day Prime shipping period, you can return them for free.


Thanks to social media and news outlets, most Amazon subscribers know of most of the services Prime offers.

But I believe these three Amazon services should be on your radar:

  • One Medical provides you with 24/7 care, schedules a same-day or next-day physician appointment, and an easy way to order prescriptions.
  • Livestreams or Amazon Live is where you can find fun videos, such as “My Favorite New Tech,” “My Home Workout Essentials,” and “Spring and Summer Basics.”
  • Alexa makes it easy to put items in your Amazon cart while your hands are full and before you forget. Say, “Alexa, order toothpaste,” and she does the hard work.
  • Prime Wardrobe lets you try on six clothing pieces or accessories at no charge for seven days. If you don’t like one of the ties and your spouse has four yellow shirts already, you can send them back for free and only get charged for the items you kept.

Frequently asked questions

Does Amazon Prime have a student discount?
Yes. If you’re a student, you better take advantage of the Amazon Prime Student discount! You can get a free membership for your first six months, and then you’ll only have to pay $8 per month instead of the usual $15.
How much storage does Amazon Photos have?

Amazon Photos offers 5 GB of storage for free — the same as the included iCloud storage you get before you upgrade.

You can upgrade to 100 GB with Amazon Photos, but it’s $2 per month. If you have an iPhone, you can order 200 GB for $3 or 2 TB (equal to 2,000 GB) for $10 per month.

Is Amazon Music free?

Amazon Music features over 100 million songs and is free for Prime members.

When you create your account, the app will ask you to choose your favorite artists and curate playlists for you to listen to on the spot.

How can I start streaming with Amazon Music?

Amazon Music has its own app, so you'll have to download it through the Apple Store or Google Play.

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