Top 3 Smartphone Apps for Canceling Your Unused Subscriptions

Chantel Buchi
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April 08, 2022
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There are so many dang monthly and yearly subscriptions to keep track of from Netflix and Spotify to Blue Apron and your favorite smartphone game. And it adds up.

So what is the shame in downloading one more app that helps you account for your multiple subscriptions, eliminate what you don't want, and prioritize your budget?

If your goal is to take control of your financial life, there are three apps that can help you cancel unused subscriptions: Truebill, Bobby, and Subby.

Let’s get into the details of these helpful apps.

1. Truebill by Rocket Mortgage

Truebill made the top spot because it brings all of your subscriptions together in a single list, and you can cancel any unwanted subscription easily with a click of a button.

Not only does Truebill help you see all of your subscriptions in one place, but it can also help with general budgeting by keeping track of how much money you bring in, your spending, and your savings. (You’ll just have to upgrade to Premium for $3–$12 per month or $36–$48 per year.)

So, yes, this subscription helps get rid of your other subscriptions (that are unnecessary, of course), but users have said Truebill opened up over $100 in unused recurring subscriptions.

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2. Bobby

Only available for iPhones, Bobby keeps track of your subscriptions, organizes them by categories, and notifies you when a bill is due.

If you love organization, you’ll like how Bobby lets you divide your subscriptions into categories like Work, Fun, Health, Educational, etc. We know we’ve taken advantage of the Streaming category for adding services like Disney+, Peacock, and Apple TV+.

And we don’t mind how a little squirrel reading a paper icon pops up when you get notified by Bobby.

If you want to manage more than five subscriptions, you’ll have to pay $2 only once to unlock this feature. And we’re just going to guess you’re like us and might need to pay that $2.

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3. Subby

Subby is similar to Bobby but for Android smartphones. Subby helps you keep track of your subscriptions and reminds you when a payment is due.

But, unlike Bobby, this app lets you add an unlimited number of subscriptions to your profile for free. You can keep track of 6 or 30 subscriptions (hopefully you don’t have that many, or maybe you do and that’s why you’re here).

Another feature that both Subby and Bobby have is that it gives you a breakdown of how much you spend on subscriptions monthly and yearly.

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Are you spending more or less than the average American on subscriptions?

On average, Americans have 4–5 streaming subscriptions and spend $48 a month.

We don’t know about you, but we know it’s hard to live without Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video. What else are we supposed to do on a Friday night in?

Which is the best app for canceling your unused subscriptions?

We wanted to highlight apps that get the job done (a.k.a. eliminate subscriptions).   So we didn’t include apps that mainly keep track of your expenses, such as Marcus Insights or Mint. Here are the best apps for canceling all of those unused subscriptions:

  1. Truebill by Rocket Mortgage cancels unwanted subscriptions with a click of a button, and it also gives you the option to keep track of how much money you bring in, your spending, and your savings. (Available on the App Store and Google Play.)
  2. Bobby keeps track of your subscriptions, neatly organizes them by categories, and notifies you when a bill is due. (Only available on the App Store.)
  3. Subby helps you monitor your subscriptions, reminds you when a payment is due, and lets you add as many subscriptions to your account at no extra cost. (Only available on Google Play.)
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