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Boost Infinite
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Tyler Abbott
Nov 12, 2023
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Not to be confused with Boost Mobile, Boost Infinite is a separate, standalone service that offers unlimited cell phone plans. As you might’ve guessed, Boost Infinite and Boost Mobile are owned by the same parent company (DISH), and customers can expect a pretty similar experience from either service.

The main thing that sets Boost Infinite apart from Boost Mobile is that you pay your bill at the end of the month instead of at the beginning, and you get a price-lock guarantee for life.

Boost Infinite unlimited plans

Price-locked for life

Boost Infinite offers three unlimited plans:

Each plan has the same basic unlimited talk, text, and data—but the more expensive plans give you some pretty sweet perks. Here’s our breakdown of each plan:

Boost Infinite Unlimited: You get unlimited talk, text, and data with 5G coverage on either AT&T or T-Mobile’s networks (depending upon your location). There’s 30GB high-speed data cap, and once you pass that amount, your wireless speeds slow down dramatically until the next billing cycle.

Boost Infinite Unlimited+: This is the same basic service as the base plan, but you also get access to Boost Wireless’ own 5G network on top of AT&T and T-Mobile. Users should experience faster speeds on Boost’s network, but as always, it all depends on your location.

Your unlimited plan also works in Canada and Mexico, plus you can talk and text to over 200 other countries. Last but not least, you can trade-in your old device to get a free iPhone 15 from Boost with this plan.

Infinite Access for iPhone: It’s everything included in the first two plans, plus you can upgrade to the newest iPhone every year with no trade-in required. As long as you keep your same Boost Infinite plan and make payments on time, you can trade-in your old phone for the newest iPhone every single year. Most cell phone carriers require you to keep a phone for at least two years before upgrading, so yearly upgrades are a pretty unique perk from Boost Infinite.

No matter what plan you choose from Boost Infinite, your price gets locked in forever. As long as you keep your line active and make your payments, you can have unlimited data for $25 a month for the rest of your days.

Are there any Boost Infinite family plans?

You can bundle up to five lines together under a single account, but you won’t get any discounts by doing so. If you’ve ever read anything from before, you’ll know that we’re wild about family plans, so it’s a bummer to not see any discounts from Boost. Then again, the price for plans from Boost Infinite is already so low, it’s almost like you already got a family plan discount.

Do I get any hotspot data with Boost Infinite?

None of the Boost Infinite plans come with built-in hotspot data unfortunately—you’ll need to pay an extra $10 a month for the privilege. And even when you do pay for hotspot data, you’ll need to draw from your 30 GB data bucket to power it—you don’t get designated hotspot data separate from your monthly data cap. If you burn through all your data connecting to your phone’s hotspot, you’ll get slower speeds for the rest of the billing cycle.

How does Boost Infinite pricing compare with other carriers?

Currently, the only carrier that beats Boost Infinite in terms of pricing is Mint Mint Mobile:

Mint Mobile has a limited-time deal that gets you an unlimited plan for $15 a month, but Boost Infinite still holds up extremely well against the competition. Who knows? Maybe Boost Infinite will price match Mint Mobile’s deal, and if that happens, we’ll for sure let you know on this page.

But the one thing that Boost Infinite has that none of these other carriers have is postpaid payments. Almost every small carrier is a prepaid carrier, and Boost Infinite bucks that trend. Rather than having to pay in advance for your cell service, you can pay at the end of a billing cycle.

Boost Infinite coverage and performance

Access to multiple wireless networks

Boost Infinite gives you access to T-Mobile and AT&T networks, and if you pay for the Unlimited+ or Infinite Access for iPhone plans, you can hop on Boost Mobile’s network as well. There aren’t many carriers that can hook you up with three different wireless networks, so your chance of finding reliable coverage is way higher with Boost Infinite.

Depending where you live, you’ll automatically connect to the network with the best coverage. Check out the coverage map below to get an idea of what network you’ll most likely end up using:

If you go with the base unlimited plan for $25 a month, you’ll either connect to AT&T or T-Mobile’s networks, but you might experience some performance issues and data throttling.

Performance and data throttling

Whether it's Mint Mobile, Visible, or Boost Infinite, every smaller carrier is technically renting space from a larger wireless network. On the $25 unlimited plan from Boost Infinite, you’ll get access to either T-Mobile or AT&T’s networks, which are great networks on their own. But as a Boost customer, rather than a T-Mobile or AT&T customer directly, you may find your data speeds slowing down significantly when the network gets congested.

During peak usage periods (like in the early evenings), or when tons of people access the network at the same time, Boost Infinite users can get their data speeds deprioritized. Whoever owns the network (AT&T or T-Mobile) will always give priority to their own customers over Boost customers.

You hopefully won’t experience much data throttling, but if you live in a crowded city, your data speeds might randomly screech to a halt from time to time. But if you decide to go with one of the two higher-tier Boost Infinite plans, you can avoid these slowdowns altogether.

Boost Infinite’s proprietary network

One very unique thing that Boost Infinite brings to the table is its own wireless network. DISH, which owns Boost, has quietly built its own 5G network that already covers the majority of the United States. It’s safe to assume that Boost will eventually ditch the T-Mobile and AT&T networks and migrate customers to the Boost network. For now, however, the $25 unlimited plan won’t get you on Boost’s network, so you might get your data speeds deprioritized.

For those of you who don’t want to deal with data throttling, paying for the Unlimited+ or Infinite Access for iPhone plans will get you on Boost’s network, where you shouldn’t experience any sudden slowdowns.

Boost Infinite phones

BYOP or get a new phone from Boost

Boost Infinite customers can either port over their old phones (and port over their old phone numbers too) or get a new phone from Boost. Porting over your old phone is as simple as setting up an account online and ordering a new SIM card to insert into your smartphone.

If you want to get a new phone, Boost Infinite allows you to bundle your phone payments with your plan payments, but you won’t get much of a deal on a new phone. The best way to get a new phone (like the iPhone 15) from Boost Infinite is to sign up for the $60 Infinite Access for iPhone plan. You get a new iPhone 15 right off the bat without having to trade in your old device, which is really surprising because every other carrier requires  a trade-in to get this good of a deal. Going forward, you can trade-in your phone to get the newest iPhone every year without changing your monthly bill. As someone who geeks out about the newest phones, I might seriously ditch my AT&T family plan and hop on Boost Infinite.

Recap: Boost Infinite has a lot to offer

Compared to other small cell phone carriers, Boost Infinite has a lot going for it. The base unlimited plan for $25 a month is extremely affordable, and the 30GB high-speed data cap should be plenty for most people. It’s certainly nice knowing that Boost Infinite guarantees the same price for as long as you keep the plan active.

Where Boost Infinite gets really interesting is with its Unlimited+ and Infinite Access for iPhone plans. Both plans give you access to Boost’s own wireless network (which means your data speeds won’t randomly get throttled by the network) and with the Infinite Access plan, you can get an iPhone 15 for free and get the newest iPhone every year going forward.

To put it simply,  Boost Infinite offers much more than the average small cell phone carrier, and it even surpasses major carriers with its pricing and new phone perks.


Here’s a quick rundown of how we approach our review of Boost Infinite:

Cell phone plan value review

  • Data collection: We researched all of Boost Infinite's cell phone plans, pricing structures, and perks. We use Boost Infinite’s official website information and marketing materials for up-to-date info on pricing and promotions.
  • Comparative analysis: We compared Boost Infinite’s plans to similar offerings from other carriers, taking into consideration pricing, data caps, network coverage, and any supplementary perks (like new iPhones).
  • User feedback: We read user reviews and feedback from current Boost Infinite customers across social media platforms, such as Reddit.

Wireless coverage appraisal

  • Network research: We researched the wireless networks utilized by Boost Infinite—in this case, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Boost’s own proprietary network. We examined coverage maps and third-party network performance assessments to get an idea of overall network reliability.
  • Testing procedures: Whenever possible, we test the services for firsthand experiences.

Smartphone selection analysis

  • Smartphone offerings: We explored the range of smartphones and devices offered by Boost Infinite, taking into account the diversity of available models, including the availability of the latest smartphone releases and any unique or cost-effective options.
  • Compatibility and flexibility: We considered the compatibility of Boost Infinite's plans with a wide array of smartphones and BYOP compatibility as well.

Synthesis of findings

  • Data synthesis: The data and insights accumulated from the outlined steps were compiled and structured to establish a comprehensive overview of Boost Infinite's cell phone plans and overall value.
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Tyler Abbott
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