Best Phone Carrier for the iPhone 2022

Best Value Plan + iPhone
Mint Mobile
Mint Mobile 15 GB Plan
4 out of 5 stars
With phone:
  • pro
    iPhone 12 (64 GB) and 15 GB of data
Best Unlimited + iPhone
Visible $40 Unlimited Plan
4 out of 5 stars
With phone:
  • pro
    iPhone 12 (64GB) and unlimited data
Best Coverage
Verizon Authorized Dealer
Verizon Start Unlimited Plan
4.5 out of 5 stars
With phone:
  • pro
    iPhone 12 (64GB) with unlimited data
Easton Smith
Jan 12, 2022
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Pretty much every carrier you can think of is compatible with the latest iPhones. In fact, name some wireless provider you know, and I'll bet you exactly zero dollars that it supports the iPhone. Go ahead. Did you guess Mint Mobile, Visible, and Verizon? Good job because those are four of the best carriers for an iPhone.

We looked at iPhone 11 (128 GB) phone plans from every provider to gauge the best phone carriers for the iPhone. But even if you're still rocking the iPhone 8 and want to carry it over to a new cell phone plan, these carriers still offer the most bang for your buck. Here's what the research showed for best iPhone providers:

What phone deals are going on right now?

New phone deals are dropping all the time, and you can check out our deals page that we update every week.

The best cell phone plans for iPhone
Learn more
Mint Mobile

15 GB Plan


15 GB of data

Visible Wireless$40 Unlimited Plan $65.00/mo.* Unlimited
Verizon Wireless

Start Unlimited Plan



*For unlimited talk, unlimited text, monthly data allotment, and 24-month payment plan for iPhone 12 (64 GB).

Mint Mobile: Best value plan + phone combination

A brand new iPhone 12 and 15 GB of data for $59.54/mo.
  • Affordable plan that includes phone and data
  • Non-unlimited data plan

What we like

We compared every major cell phone provider and somehow, the underdog Mint Mobile managed to come out on top as the best value carrier for the iPhone. Mint Mobile is an up-and-coming mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that uses T-Mobile's network and just so happens to offer an awesome deal that gets you a brand new iPhone 12 (64 GB) and 16 GB of data every month for just under $60 a month. You'll have the phone paid off after two years of service.

To put that into perspective, the next best carrier is Ultra Mobile, which costs $62.54 a month and only gives you 6 GB of data every month. So in summary, Mint Mobile gives you more data for a cheaper price compared to the competition along with a brand new iPhone 12. Good job, Ryan Reynolds! (He owns Mint Mobile, randomly).

You can always get a cheaper iPhone and lower your monthly bill
Light Bulb

Generally speaking, the cheaper the phone you get, the less it will cost you every month to pay it off. For example, if you wanted the same Mint Mobile data plan with the new iPhone SE, your monthly payment would go down to $41.62.

What we don’t like

The 15 GB plan only makes sense for folks who won't regularly drain data. So if you're reading this article using your cellular data on your iPhone and you plan on streaming a YouTube video afterwards, you might have a hard time committing to 15 GB a month. You're not alone, friend.

You can always upgrade your plan to the Unlimited Data Plan with Mint Mobile if you're willing to pay an extra $5 a month.

Visible Wireless: Best unlimited+phone combination

A new iPhone 12 (64 GB) with unlimited data for $65/mo.
  • Unlimited data
  • Operates on Verizon's network
  • Deprioritization

What we like

Your absolute best value option for an unlimited data plan that also nets you a brand new iPhone is Visible Wireless. Visible is kind of like the secret menu at In-N-Out--it's one of the best things you can order and nobody really knows about it. Like Mint Mobile, Visible is an MVNO, except it just so happens to operate on Verizon's best-in-class coverage.

All in all, you can get unlimited data, a brand new iPhone 12, get access to Verizon's awesome network, and it will all cost you $65 a month. Remember, you can always lower your bill by opting for a cheaper iPhone. For example, if you wanted to go with the newest version of the iPhone SE instead of the iPhone 12, you would bring your monthly bill down to $56 a month.

What we don’t like

The catch with MVNO cell phone providers is a little thing called deprioritization. Verizon's network will give priority to its own customers in terms of its signal coverage. Usually, there's plenty of coverage to go around for everybody, both Verizon users and Visible users alike, but if you're in a really crowded area (a theme park, the mall, a baseball game, etc.), you may notice a sudden drop in your bars. That can happen because Verizon users in the area suck up most of the 4G or 5G juice, and you're left with the scraps.

Verizon: Best network for iPhones

Verizon has the most reliable network coverage for iPhones
  • Most reliable network in the country
  • Pricier

What we like

If your top priority with your new iPhone is to get the best coverage money can buy, then Verizon is your carrier of choice. As it stands right now, these are the rankings for best wireless coverage in the country.1

  • Verizon: 70% 4G cell phone coverage
  • AT&T: 68% 4G cell phone coverage
  • T-Mobile: 62% 4G cell phone coverage

Verizon takes first place amongst the networks, especially standing out when it comes to offering rural coverage. Check out the Verizon coverage map below to get an idea of how wide a net Verizon's network covers.

What we don't like

Sadly, all that awesome coverage comes at a literal price. While Verizon has the best network, it also generally has the most expensive prices. The Start Unlimited plan, for example, costs $96.66 a month for unlimited data and a new iPhone 12. Our old friends Visible Wireless offer the same package for $56 a month. The only difference is that your Verizon iPhone's speeds and coverage won't get throttled and deprioritized.

You can always bring your monthly bill down considerably by going with a less robust iPhone model. If you chose the iPhone SE (128 GB) instead of the iPhone 12 (64 GB), your Verizon bill drops by about $13 a month.

Recap: What are the best carriers for iPhone?

Basically every wireless carrier supports the iPhone, but very few carriers will actually give you a good deal. The providers we highlight here will give you value whether you go with a brand new iPhone 11, or you go with an older iPhone mode.

What are the best cell phone plana for the iPhone?

  • Mint Mobile 15 GB Plan: Best value plan + phone. The best bang for your buck you can get for a new iPhone and a decent data plan is with Mint Mobile. You can get a brand new iPhone 12 and 16 GB of data for a little under $60 a month.
  • Visible Wireless $40 Unlimited Plan: Best unlimited plan + phone. If you want unlimited data for your iPhone, your best overall option is the Visible Unlimited Plan. It's one of the cheapest unlimited plans available that also offers strong coverage.
  • Verizon Wireless Simply Unlimited Plan: Best network and coverage. Verizon offers the best network for iPhones. It covers 70% of the country with 4G coverage and is your best bet to get bars on your iPhone in rural areas

As it stands in 2022, Mint Mobile, Visible Wireless, and Verizon are your best carriers for iPhone. Let us know what option you ended up going with and how your experience has gone in the comments below.

Your iPhone depends on a reliable internet connection

If your wireless cell phone coverage feels spotty at home, improving your Wi-Fi will make a world of difference. This is especially true if you have multiple cell phone users under the same roof. Check out our top internet recommendations for a reliable Wi-Fi connection while you're using your iPhone at home.

5 best home internet options
Monthly price
Download speeds
Data cap
Learn more
Xfinity Internet$19.99-$70*75-1200 Mbps1200 Mbps
Verizon Fios Home Internet$49.99-$119.99300-2300 MbpsUnlimited
AT&T Fiber$55-$250300-5000 MbpsUnlimited
CenturyLink Internet$50-$65^100-940 MbpsUnlimited
Viasat Internet$69.99-$299.99°12-100 MbpsUnlimited
Data as of 04/05/2023. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
* Pricing for some packages are for the first 12 months. Some packages require a 1- or 2-year contract.
Price per month with Auto Pay & without select 5G mobile plans. Fios plan prices include taxes & fees
Price after $5/mo Autopay & Paperless bill discount (w/in 2 bills). Plus taxes $ fees. Limited availability. May not be available in your area.
^ Speed may not be available in your area. Paperless billing or prepay required. Additional taxes, fees, and surcharges apply.
° Offer available to new qualifying customers. One-time standard installation fee may be due at checkout. Minimum 24-month service term required. Equipment lease fee is $12.99/mo. Taxes apply. Service is not available in all areas. Offer may be changed or withdrawn at any time.
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