Best Cell Phone Plans under $60

The best cell phone plans at $60 a month or less
  • Best Value

    $40 Unlimited Plan

    Unlimited data for $40/mo.
  • Best Data Plan

    Essentials Plan

    Most high-speed data
    Pricier at $60/mo.
  • Best Budget Plan

    Unlimited Talk, Text and Fast Data

    Cheapest unlimited data
  • Best Family Plan

    The People's Choice Plan

    Family plan for $55/mo.

You can get your cell phone bill down to $60 a month or less and still get all the cool things you want, like unlimited data, unlimited talk, and unlimited text. You can’t quite get unlimited data for an entire family of three for less than $60, but you can get pretty close.

Okay, let’s figure out how we can get your monthly cell bill down to, at most, $60 a month.

Best cell phone plans under $60
ProviderBest forOur plan pickLearn more
Visible WirelessValue$40 Unlimited PlanView Plans
T-MobileData planEssentials PlanView Plans
US MobileBudget planUnlimited Talk, Text and Fast DataView Plan
Reach MobileFamily planThe People's Choice PlanView Plans

Visible: Best value

Unlimited data for $40 a month on Verizon’s network


  • Unlimited data for $40/mo.
  • Uses the Verizon network


  • Deprioritization

What we like

Visible Wireless serves up amazing value for $40 a month. How about we get you $20 under your $60 budget, and you go use that money you saved to buy yourself some lunch? I’ll go buy lunch right now in honor of you.

Unlimited data for $40 a month

Visible Wireless offers only one plan, and it’s the $40 Unlimited Plan. You don’t have to stress yourself out about whether or not you should get unlimited data—it’s your only option. Oh, and of course you get unlimited talk and unlimited text as well. You can basically do anything on your phone without worrying about going over your limits.

What’s wild about Visible Wireless is that it doesn’t have any data caps either. If there’s high-speed data available where you are, you can use as much of it as you want. There’s nothing holding you back from streaming YouTube or live NBA games while waiting at the always-super-long drive-through at Chick-Fil-A. (I think we just broke the record for most hyphens in a sentence too.)

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Do I get unlimited hotspot data too?
You do get unlimited hotspot data, but the catch is that your data speeds cap at 5 Mbps, and you can only tether to one device at a time. You won’t have blazing fast hotspot data, but enough to send out some emails and access your calendar.

Uses the Verizon network

Visible Wireless is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which means it uses a network from a bigger carrier to provide cell service. In this case, Visible Wireless and Verizon are buddies and share the same network. Fortunately Verizon happens to have the best network in the country, covering 70% of the country.1 Your coverage will especially feel more reliable than usual in rural areas of the country compared to other wireless carriers. Verizon’s network is your best bet to make a call while camping or hiking.

Check out the coverage map below to see what kind of network to expect while using Visible Wireless.

Visible Wireless/Verizon coverage map

What we don’t like

Visible Wireless users can be deprioritized in favor of Verizon users. Visible Wireless and Verizon might be buddies, but that doesn’t mean that Verizon always plays fair.


Because Visible Wireless is an MVNO, its data speeds can be deprioritized on the Verizon network. When you’re out and about, there’s a chance that your signal will drop out of the blue when you enter a more crowded area.

Imagine you (a Visible Wireless user) go to finally see Hamilton with your friend (a Verizon user). Your friend’s Verizon phone runs out of battery half-way through the show and now it’s up to you to call an Uber to get home. But your Visible Wireless phone becomes deprioritized because of the big crowd, and it can’t get a signal strong enough to open the Uber app. Next thing you know, you’re walking several blocks down the street looking for some signal bars.

Deprioritization should only be an issue when you’re in a big crowd, but it’s certainly annoying when it pops up.

Alternative value picks under $60

Here are some other unlimited plans well under your $60 budget worth your consideration.

T-Mobile: Best data plan under $60/mo.

The best price for 50 GB of high-speed data


  • High data cap
  • Reliable network


  • More expensive

What we like

It may be right at the ceiling of our budget, but T-Mobile’s Essentials plan offers up the most high-speed data you can find for that price point.

High data cap

T-Mobile still straps you down with a data cap, but 50 GB of high-speed data is pretty generous. Most basic unlimited plans will either have a low data cap or just deprioritize your data in crowded areas.

Seriously, you’ll probably have to challenge yourself to use more than 50 GB of data in a given month. You could binge-watch all three seasons of Stranger Things (roughly 21 hours) purely off your wireless data, and you wouldn’t even reach the halfway point to your data cap.

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Rule of thumb
If you’re curious about how much data you use, remember that every hour of HD-quality streaming takes up about 1 GB of data. So with the T-Mobile Essentials plan, you can stream for about 50 hours every month.

T-Mobile also has some of the faster data speeds in the country as well. Here’s how the download data speeds breakdown across the four major wireless providers.

Download Speeds Graph

Source: Opensignal

On average, T-Mobile users say they get a 25.8 Mbps download speed.2 With data speeds that fast, you should have no problem streaming YouTube, playing online games, or scrolling through Instagram.
Reliable coverage

T-Mobile covers around 59% of the country.1 It doesn’t quite hold a candle to Verizon’s coverage, but T-Mobile has the second best coverage in the country. The main difference between T-Mobile’s and Verizon’s networks is rural coverage. So, if you live in a city or the suburbs, chances are you’ll have very reliable coverage with T-Mobile’s network.

Check out the coverage map below to make sure that T-Mobile covers your town.

T-Mobile coverage map

What we don’t like

To get on a T-Mobile unlimited plan, you’ll need to max out your $60 a month budget.

More expensive

All those perks (50 GB data cap, fast data speeds, other cool perks) come at a price, and in this case, it’s $60 a month. You’ll need to decide if this T-Mobile plan is worth stretching your budget to its maximum. Overall, the Essentials plan offers a lot of value, but it’ll cost you a pretty penny to get on the network.

Alternative high-speed data plans

Here are some other unlimited data plans with high data caps and no deprioritization. Except for the T-Mobile prepaid plan, none can quite keep up with a 50 GB data cap. Still, you can save a few bucks every month if you accept a lower data cap with one of these unlimited providers.

US Mobile: Best budget plan

The cheapest unlimited data available right now


  • $37 for unlimited data


  • Deprioritization

What we like

US Mobile undercuts the competition and offers the cheapest unlimited plan right now.

$37 a month

You can’t find a cheaper unlimited plan than US Mobile’s Unlimited Talk, Text and Fast Data plan right now. At $37 a month, US Mobile shoots to the top of our rankings for the cheapest unlimited plan available. It’s only a difference of a few dollars between the top budget unlimited plans, but even a few dollars makes a difference when it comes to paying for something monthly.

Check out the rankings for the cheapest unlimited providers right now. You know that those other providers behind US Mobile are hungry for the title and will hopefully drop its prices even more eventually. Stay tuned.

What we don’t like

US Mobile may be subject to deprioritization more than your typical MVNO provider.


By definition, MVNOs can be deprioritized in favor of customers on who are on the main provider’s network. For example, Verizon will give its best coverage to its own customers. But what happens if when you have two MVNOs, like Visible Wireless and US Mobile? In this case, Visible Wireless is owned by Verizon, so in terms of the deprioritization food chain, Visible Wireless would beat out US Mobile. US Mobile isn’t owned by a major network, so it can be deprioritized even more than your typical MVNO.

Reach Mobile: Best family plan under $60

Keep your family of three under $60 a month..


  • Three lines under $60 a month
  • Works on the Verizon network


  • Deprioritization

What we like

Reach Mobile is an MVNO that offers affordable family plans and also doubles as a charity organization.

Three lines under $60 a month

You can keep a family of three under $60 a month and still have a nice pool of data to share with Reach Mobile. Most family plans would have you paying at least $25 a line for 10 GB of data along with the unlimited talk and unlimited text, but Reach Mobile trims it down to a tidy $20 per line.

For a family of three, 10 GB should be enough to get you through the month. Of course, if one of the three of you happen to be a teenager, then all bets are off. You won’t have so much data that you can stream everything to your heart’s content and spend every waking moment on FaceTime, but you will certainly have enough data to check your email, refresh Instagram, and use your GPS app throughout the month.

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Your Reach Mobile plan donates to charity
Reach Mobile uses a part of its profits to give free wireless to people in need. The whole philosophy is to “reach” across the digital divide and help underprivileged people have access to the internet to find jobs, connect with loved ones, and seek out other opportunities.

Works on the Verizon network

Reach Mobile is an MVNO that works on Verizon’s super reliable network. Verizon covers about 70% of the country with 4G coverage, making it far and away the best network.1 As a Reach Mobile user, you’ll have access to that network throughout the entire country. This is especially good news if you live in a more rural area or you enjoy camping and outdoorsy stuff—Verizon hooks you up with reliable coverage even in more remote locations.

Let’s play a game. Think of the strangest place you’ve been (in the country) and see if Verizon has coverage there on the map below. I never said it would be a fun game.

Verizon/Reach Mobile coverage map

What we don’t like

Even though Reach Mobile operates on the best network, there’s still a chance your signal can drop due to deprioritization.


All MVNOs are subject to deprioritization, and Reach Mobile is no exception. You may find that your signal drops out of the blue in more congested areas with tons of people around. Verizon only has so much high-speed data to go around, and Reach Mobile users will get second dibs.

Alternative family plans under $60

You can make your family cell phone bill even lower with one of these alternative carriers. The tradeoff is you won’t have as much data to go around, but maybe that won’t be a big problem for you and your off-the-grid kinda family. Who needs data when you can just play Jenga as a family?

Recap: What are the best cell phone plans under $60?

You can find tons of cell phone plans under $60, but we’ve narrowed down what we think are the best four plans.

  • Best value plan: Visible Wireless gives you the most value out of any plan under $60 a month. You get unlimited data on Verizon’s network for $40 a month.
  • Best data plan: You get the most high-speed data under $60 with the T-Mobile Essentials Plan. You can use 50 GB of high-speed data before things start to slow down.
  • Best budget plan: US Mobile offers the cheapest unlimited plan right now. You can cut your budget in half and still get unlimited data with US Mobile.
  • Best family plan: The People’s Choice Plan from Reach Mobile gets a family of three under $60 a month for your cell phone bill, and gives you 10 GB to share every month.

There you have it, the best cell phone plans under $60 a month. What cell phone plan under $60 caught your eye? Let us know in the comments below.