How to Self-Install Spectrum Home Internet

Simple steps for Spectrum Internet and Spectrum TV installation in your home

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May 11, 2022
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Setting up Spectrum Wi-Fi, internet or TV service is easy, whether you’re a total DIY novice or a home-improvement wizard. Just follow the simple steps in this guide and you’ll be ready to browse, game, binge, and stream in a matter of minutes.

How to self-install Spectrum internet

You should have received the installation equipment you’ll need from Spectrum:

  • Modem
  • Two coaxial cables
  • Ethernet cable
  • Coaxial cable splitter
  • Instructions

Once you have this equipment handy, follow these three simple steps to self install your Spectrum internet.

Connect your modem

Choose the coaxial cable that’s the best length for reaching your modem location. Connect one end of the cable to the cable outlet and the other to your Spectrum modem. Plug the modem into the power outlet using the provided cord. Wait for the online status light on the modem to turn a solid blue.

If you’ve signed up for a Spectrum TV/Internet bundle, then you’ll need to use the coaxial cable splitter to connect to both the modem and cable box.

Set up Ethernet cable

Connect one end of the provided Ethernet cable to the modem and the other end to your computer or other device. If you’re setting up a Wi-Fi network with a Spectrum router, then connect the ethernet cable to the router instead.

Activate your Spectrum modem

Go to on your smartphone (or other internet-enabled device). Click on Get Started. You’ll need to sign in to your Spectrum account. Just follow the instructions on this site to activate your service.

Once you’ve activated your Spectrum internet service, you can create a username and password to manage your equipment and service.

Think you might need a better modem?
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Spectrum should have provided you with a perfectly good modem, but if you think you need something fancier for work, gaming, or just general use, then check out our line up of the best Spectrum modems.

How to self install Spectrum TV

You should have received a kit from Spectrum with the following equipment:

  • Spectrum cable box (also called a receiver)
  • Power cord,
  • Two coaxial cables
  • HDMI cable
  • Remote with two batteries
  • Coaxial cable splitter
  • Instructions

With this equipment handy, just follow these three steps to self install your Spectrum TV service.

Connect your Spectrum cable box

Screw one end of the provided coaxial cable to the outlet on your wall. Connect the other side to your Spectrum cable box (also called a receiver). Plug in the cable box using the power cord. If you’ve signed up for a Spectrum internet/TV bundle, then you may need to use the coaxial cable splitter to connect both your modem and receiver to the wall.

Connect your TV to your cable box using the HDMI cord. Put the provided batteries into your remote control.

Turn on the Spectrum cable box

Press the power button on your Spectrum remote to turn on the receiver or cable box.

Press the input or source button on your television or television remote to find the correct input. It should be one of the HDMIs.

Go online to activate your service

Visit on your smartphone or other internet-connected device.

Click on Get Started and then follow the directions to activate your Spectrum TV service.

When to seek professional installation for your Spectrum internet or TV service

Most customers should be able to install their cable or internet without any issues. But there are some cases when you might want to reach out to Charter Spectrum for professional installation.

When to seek professional installation:

  • If the cable outlet in your wall is damaged or missing
  • If you don’t feel comfortable following the self-installation instructions
  • If you’ve tried self-installation and your service still isn’t working
  • If you’re trying to set up multiple devices in a large home or small business

You can learn more about Spectrum’s professional installation service on the company’s website.

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