Frontpoint vs. Scout Alarm Review

Frontpoint and Scout are both solid DIY security systems, but Frontpoint has better cameras and customer service.

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Mindy Woodall
Aug 31, 2022
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Frontpoint and Scout are both DIY home security systems. For both systems, you get all the devices you order in a box and you set up everything yourself. You don’t have to be a tech wiz, either—if you can peel off the adhesive backing and stick up your own door and window sensors, then you have just about all the manual skills you need.

That said, Frontpoint brings a little more to the DIY table than Scout does. Scout keeps its system simple, with standard sensors and cameras. (Think motion detectors and a little indoor cam.) Frontpoint is more customizable and its cameras could beat Scout’s in any showdown.

Frontpoint and Scout Alarm comparison
Monitoring price range$39.99–$59.99/mo.$9.99–$19.99/mo.
Installation typeDIYDIY
Contract lengthNoneNone
Smart home integrationsZ-Wave, Amazon Alexa, Google AssistantZ-Wave, Zigbee, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Starter kit price$129.00$229.00
Mobile app controlYesYes
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Data as of 12/08/2022. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

What we like about Frontpoint

Frontpoint security equipment and yard sign

Frontpoint is customer friendly. It’s like the barista at your local coffee shop who always remembers your order. Its customer support people are just nice. That’s why Frontpoint gets all the accolades and high ratings for its customer service, both from us and other people.1,2

We also like that Frontpoint lets you choose super simple equipment (like an analog keypad) and more high-tech stuff (like a touchscreen control panel and a doorbell camera).

Speaking of cameras . . .

Frontpoint has some pretty sweet cameras with features you can’t get from Scout. Its Premium Indoor Camera has an outbound call function, and, unlike Scout, Frontpoint offers an HD outdoor camera. (Scout doesn’t have an outdoor camera option at all.)

Plus, Frontpoint’s equipment is always on sale. Always. It’s not uncommon to see a starter pack of Frontpoint security equipment marked down to $99. You can get the basics for pretty cheap.

What we like about Scout Alarm

Scout hub, door panel, and sensors

Scout is for the person who wants to integrate their security system with a bunch of other devices. If you love smart home stuff and you have smart lights and locks and outlets from a bunch of other companies already, then Scout is a good pick for bringing them all together.

With the Scout system’s hub, you get both Z-Wave and Zigbee support (two of the most common smart home protocols out there). And it works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. (Frontpoint does too, for the record.)

Scout also has a unique feature in its door panel. Rather than control your system with a keypad, Scout lets you arm and disarm it with an RFID-controlled door panel.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, and, in this case, it means you can use a little tag or a sticker (which you can put on anything) to arm and disarm your Scout system. No need to search for your phone or type in a code.

Frontpoint and Scout Alarm pros comparison

Frontpoint pros:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy installation 
  • ID theft protection 

Scout Alarm pros:

  • Unique RFID control
  • Good smart home support
  • Affordable monitoring

What we don’t like about Frontpoint

Frontpoint’s equipment might offer cheap equipment, but it charges a pretty penny for professional monitoring. The average price for professional alarm monitoring is less than $40 per month. Frontpoint’s monitoring plan costs $49.99 per month.

You’ll have to do some math to see if the cheaper equipment package makes the higher monitoring price worth it for you. But we can tell you right now that you’d still save more per year with Scout or SimpliSafe.

What we don’t like about Scout Alarm

The RFID control is cool and all, but sometimes you do just want the option to type in a passcode on a keypad to disarm your system. Like we said, Scout does offer an analog keypad for its system, but you have to order it separately.

We also don’t love that Scout requires a monthly subscription for self-monitoring. Some systems, like Nest Secure and Abode, let you self-monitor your system for free. With Scout, you’ll pay about 10 bucks per month for the honor.

Frontpoint and Scout Alarm cons comparison

Frontpoint cons:

  • Expensive monitoring

Scout Alarm cons:

  • Self-monitoring requires subscription

Which one should you choose?

If you want a more traditional security system with excellent customer support and better security cameras, then go with Frontpoint. If you’re more of a bootstraps DIY-er who wants to self-monitor your system and integrate it with a bunch of smart home stuff, then go with Scout.

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