How to Control SimpliSafe with Google Home

Mindy Woodall
Jul 10, 2023
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SimpliSafe’s Google home integration is minimal, but it lets you arm your system with your voice.

SimpliSafe’s Google Home integration is free and easy to install, but it can’t do that much (at least not yet). You can arm your system using your Google Home or the Google Assistant app. But you can’t disarm your system, lock your doors, or view your camera feed through voice commands.

And if you're wondering why your Google Home won't connect, make sure you have the right monitoring plan. Google integration only works if you’re subscribed to SimpliSafe’s Fast Protect monitoring plan. It costs $29.99 per month, and you can upgrade or activate the plan through the SimpliSafe app or the SimpliSafe web portal.

We’re waiting for the day SimpliSafe adds extra features, but in the meantime, here’s how to add SimpliSafe voice control to your Google Home.

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How to enable the SimpliSafe skill for Google

You’ll need the Google Home app on your phone to link your SimpliSafe system to your Google account.

1. Open the Google Home app and tap your profile icon

Open the Google Home app on your phone (or download it if you don’t already have it). Make sure your Google device is shown as being connected to the app, then tap your profile icon in the upper right corner.

Screenshot of Google Home app with user profile picture circled

2. Tap on Assistant Settings

Select Assistant Settings from the list of options under your Google profile icon. It's in between Home App Settings and My Activity.

Screenshot of Google Home App with Assistant Settings circled

3. Tap on Home Control

Scroll down on the screen to find the section marked Home Control. It has a lightbulb icon and says, "Manage the devices in your home."

Screenshot of the Google Home App with Home Control circled

4. Tap the + icon to add the SimpliSafe integration

Tap the + icon in the lower right corner of your list of devices to add a new integration. Type SimpliSafe into the search bar to find the skill.

From there, the Google Home app will automatically redirect you to a SimpliSafe login screen. Enter your SimpliSafe account credentials to link your security system with your Google account.

Screenshot of the Google Home app showing SimpliSafe login screen

Next, the Google Home app will ask which location you want to add the SimpliSafe integration to. If you have multiple properties, select the one you want. Otherwise, there will only be one thing to choose.

5. Select your Google Home location

Once you've selected your SimpliSafe location, the Google Home app will ask you to choose a device (tap the SimpliSafe icon) and then choose a location. If you have multiple Google smart properties set up, first of all, lucky you. Select the one you want.

After you choose your Google location, Google Home will ask what room SimpliSafe is in. This is a bit confusing, since the system is technically spread across your entire house. But just choose whichever room your SimpliSafe base station lives in. For us, that’s the living room.

Screenshot of the Google Home app asking you to choose which room the new device is located in

Now you’re finally done! You can use your Google Home or the Google Assistant app to turn on your SimpliSafe system

How to use Google to arm your SimpliSafe system

You can ask Google to arm SimpliSafe specifically, or just say, “my security system.” Just remember to be specific about what you want to arm the system to: either Home or Away.

Phrases that work to arm your SimpliSafe system with Google include, “Hey Google, arm my security system to Away,” and “Hey Google, turn on SimpliSafe to Home.”

How to use Google to check your SimpliSafe system’s status

If you want to check your system’s status, our Google device can do that too. Ask, “Hey Google, is SimpliSafe on?” or, “Hey Google, is my security system armed?” to find out the system’s status.

Recap: Is SimpliSafe’s Google integration good?

Right now, SimpliSafe’s Google integration has bare-bones functionality. We’d love it if SimpliSafe added the option to stream your SimpliSafe camera on your Google Nest Hub or lock your SimpliSafe smart door lock with your voice.

For now, arming and status-checking is all you can do with Google. Fingers crossed SimpliSafe expands its integration in the future.

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