How to Work Anywhere in Your Home

These simple items make a big difference when you're WFH

Brianne Sandorf
Jun 30, 2023
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In some offices, you no longer sit at the same desk with a stationary computer day in and day out. Even before the pandemic remote-work revolution, companies were moving to hot desking (laptops) and hoteling (flexible workspaces with different plugs and seating everywhere).

Why not do the same at home? It's a little trickier, of course—you can't turn every room of your house into an open, inspiring, work-friendly environment. But there are some things you can do to make remote work feasible no matter what room you land in.

I’ve picked three products that make remote work at home (and sometimes away from it) a breeze.

1. Lap desk

Work anywhere in your home with a tiny desk for your lap

My husband bought me this lap desk from LapGear for Christmas 2021 (he picked the marble pattern). And it. Is. A lifesaver.

I’ve used this desk on the couch, on the floor, in bed while down with morning sickness. It has a special pad for my mouse and a slot for my phone, too.

Buy it: LapGear Home Office Lap Desk for $32.99* at Amazon

* price as of 6/28/2023 9 a.m. (MT). See full disclaimer.

A WFH expert using a lap desk

Photo courtesy of the author

2. Portable monitor

If you need two screens, don’t despair—take this portable mini monitor anywhere

Now that my lap desk has set me free, I work comfortably all over the house. But sometimes, I’m forced to return to my home office for a project requiring a second screen.

I need to remember that I have a handy-dandy portable monitor that I can use instead of the bulky, corded ViewSonic monitor my now-husband then-boyfriend lent me during the pandemic. (I rightfully interpreted the loan as a sign that our relationship was getting more serious.)

A portable monitor takes a little getting used to, mainly because it’s smaller than the typical second screen. But once I adjust to the shrinkage, it’s golden. Kitchen table, here I come.

Mine is an Arzopa, but this ForHelp portable monitor has better ratings and is more affordable.

Buy it: ForHelp 15.6-inch Portable Monitor for $79.98* at Amazon

* price as of 6/28/2023 9 a.m. (MT). See full disclaimer.

WFH expert using a portable second monitor at home

Photo courtesy of the author

3. Portable charger

Say goodbye to laptop plugs with a portable laptop charger

You know those portable phone chargers you plug in overnight, then slide into your pocket or purse before heading out for the day? I’ve often wished I had one of those for my laptop. Well, guess what—they exist!

This portable laptop charger from Anker is a potential game changer as it frees you up to work—gasp—away from the walls! I don’t have one yet, but I dream of getting one so I can work on the back patio.

Buy it: Anker Powerhouse 100 Portable Charger for $199.99* at Amazon

* price as of 6/28/2023 9 a.m. (MT). See full disclaimer.

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Last words

With these hacks, working anywhere in your home should be a breeze. Give them a try and see what you think. And if they aren’t in your budget right now, you can add to cart and wait for a sale.

If you’re more interested in working anywhere in the world, check out our guides to working remotely from Ireland and Mexico.

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