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    Get 6 months of free service when you buy a new phone and a 6-month plan
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    Get any plan for $15/mo. for the first three months
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Tyler Abbott
Jun 13, 2024
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Mint Mobile offers an incredibly affordable unlimited data plan for $15 a month for your first three months. Mint's Unlimited Plan is regularly $30 a month, which is already a deal unto itself. Even if you don't need unlimited data, all of Mint Mobile's cell phone plans are currently $15 a month for the first three months.

It goes to show that even cheap cell phone carriers like Mint Mobile have deals you need to know about. Check out the current deals available with Mint Mobile below:

Mint Mobile deals on cell phone plans

Let’s take a look all the pricing and deals for Mint Mobile. Check out the normal prices for Mint Mobile plans for comparison:

Mint Mobile pricing structure

Without accounting for any promotions or deals, here’s what Mint Mobile’s pricing looks like for the unlimited plan.

Price per Month
Yearly rate
3-Month Unlimited Plan$30.00/mo.$90.00/3 mo.$360/yr.
6-Month Unlimited Plan$35.00/mo.$210.00/6 mo.$360/yr.
12-Month Unlimited Plan$30.00/mo.$360.00/12 mo.$360/yr.

The more months of service you pay for in advance, the cheaper monthly rate you get. You should definitely take advantage of the three-month, introductory discount before committing to anything long term. Take the time to see for yourself if you get decent coverage and data speeds with Mint.

Get six months of Mint Mobile service for free

If you’re a new customer to Mint Mobile, you can get 50% off 12 months of service when you bundle with an eligible phone. Don’t worry, you don’t need to buy some obscure Mint Mobile phone to get the deal. Popular devices like the Apple iPhone 13 and Samsung Galaxy models will work.

To get the deal, you’ll just need to pick the 12-month plan and add a new phone to your cart. Six months of service should automatically deduct from your total on check out.

Why would I buy a phone from Mint Mobile?
Light Bulb

The benefit of buying a phone from a prepaid carrier like Mint Mobile is that your device comes unlocked and without any binding contracts. Unless you choose to finance your phone through a third-party like Affirm, you outright own the device when you receive it. You can easily take your phone to a different carrier if you don’t love Mint, or you can sell your phone altogether.

Get three months of free service when you refer a friend

Mint Mobile runs a referral program that gets you a free year of service for every five referrals you bring in. What's more, you can also get up to $90 per referral, depending on what plan your referral chooses. We break it down below:

Referral's plan
Credit Earned
5GB Plan$45
15GB Plan$60
20GB Plan$75
Unlimited Plan$90

Mint Mobile deals on cell phones

Mint Mobile frequently offers deals on unlocked smartphones from Apple, Samsung, LG, Google, and others. In some cases, you get the best deal when you bundle your device and data plan together.

Get a deal on an iPhone 15 Pro Max or iPhone SE

If you buy a six-month phone plan, you can get a discount on both your device and your service. 

Get $100 off Samsung Galaxy phones with a six-month plan purchase

If you buy a Samsung device and six-month data plan from Mint Mobile, you’ll get a handy $100 discount when you check out, plus six free months of Mint Mobile service. Choose any of the popular Android device below to cash in on this Mint Mobile deal:

Most popular Mint Mobile cell phone deals

To see what kind of deal you can get on any of these phones from Mint Mobile, just click on the blue “Choose” button on the right of the phone you’re interested in.

Tyler Abbott
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Tyler Abbott
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