Best AT&T Hotspot Plans: Stay Connected on the Go

Get up to 50GB of hotspot data to use with an AT&T hotspot.

3GB of hotspot data
Unlimited Starter
Price w/ family plan:
15GB of hotspot data
Unlimited Extra
Price w/ family plan:
50GB of hotspot data
Unlimited Premium
Price w/ family plan:
Tyler Abbott
Feb 06, 2024
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AT&T offers three unlimited plans with designated hotspot data ranging from 3GB with the base Unlimited Starter plan and maxing out at 50GB with the Unlimited Premium plan.

If you plan on using your hotspot data frequently, steer clear from the Unlimited Starter plan and its 3GB hotspot data allotment. There’s only a $20 per month difference between 3GB of hotspot data and a whopping 50GB of hotspot data. That’s about 16x the hotspot power for only about 1.3x more of the base price.

Off the bat we should mention that all of these cost significantly less when bundled together with a family plan. 

Unlimited Starter: 3GB of hotspot data

Not much hotspot data to go around

The first AT&T hotspot plan comes in at $65 a month and hooks you up with only 3GB of hotspot data each month. As a rule of thumb, one gigabyte of data translates to about an hour of internet usage–so, if you see yourself using your Wi-Fi hotspot for more than three hours a month, this plan likely isn’t going to work for you.

Unlimited Extra: 15GB of hotspot data

The middle-ground option

For $10 more per month than the Unlimited Starter plan, you get triple the amount of hotspot data. For most folks, 15GB of hotspot data likely hits the sweet spot where you have enough hotspot data to comfortably use it without stressing too much about hitting a data cap.

Every month, you can estimate about 15 hours of Wi-Fi hotspot usage, though that number could reduce dramatically if you use a Wi-Fi hotspot to download big files or install video games. But if you plan on using your hotspot for basic work activities like sending out emails, working out of your Google Drive, and the occasional Zoom meeting, you shouldn’t have too much trouble stretching your hotspot data all month long.

Unlimited Premium: 50GB of hotspot data

The nuclear option

AT&T’s hotspot plans max out at 50GB of mobile hotspot data every month. This much hotspot data only makes sense for folks who routinely need a Wi-Fi connection while out and about. This hotspot plan can’t quite replace a home internet connection (check out T-Mobile 5G home internet if you wish it could), but it comes pretty close. Rest assured, with 50GB of mobile hotspot data, you can run Zoom meetings, play games online, and work from your laptop for hours on end from anywhere your phone can get a connection.

Along with the 50GB of hotspot data, this plan comes with a bunch of extra security features, including public Wi-Fi protection, that will make your hotspot connection safer. Your hotspot connection gets another layer of protection to make sure nobody can hack into your computer via your hotspot connection.

Going the family plan route pushes the price down to $50 a month per line:

Recap: AT&T hotspot plans

You’ve got three options for mobile hotspot data with your unlimited AT&T plans:

  • AT&T Unlimited Starter: 3GB of mobile hotspot data for $65 per month or $35 per month with four or more lines.
  • AT&T Unlimited Elite: 15GB of mobile hotspot data for $75 per month or $40 per month with four or more lines.
  • AT&T Unlimited Premium: 50GB of mobile hotspot data for $85 per month or $50 per month with four or more lines.
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