How to Connect Zoom to Essential Calendar Apps

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February 28, 2022
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Connecting Zoom to common calendar apps you use every day will make jumping into a meeting much easier. Plus, if you’re like me, and occasionally forget you have meetings, you can quickly jump into a Zoom call with the click of a button and blame your late arrival on the baby or the dog.

Zoom has created plug-ins that work with calendar apps like Google Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook. Installing these plug-ins is going to be the easiest way to connect Zoom to your calendar apps.

Let’s take a look at how to connect Zoom to your calendar apps.

How to connect Zoom to Google Calendar

The easiest way to connect Zoom to your Google Calendar is through a Google Chrome extension called Zoom Scheduler.

1. Make sure you’re using Google Chrome, and download the Zoom Scheduler extension. Just hit the Add to Chrome button.

Add Zoom Extension to Chrome

2. Hit the Add Extension button after that.

Zoom Add Extension

3. Now open up your Google Calendar like normal, and create a meeting. Invite the folks you want to invite, and click Make it a Zoom Meeting.

4. After clicking that button, you’ll be prompted to sign into the email address associated with your Zoom account. Go ahead and do that.

5. After you do that last sign in, your meeting should be all set up. Now everyone invited to the meeting will get all the info they need to join in the Zoom meeting.

Zoom Meeting Invite

If reading sounds boring right now, you can watch this short video showing you how to sync your Zoom and Google Calendar accounts. Be nice, it’s my first time doing a screen capture.

Play Video

How to connect Zoom to Microsoft Outlook

Once again, downloading the Zoom add-on will be your best friend for connecting your Zoom account with your Microsoft Outlook account.

1. Download the Zoom for Microsoft Outlook add-on.

2. You’ll get prompted to sign in to your Microsoft account. Go ahead and do that.

Sign In to Microsoft AppSource

3. Follow the prompts and complete the installation. 4. Open your Outlook calendar and hit New to make a meeting. Enter all the meeting details like you would normally.
5. Hit the three circles on the toolbar to open a Zoom sidebar.

Click the three dots on the Zoom Outlook invite

6. Click Zoom, and then click Add a Zoom Meeting.

7. Sign in to your Zoom account when prompted and the Zoom meeting will be created.

Syncing your calendar apps with your Zoom accounts will make scheduling meetings significantly easier. No more of this “What’s the Zoom ID again” 10 seconds before the meeting starts. Everything your meeting participants need will be in the meeting invite, and you can schedule everything straight from your calendar app.

Now that you know how to sync Zoom with your calendar apps, here are your next steps:

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