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Save up to $180 a year with a discount on your cell phone and internet plans

Best Cox Bundles
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    Get a discount on your cell phone plan and internet service
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    Build your own bundle features
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    Cox Mobile is pricey without a family plan discount
Tyler Abbott
Feb 15, 2024
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Cox is one of the biggest internet and cable providers in the country, serving more than 6 million residents and businesses over 19 states. Each individual service from Cox doesn’t offer much value, but you’ll get a much better deal when you bundle services together.

If you bundle your internet service, cable TV service, and cell phone plan under the Cox umbrella, you can save up to $180 a year. next zip logo
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How to get the best Cox bundle discount

You need to sign up for a Cox Mobile cell phone plan and the internet plan to get the best bundle deal from Cox. As soon as you sign up for a Cox Mobile unlimited plan, you get a $15 per month discount on your Cox internet plan. Take a look at what Cox internet plans cost with and without bundling with Cox Mobile.

Cox Internet Discounts with Cox Mobile

Plan name
Download speeds
Price w/ Cox Mobile*
Price w/o Cox Mobile
Go Fast100 Mbps$35.00/mo.$50.00/mo.
Go Faster250 Mbps$55.00/mo.$70.00/mo.
Go Even FasterUp to 500 Mbps$75.00/mo.$90.00mo.
Go Super Fast1Gbps$95.00/mo.$109.99/mo.

*Deal good for 24 months, no contract or cancellation fees

We’ve seen discounts on cell phone plans from internet providers, but we’ve never seen that discount extending to the base internet plan as well. You don’t even need to bundle TV to get the discount—you can just bundle your Cox internet plan with a Cox Mobile plan to get a discount on both services.

How to pick the best Cox bundle

Cox gives you all the flexibility to create your own TV, internet, and mobile bundle, rather than making you choose from a few options. You can essentially choose any combination of services you want and get a discount to go along with it.

The first step to picking a good Cox bundle is to figure out what you want to pay for. Do you want cable TV? Or do you feel perfectly content with your streaming situation? Do you want to add a Cox Mobile cell phone plan to your bundle? Or do you have a sweet family plan already set up with another carrier?

Since Cox wants you to use as many of its services as possible, you get the biggest discount (around $180 a year) by bundling all of the above together. But if you don’t think you’ll ever bother with cable TV, it’s not worth paying for.

Pick the right internet plan

Cox offers four internet plans that deliver speeds ranging from up to 100Mbps to 1,000Mbps. The faster the download speeds, the higher the price—raising the price of your bundle too. Not everyone needs gigabit speeds, especially if you’ve got a smaller household of one to two people who mostly just like to stream Netflix and make the occasional FaceTime call.

Want to know exactly what internet plan works best for you? Use this chart as a reference to determine what internet speeds you need.

Internet speed
Number of users
5-100Mbps1-2Casual web browsing, heavy text-based social media, light video-based social media, streaming HD video on 1-3 devices, making video calls
100-300Mbps3-5Streaming 4K video on 2-3 devices, online multiplayer gaming, making video calls on 3 or more devices, operating 3-5 smart-home products
300-500Mbps6-9Streaming HD or 4K video on 4-5 devices, posting video content regularly to social media, operating 6-8 smart-home products
500-1,000Mbps10+Streaming HD or 4K video on 5 or more devices, hosting a livestream, VR gaming, operating 9 or more smart-home products
1,2000Mbps or faster20+Doing anything you want online on as many devices as you need while sharing your Wi-Fi with dozens of other users next zip logo
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Pick the right TV plan

Cox offers three TV packages to choose from:

  • Contour TV Starter: 75+ channels, including regional networks like ABC, NBC, and FOX
  • Contour TV Preferred: 170+ channels, including sports networks like ESPN and TNT, along with kids channels like Nick Jr.
  • Contour TV Ultimate: 250+ channels, includes channels like HBO Max and STARZ®

For most people, the middle-tier Contour TV Preferred plan will make the most sense considering you get all the essential live sports channels.

Pick the right cell phone plan

Cox Mobile is only available for existing Cox customers, and only offers one data plan to choose from. For $45 per month, you get unlimited talk, text, and data with a 20GB high-speed data cap. Once you pass that 20GB allotment in a month, your speeds slow down dramatically, so make sure to stick to Wi-Fi as much as you can to make sure you don’t pass your cap.

If you get a few people to go in on it with you, you can get even more discounts with a Cox Mobile family plan. The cheapest you can push that price down is $30 per month when you bundle four or more lines together. If you bundle three lines together, it goes down to $35 per month per line. And as you might’ve guessed, the price goes down to $40 per month per line with a two-line family plan.

It’s an awesome straight-up unlimited cell phone plan and the only caveat is that if you use over 20GB of wireless data in a month, your speeds slow down significantly. For power users who frequently stream on the go or use Wi-Fi hotspot data, that soft cap might be a dealbreaker, but average users shouldn’t come close to passing 20GB of data in a month.

Along with an awesome family plan discount, Cox Mobile uses Verizon’s awesome network for wireless coverage. Verizon’s network offers the most reliable coverage in the country, and considering you could never get a Verizon unlimited plan for $30 a month, you get an awesome deal with Cox Mobile.

The best part about Cox Mobile? You get a $15 per month discount on your Cox internet when you sign up.

Cox Internet and TV Bundles

The bread and butter of Cox bundles revolves around TV and internet plans. Choosing the right combination of these two services all depends on your needs. Sports fans should opt for at least the Contour TV Preferred TV package to get all the essential sports channels, for example. If you just want the local news and the major regional networks like ABC, NBC, and FOX, you can get away with the cheaper Contour TV Starter channel package.

It’s a similar story with what internet plan you chose. Aim for an internet plan that gives you enough download speed for all your streaming and gaming needs, but don’t feel the need to go overboard and pay for gigabit speeds if you mostly just stream Netflix and check your email.

To give you an idea of what Cox bundles look like, here are five of our favorite options.

Cox bundles comparison

TV channel count
Internet download speed
Go Fast + Contour TV Starter$111/mo.75+Up to 100 Mbps
Go Even Faster + Contour TV Starter$151/mo.*75+Up to 500 Mbps
Go Even Faster + Contour TV Preferred$205/mo.*140+Up to 500 Mbps
Go Even Faster + Contour TV Ultimate$242/mo.*250+Up to 500 Mbps
Go Super Fast + Contour TV Ultimate$261.99/mo.*250+Up to 1000 Mbps
* for 12 mos. w/ 1-yr. term agrmt. next zip logo
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Recap: Cox Bundles Review

To put it simply, if you already pay for Cox internet, you should at least sign up for a Cox Mobile plan, and if you want a cable TV package, you can save around $180 a year by bundling that together too. The reason why we emphasize the Cox Mobile bundle so much is that you actually get a $15 a month discount on your internet plan for two years when you sign up for the cell phone plan. To get an even sweeter deal on everything, try to get a family plan together of at least four lines with Cox Mobile to get the unlimited data plan down to $30 per month (compared to the $45 per month it normally costs).

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