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Synergy Internet— Cable & DSL internet
Speeds up to
Pricing Pricing not available
95% coverage in Hereford, CO
Link not provided
Synergy Internet— Cable & DSL internet
Speeds up to
95% coverage in Hereford, CO
Link not provided
Telenet International, LLC— Fiber & Fixed Wireless internet
Speeds up to
50% coverage in Hereford, CO
Link not provided
AT&T Wireless— Mobile internet
Speeds may vary
Starting at
Cancellation fee No required contract
Mint— Mobile internet
Speeds may vary
Starting at
Requires contract
Visible— Mobile internet
Speeds may vary
Starting at
No required contract
Verizon Wireless— Mobile internet
Speeds may vary

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Best internet providers in Hereford, CO

Synergy Internet
Synergy Internet
pro Speeds up to 200 Mbps
pro DSL connections

Cheapest internet providers in Hereford, CO

The cheapest internet providers get you a reliable connection at an affordable price. You may have to settle for slower speeds, but you can also find promos and discounts. Hot tip: Look for providers with unlimited data and no extra fees to save even further.

Price starting at
Connection Type
Learn More
Synergy Internet
Pricing details not availableCable + DSL

Fastest internet plans and providers in Hereford, CO

The fastest internet providers can get you gigabit or even multi-gigabit speeds. Not everyone needs a 1,000Mbps connection or faster, but it’s worth the investment if you’re a power user or live in a large household.

Max Download Speed
Connection Type
Learn More
Synergy Internet
200 MbpsCable + DSL

Most reliable internet plans in Hereford, CO

A reliable internet connection means you get a stable connection and consistent speeds day in, day out, without the worry of sudden slowdowns or outages. You also get top-rated customer service and technical support in case things do go awry. Fiber is the most reliable internet you can get, so we recommend that if it’s available.

Reliability rating
Connection Type
Learn More
Synergy Internet
Reliability data not availableCable + DSL

Test your internet speed

Is your home internet fast enough to meet your daily Wi-Fi needs? The best way to find out is by running a speed test, which gives you a snapshot of how much bandwidth you’re getting from your internet provider. Run the test over a hardwired ethernet connection for the most accurate results, and try taking the test at different times throughout the day to measure possible fluctuations in your download speed, upload speed, and latency.

If you have trouble getting things done online with the speed-test results you’re getting, consider upgrading to a faster plan or switching internet providers.

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Upload Speed
Latency (ping)
IP address
Server Location
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How much speed do you need?

Take a look below at what you can do with different speeds commonly offered by internet service providers (ISPs). You can read more about the average user’s speed needs in our internet speed guide.

Internet Speed
No. of people
No. of devices
5–25Mbps 1–2 1–5 Casual web browsing • Emails • Social media • Streaming SD video • Streaming music
25–50Mbps 2–4 4–7 Streaming HD and 4K video • Streaming music • Online gaming • Light work from home
50–100Mbps 4–6 7–10 Streaming 4K video • Online gaming • Working from home • Using home security devices
100–500Mbps 6+ 10+ Streaming 4K video • Online gaming • Running a home office • Using home security and smart home devices
500–1,000Mbps 10+ 15+ Running a home office or creative profession • Streaming in 4K • Live streaming • Online gaming • Using home security and smart home devices

To get these numbers, we used the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) broadband speed guide, our streaming internet speed guide, and our Zoom internet speed guide.

Frequently asked questions about internet in Hereford, CO

The fastest internet provider in Hereford is Synergy Internet.

The cheapest internet provider in Hereford is Synergy Internet.

Fiber internet is not available in Hereford.

Internet connection options in Hereford, CO

four fiber cables curving upward from bottom left
Fiber Availability


Renowned for its reliability, fiber can reach download and upload speeds up to 10,000Mbps. While it isn’t available everywhere, it’s the best internet you can get.

vertically upright cable
Cable Availability


Cable is bread-and-butter internet—widely available, often affordable, and very fast, delivering download speeds that range anywhere from 25Mbps to 1,200Mbps

internet cable protruding diagonally
DSL Availability


DSL maxes out at 100Mbps, but many DSL customers get much slower speeds than that. DSL is becoming obsolete, but it’s still a solid option in rural areas.

satellite facing left emitting radio waves
Satellite Availability


Satellite is available practically everywhere, even in the most remote parts of the country. It’s costly and comes with strict data limits and slow speeds, so use it as a last resort.

Internet in Hereford, CO at a glance

Internet provider averages in
Hereford, CO

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Average download speed


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Average upload speed


analog clock set to the time of twelve twenty-five

Average latency time


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Average cost of internet


several stacked pages of paper with lines of text on them

Number of internet providers


Internet availability faster than
100 Mbps

The number of households in each region that have access to 100 Mbps internet.





Hereford Internet Value Score

We came up with this score by dividing the average cost of each provider in Hereford, CO with the average speeds they offered.

Not Available

National average: $0.63

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