Funlux Camera Review 2022

Funlux isn't our favorite, but it'll do in a pinch.

Funlux outdoor camera
Funlux Camera
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Brianne Sandorf
Jan 17, 2022
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If you’re looking for an inexpensive home security camera, a Funlux camera could be a viable option. On the plus side, you won’t pay too much for the camera. On the downside, it might not stay connected.

How a Funlux camera works

Funlux cameras are similar to most DIY camera systems.

You can order any of Funlux’s cameras online and self-install them using the provided screws and some not-provided brackets. You’ll then connect them to the app (if it’s a standalone camera) or the network video recorder (NVR) device (if it’s a multiple-channel system).

Funlux outdoor camera

Source: Zmodo

Funlux model details
ModelFunlux Wireless Outdoor Security Camera*Funlux Indoor Outdoor Wireless Home Security Camera System*
Price$69.99 (2-pack)$169.99 (4 channels)
Battery sourcePlug-inPlug-in
Night vision
Two-way audio
Local storage
bulletYes, 500 GB
Cloud storage
Learn more List Prices (as of 12/04/20 10:00 MST)

*Currently not sold by the manufacturer on

Funlux also sells a variety of other cameras (some of which have audio) on its website.

What’s wireless?

You might be confused by the “wireless” designation when Funlux’s cameras need to be plugged in. We believe that in this instance, Funlux means that the cameras aren’t hardwired to your house’s electrical system.

Learn more about what “wireless” means in home security.

Funlux camera pricing

The decent price puts the fun in Funlux.

Funlux’s prices are pretty inexpensive. A two-pack of cameras for $70 is nothing to sneer at.

Of course, you also have to pay for a monthly subscription plan (if you want to view clips more than 12 hours later). But Zmodo’s cloud service is affordable, so you can save money there too.

Are Funlux and Zmodo the same company?

Funlux is a trademarked brand of Zmodo.

Funlux model details
PlanBasic7-Day Plan30-Day Plan
Price$0.00$4.99/mo. OR $49.90/yr.$9.99/mo. OR $99.90/yr.
Cloud video storage12 hours7 days30 days
Custom motion zones
Video editing

Data effective 12/04/2020. Offers subject to change.

(The plan pricing is per camera, so if you get multiple cameras, you’ll pay for a separate subscription for each. The fewer cameras you have, the better a deal Funlux is.)

If you get more than one camera, you’ll pay double.

Features that require a paid Zmodo Cloud plan:

  • Multi-day cloud storage
  • Continuous recording
  • Motion-detection zones
  • Video editor
  • Timelapse clips

Funlux camera user experience

Funlux is easy to install and monitor, but it doesn’t always work the way it should.

So you’ve bought your Funlux camera at a reasonable price, and you’re ready for some fun luxury (we presume that’s what the Funlux name stands for). But will your luxury be fun, or will you have a stressful user experience? (Spoiler: probably gonna be a little bit stressful.)

Funlux camera installation

Each Funlux model is slightly different, but the standalone cameras are easy to install. The NVR cameras, on the other hand, seem significantly more difficult to set up.

Your Funlux camera should come with the following:

  • Power cords
  • Screws
  • Adapters (for the NVR system)

Looks like you’ll need to bring your own brackets and power drill, though.

Funlux Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

The outdoor Funlux camera comes with a six-foot cord. Mount the camera, plug it into an outlet, and follow the app instructions to complete setup.

Funlux Indoor Outdoor Wireless Home Security Camera System

For this multiple-channel camera, you need to connect the NVR box to your router. Once you’ve done that, mount the cameras and plug them into a power source.

An NVR wizard will guide you through setting up the four channels. Setting this up looks a bit difficult. It may take some time.

If you don’t want to install it yourself, you can hire someone handy to do it for you.

Funlux camera monitoring

Most security cameras are self-monitored, and Funlux is no different. You’ll keep an eye on your camera feeds by using a mobile app or the NVR device (if you chose the four-channel system).

The app

What app do Funlux cameras use?

It looks like Funlux previously used both the MeShare app and Zmodo app. But currently, the cameras work with a Funlux-branded offering. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android.

Funlux app

The Funlux app has a nice visual organization, but it’s glitchy, according to customer reviews. Sometimes it freezes or eats notifications. It also has a hard time maintaining its connection with the cameras (which may or may not be related to Wi-Fi quality).

All this means that you may not have remote access when you need your security camera the most.


The interface for the NVR is kind of like an old-timey CCTV system from a movie, and it works like one too. You put the NVR in a dedicated place in your house and watch the footage on a quad screen (one section for each camera).

Based on the info Funlux/Zmodo provides, it sounds like you can’t access the NVR remotely. So it’s not good for mobile control, but the four channels could be worth it regardless. It depends on how often you or someone else is around the home.

CCTV screens

Funlux camera quality

Customers say the picture quality is fair, especially for the price. There are even time stamps on the videos and still shots you pull from the app. (That’s very helpful if you ever need footage for legal reasons.)

However, according to the available specs, not all of Funlux’s cameras have audio, not even one way. So you won’t hear anything anyone says, much less be able to talk to them.

Not all of Funlux’s cameras have audio.

According to reviews, Wi-Fi connection is a consistent issue with Funlux cameras. While it could be a flaw in the camera design, you need a better-than-average internet package to use cameras from any brand. Make sure you have enough Mbps for a camera to stream from your home. If your internet seems slow, check out this guide to speed it up or look at a new internet service provider.

The motion detection feature is also dicey. One Amazon reviewer said, “Actually had a murder happen in front of my house, and the camera never even kicked on. Yet it will kick on for a leaf in the wind.”

Funlux camera integrations

Want to connect your camera to other stuff? You might be able to do that. Might.

Zmodo is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, but it hasn’t specifically said that its Funlux line also has that capability. And, while the Funlux app description talks only about cameras, it looks like there’s a place to connect thermostats and lights.

We’re cautiously optimistic that your Funlux cameras won’t be siloed, but we can’t make any guarantees.

Similar Products

Check out some other options for inexpensive security cameras.

If Funlux leaves you cold, we have some other, comparable suggestions.

Amcrest Pro HD Indoor

We suggest the Amcrest Pro HD if you're looking for an indoor camera.

This dome-shaped camera has two-way audio and up to 32 feet of night vision. It also works with some third-party software.

The Amcrest Pro HD camera is best for:

  • People who want two-way audio
  • People who want a camera that can pan and tilt
  • People who want compatibility with another popular surveillance software (like Blue Iris)

Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor

For outdoor use, try another version of the Amcrest Pro HD camera. It tends to run more expensive than Funlux, but the price is still reasonable.

This lil camera is compatible with Alexa, a major plus. It also has both local and cloud storage, digital zoom, and 98 feet of night vision. Unfortunately, you only get four hours of free storage, so you’ll probably want to go with the subscription.

The Amcrest Pro HD camera is best for:

  • People who want zoom capabilities
  • People who want far-reaching night vision
  • People who want a higher resolution (1296p)

Recap: Is Funlux good?

Funlux cameras are more “good enough” than “good.”

We don't necessarily recommend these cameras. We think you can get the same (and better) features for a similarly low price from other providers without the hassle.

But they aren't objectively awful, either, so if you're willing to brave the glitches and Wi-Fi connection issues, the Funlux could be enough for your needs.

If Funlux isn’t cutting it for you, we also have a whole list of cheap cameras we recommend. We also recommend entire home security systems with cameras already included.

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