Verizon Fios Internet Review

With excellent customer support, fiber-optic service, and upload speeds that are as high as its download speeds, Verizon might be the best internet service provider out there.

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With excellent customer support, fiber-optic service, and upload speeds that are as high as its download speeds, Verizon might be the best internet service provider out there.
Overall Rating4.6 out of 5
1 Mbps–500 Mbps
Data limits:

THE BOTTOM LINE: Verizon offers two DSL internet plans and five fiber-optic internet plans (via Fios service). Verizon’s customer service is excellent, and its Fios internet plans have upload speeds that are equal to download speeds (50–500 Mbps).

Is it right for me?


  • If you want high up/down speeds
  • If you like dedicated bandwidth
  • If you want to bundle services


  • If you don’t want a contract
  • If you want internet service that works with your existing router

Verizon Fios price and plans

PlanAdvertised priceRegular priceContractDetails
50/50 Mbps$49.99/mo$59.99/mo1 or 2 yrs.View Plans
100/100 Mbps$59.99/mo$69.99/mo1 or 2 yrs.View Plans
150/150 Mbps$69.99/mo$79.99/mo1 or 2 yrs.View Plans
300/300 Mbps$169.99/mo$179.99/mo1 or 2 yrs.View Plans

The first two plans, High Speed Internet and High Speed Internet Enhanced, are not part of Verizon Fios’s fiber-optic internet service; they are basic DSL service plans. The subsequent five internet plans are all Fios fiber-optic plans, which means higher speeds overall and upload speeds as fast as download speeds.

For Verizon Fios internet, the advertised price is for a two-year contract, and the regular price is for a one-year contract. Other internet service providers offer contract and no-contract pricing (e.g., Comcast XFINITY), but any Verizon plan requires a contract. Typically, contract pricing is more competitive, and Verizon’s prices follow that trend.

Verizon Fios bundles — internet + TV or phone

If you want to combine Fios internet with TV or phone service, here’s what you can get:

Verizon Fios Internet and TV Bundles

PlanServicesAdvertised priceDownload speedDetails
High Speed Internet + PhoneInternet/TV$19.99/mo0.5–5 MbpsView Bundle
Fios Triple PlayInternet/TV/Phone$69.99/mo100 MbpsView Bundle
Ultimate TV, 150/150 InternetInternet/TV/Phone$144.99/mo150 MbpsView Bundle

If you want to get internet, TV, and phone service together, you can. Verizon has more bundle options than what’s in the table above, but we only selected some of the better options to highlight. If you want more details, ask a representative (plans and pricing may vary depending on where you live).

What’s the real price?

All Verizon Fios internet plans require a one- or two-year contract. If you go with the two-year contract, you can save $10 a month off the one-year price. For example, the 100 Mbps internet plan is $69.99 a month for one year or $59.99 a month for two years. Be aware the monthly price doesn’t include fees (see below). Also, when the contract is up you’ll be paying “standard rates,” which are much higher than advertised prices. (In our area, the standard rate for the $69.99-a-month 100 Mbps plan was $104.99 a month.)

Hidden fees

We found hidden fees, but not as many as some competitors (e.g., Comcast).

  • Early termination fee (ETF): If you don’t like Verizon Fios internet, you have 30 days to cancel and avoid an early termination fee (ETF). After that, there’s a $165 ETF for cancelling service. Only the Extreme 250 and X1 Gigabit Pro have activation fees. The fee for Extreme is “up to $500,” and the fee for X1 Gigabit Pro is $500.
  • Standard installation and setup fee: Verizon says there’s an $80 setup fee for Fios internet, but there’s a good chance you can get this fee waived (we did). If you order online and the setup fee isn’t waived automatically, call a representative.
  • Shipping: If you need a router from Verizon, expect a shipping fee. This fee will vary depending on location.


If you want Verizon internet service, you’ll need a compatible router.

Verizon’s proprietary router is the Fios Gateway, and it’s not a bad router; it has dual-band Wi-Fi, gigabit wired Ethernet, and a dual core processor. You can rent it for $10 a month or purchase it for $149.99 from Verizon. Considering you can get an excellent router for the same price or less, we recommend buying one somewhere else (just be sure to double-check with a representative to see that it works with the plan and service you want).

Is Verizon Fios available where you live?

Verizon Fios internet speed

You can get the speed you need. 

Verizon internet speeds range from 0.5 Mbps to 500 Mbps. Verizon’s DSL plans range from 0.5 Mbps to 15 Mbps, and they’re more suitable for basic internet needs (email, paying bills, etc.). The Verizon Fios plans start at 50 Mbps and go up to 500 Mbps, and because upload speeds are as fast as download speeds, 50 Mbps may be more than enough for a single user.

Which plan is right for me?

We’ve included the FCC’s Broadband Speed Guide to help you pick the right plan. The guide provides minimum download speeds for internet activities, but be aware that these speeds are for single users.

Activity (single user)Minimum Download Speed
Web browsing1 Mbps
Watching video4 Mbps
Video conferencing4 Mbps
Online gaming 5 Mbps
Heads up exclamation Heads up exclamation

Heads up:

Heads up:

There are numerous factors that can affect your internet speed, and many have nothing to do with the service itself (multiple users on the same network, a slow computer, etc.). Consider a plan with higher speeds if you’re a serious internet user or if you have others in your household.

Verizon Fios data allowance

All Fios plans have unlimited data.

Data is unlimited, so you don’t need to worry. However… we did find stories of people who received calls or letters from Verizon asking them to curb their data usage. But these people were using anywhere from 7 TB to 50 TB of data a month, which in most cases meant they were running a server in their home. Having a server in the home is in violation of the Verizon’s agreement terms for residential service.

What if I hit the limit?

There is no limit. Yes, really. However, if you’re abusing unlimited data (e.g., running a server), you’ll hear about it from Verizon.

Customer support

It’s rated the best, and we agree. 

ASCI 2016 RatingJD PowerConsumer Reports

Verizon is consistently rated the best for customer service and support.

Verizon Fios is the highest-rated internet service provider for customer satisfaction in the 2016 report from American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). Verizon Fios scored a 73 on a 100-point scale (the average score is 64). It was also the highest-rated internet service provider (ISP) in the 2015 ACSI report.

The 2015 U.S. Residential Internet Service Provider Customer Satisfaction Study from J.D. Power rated Verizon the highest ISP in the east, west, and south regions in the U.S.

When we reached out to Verizon for support, we were impressed with the level of service we received. We received answers to all of our questions, and because our experience was positive, we wouldn’t mind reaching out to Verizon again.

The takeaway

Verizon Fios internet is for those who want support and high upload and download speed.

Verizon Fios has the best customer support we’ve seen, high download and upload speeds, and unlimited data. All together, it’s one of (if not) the best ISP out there. The biggest downside is its availability; Verizon’s Fios service is only available in 11 states.

Verizon Fios Fastest Internet

Our Recommendation: The 50/50 Mbps Package

For $49.99 a month (two-year price), the 50/50 Mbps plan is more than enough speed for one or two users. It’s more speed than you need to watch whatever you want, and there’s no data limit.

Other options:

  • If you’re a penny pincher or casual internet user, the High Speed Internet plan costs only $19.99 a month (one-year price).
  • If you want TV, internet, and phone together, the Fios Triple Play plan starts at $69.99 a month (two-year price).

See all internet providers in your area.

  • Simon

    If I’m using Roku for streaming live sports and movies with fios wifi which speed would you recommend I purchase?

    • Scott T.

      If it’s for one user, I’d go with the 50/50 Mbps plan. In theory, that should be more speed than you need, but there are other factors to consider: is your WiFi router up-to-snuff? are you watching in HD? are you sharing the internet with someone else (e.g., a high-speed online gamer)? More questions might not be helpful, but make sure you have at least 15 Mbps of speed all to yourself (the 50/50 Mbps should easily cover that). Let us know what you decide to get and how it works out.

      • Simon

        Thanks for the quickly reply Scott! In regards to the router I plan on purchasing one. Do you have a more affordable alternative recommendation than the one Verizon is offering ?
        In regards to the speed I’ll be sharing it with my girlfriend and we’ll be watching in HD. We only have one TV though for now so the most that will be happening is one watching TV and the other working on a laptop. Would you still recommend the 50/50?

        • Scott T.

          You can find a more affordable modem on (you can even find Verizon’s modem on Amazon for less), but I would call a Verizon rep and ask if it’s compatible BEFORE you buy. In fact, I would recommend calling and just asking what modem a representative would recommend instead of Verizon’s. It sounds odd, but I’ve done it with other ISPs and a representative has never pushed their modem on me (if they do, call back and speak with someone else). That being said, Verizon’s quantum gateway is actually pretty good, so it’s hard to go wrong with either choice.

          As for sharing, the 50/50 plan should be enough for you and one other person. Also, you do have 30 days with Verizon to change or even cancel your service. So as soon as the internet is set up, turn on a live game (in HD) and have your girlfriend turn on Netflix or Youtube and see if there are any issues. (You can also do an internet speed test to see what speeds you’re getting.) I’d check internet speeds during prime-time hours—for example, during Monday Night Football. If the 50/50 plan is not enough, but you still like Verizon’s service, you can upgrade to the 100/100 plan within the first 30 days at no charge. If Verizon’s service isn’t what you thought it would be, then you can just cancel it all.

          Hope that helps. Let us know if you have other questions, and we’d love to hear how it goes when it’s set up.

  • Jerome Prince

    Well my advise is to stay as far away from Verizon fios. We’ve had them for several years and about 15 months ago, soon after upgrading to 50/50 ,we started experiencing lagging from the service in some areas of the house. Their solution was to install a WiFi extender which kinda solved the problem. Now the lagging started again and Verizon wants us to purchase a new extender for $100,because the tech thinks that’s the problem. Why, if I take 5 steps in any direction away from the router the 50/50 suddenly drops in half? That seems to be the router’so problem. Needless to say we’re looking at other providers.

    • Scott T.

      Hmm…that’s weird. Hope you find a better service.

      • Jerome Prince

        I’m working on it.

  • Wang_amexobc

    I totally agree with Jerome Prince. Stay away from Verizon fios and you do not hope to have bad experience with them. Here is my story. Two Verizon people knocked my door last year and asked my to switch my internet service to theirs. They offered me 49.99/ month for 50/50. I told them I was moving in around one year and did not want to switch. They said you could terminate your service any time with no fees. However, this year, the price goes up $10 a month. I called them and asked why. I was redirected by the reps to my emails and bills. The information that this $10 discount expires in 1 year is hidden in a lot of places, such as your previous bills, your welcome emails, etc. Especially the information in your welcome emails, you have to read it very carefully and then you can get that the next year price will be $10 up. Another thing is that they do charge termination fee because the contract is signed for 2 years, not like I was told by technicians that I can cancel at any time. I feel I was totally cheated. The even worse thing is that the internet speed never ever reached 50/50. It is always around 10-20, which is the same as COX I used previously, but the latter is much cheaper. I used ATT, COX, and other internet services. Verizon is the worst ever. Please stay away from it.

  • Laura

    Hey Scott
    Do you still reccomend FiOS with Verizon? I have seen almost all bad reviews.
    But, if satellite is my only other choice, I’m pretty sure this is my best bet.You?

    • Scott T.

      If your only choice is Verizon FIOS or satellite internet, go with FIOS. There’s absolutely no reason to choose satellite internet over cable (or fiber) internet. Really. Verizon will have better pricing, equipment, and no data caps.

  • Facely

    I had the same problem as the customer Moha described. They removed my chance to change and I am stuck paying for internet service that all of a sudden is not that great as it was last year. There is only myself and my boyfriend in the house and we don’t have a lot of gadgets. I have to have the internet for school so we are stuck paying this until we can get out of this contract. Needless to say, don’t get pulled into their flashy deals. Read ALL of their plans, buy only what you need, and compare plans with other providers. Verizon will not be getting my business in the future.

  • Js

    I have not had problems with Verizon in general. I switched from their 75/75 service to the gigabit and now regret it. The installation went fine and the service is fine. The problem is the connection keeps going down and up like dribbling a basketball. After trying to troubleshoot the connection with me, Verizon gave up and sent me a new router to try that, and that isn’t helping the problem either.

    This product is not ready for prime time.

  • Danika

    Online it says their internet only plans have no annual contract..

  • Meg

    I am a customer with Verizon Fios for 2 years. And just FED up with their service. I never had the connection problems with Time Warner Cable that I do with Verizon Fios. For the $80 a month I spend with them. It sure is a rip off and waste of my money. The service sucks, I can barely watch videos on my phone as the connection is horrible. Not to mention I have Verizon Wireless as well that sucks too! In October when my wireless is up I do plan to switch out of Verizon Wireless and very shortly plan to leave their internet service as well. I think people hype them up to be something that they are not. When I tried to call customer service about my connection problems. All they do is want you to spend more money with them on either upgrading (which I fell for before and essentially am paying more money for even more crappy service) or pay for another device. They don’t wanna do anything to help the existing paying customer. All they want is their money every month and their help is suggesting to spend even more money with them. I honestly would not recommend them to anyone. It’s been painful to have their service! Both Fios and wireless customer service is horrible and their regular services that you pay for every month is horrible! I’m not one to write reviews on any site, however, I am that disappointed with where my money is going to every month! Too much money for crappy crappy service! PLEASE PEOPLE TALE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY AND GO ELSE WHERE. If not you’ll eventually see why most of these comments are bad ones.

  • Faraz Naqvi

    HORRIBLE service and rip off’s you cant take away service without cancellation fees!!! Beware!!!!! these guys are a complete rip off. I am still kicking myself in the ass. I was put in a contract without my knowledge, and the promotions last for a short time (six months) which i was also not notified about. Donot got with Frontier unless you want to get ripped off like me.

  • DB

    Verizon is so frustrating! I pay hundreds of dollars a month and can only get service in 3 of my 4 bedrooms without having to purchase an extra extender! The customer service reps are generally polite but they have zero authority to keep their customers happy. Sad that they won’t do more to keep customers happy.

  • K T Gaming

    They suck very much👎🏼

  • Peter

    Horrible service and nobody to complain. Had a service for two month, was promised $35/month but receive a bill for $145. Tried to call customer service that was extremely rude and told me that I have to pay regardless of what I have been told. Supervisor Liz was absolutely rude and obnoxious

  • Kevin Goldstein

    God Awful.. customer service is a joke, so is their equipment.. I call once a week to get my internet service fixed, and most of the reps just try to pass the buck by sending out a tech. Cant wait till my contract is up so i can return to Comcast

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