Comcast XFINITY Internet Review

Despite lackluster customer support, a wide range of plans and fast overall speeds make Xfinity from Comcast a suitable choice for internet service.

Xfinity best internet for streaming
Despite lackluster customer support, a wide range of plans and fast overall speeds make Xfinity from Comcast a suitable choice for internet service.
Overall Rating3.75 out of 5
High average speeds
Competitive pricing
Customer support needs improvement

The Takeaway: When it comes to high download speeds, Comcast XFINITY—despite its bad rap—delivers faster and more consistent speed than most other ISPs. It also offers more options for internet service than competitors, but its customer support could use improvement. If you have the know-how to set up and service your internet, Comcast is more than palatable, even appealing. It offers relatively affordable plans with download speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 2,000 Mbps.


  • Good plan variety
  • High average speeds
  • Service bundling options
  • Access to 13.3M Wi-Fi hotspots


  • Cancellation fees
  • Lacking customer service
  • Hidden fees

Comcast XFINITY prices and plans

A wide variety of plans with speeds as high as you’re willing to pay for

PlanAdvertised priceRegular PriceDownload SpeedDetails
Performance Starter$29.99$39.9910 MbpsView Plans
Performance 25$39.99$49.9925 MbpsView Plans
Performance Pro$49.99$59.9975 MbpsView Plans
Blast! Pro$59.99$69.99150 MbpsView Plans
Extreme 250$50.00$129.95200 MbpsView Plans
Gigabit Pro$299.99$299.002000 MbpsView Plans

XFINITY’s advertised price is what you pay if you enter a one- or two-year contract. If you want service without a contract, you can pay the regular price.

  • Prices range from $29.99/mo. to $50/mo. (unless you need intense speed, which will run you about $300/mo.)
  • Speeds start at 10 Mbps and go up to 2,000 Mbps
  • Consider the 1-year contract for the cheaper price

Comcast bundles — internet + TV or phone

If you want to combine XFINITY internet with TV or phone service, here’s what you can get:

PlanServicesAdvertised PriceDownload SpeedDetails
Internet Plus 25Internet/TV$49.9925 MbpsView Bundle
Double PlayInternet/TV$69.99150 MbpsView Bundle
Starter XF Triple PlayInternet/TV/Phone$99.00/mo75 MbpsView Bundle

Updated 7/14/16. Pricing and availability may change depending on location.

If you want more than internet service, Comcast XFINITY lets you bundle internet, TV, phone, and more together. Because there are so many options, we only selected a few of the best bundles for the chart above. If you want to know more and get exact pricing, we’d recommend asking a representative.

What’s the real price of XFINITY?

How much is Comcast internet? If you look closely, you’ll notice Comcast XFINITY lists its one-year contract pricing (see advertised pricing chart above). No-contract pricing is available, but it costs an extra $10 a month. For example, the Performance 25 plan is $39.99 a month for a one-year contract or $49.99 a month without a contract. It’s difficult to get the exact Comcast internet cost, which is why we recommend you call a representative to get new details of your purchase.

We’ve listed all of Comcast XFINITY’s plans and prices in this review, but depending on your area the price may change, if only slightly. We checked different areas and found the biggest difference in pricing only amounted to a few dollars.

Be aware of Comcast’s hidden fees

  • Early termination fee (ETF) – if you agree to a one- or two-year contract, you can expect a serious termination fee if you cancel early. Comcast doesn’t list an exact fee, but you pay the no-contract rate for the existing months of the service contract (ouch!). There’s a 30-day period to cancel after signing up for a one- or two-year plan, but after that you’re stuck with an early termination fee.
  • Activation fee – only the Extreme 250 and X1 Gigabit Pro have activation fees. The fee for Extreme is “up to $500,” and the fee for X1 Gigabit Pro is $500.
  • Standard installation – the fine print says Comcast’s installation fee is as high as $500, but for us it was $89.99. The standard installation price will ultimately depend on your area.
  • Self-installation – if you have the know-how and you’re already wired for internet, you can do a self-installation. It will cost you $15, but it’s better than paying for professional installation.
  • Shipping – if you need a router from Comcast and don’t want to step into an XFINITY store, you can have it shipped for $15 (express shipping is $30). We think the $15 is worth it; we never want to go to an XFINITY store.

Comcast equipment fees

You’ll need a wireless or wired router for internet service.

Comcast XFINITY calls its wireless (Wi-Fi enabled) internet routers “wireless gateways” because they’re built for video, internet, and phone service. If you don’t have a router already, you can rent one from Comcast for $10 a month. If you do have a router, you can contact an XFINITY representative to see if it’s compatible with the plan you want.

Considering you can get a wireless router for less than $100, we recommend buying a router in almost all instances. Also, you almost never know what kind of router you’ll be given when you rent; buying a router gives you more control over the speed you get.

Which plan is right for me?

Think about how you intend to use the internet service and pick a plan with enough download speed to meet your needs.

ActivityMin. Download Speed
Web browsing1 Mbps
Watching video4 Mbps
Video conferencing4 Mbps
Online gaming5 Mbps


You can get the speed you want.

Comcast XFINITY’s download speeds range from 10 Mbps to 2 Gbps (2,000 Mbps). It’s the biggest range of speed we’ve seen from any internet service provider, but keep in mind speeds are not guaranteed. (It’s not just Comcast; other internet providers don’t guarantee speed because there are simply too many variables.)

If you’re hoping to know what upload speed you’ll get…well, you’re not going to get a decent answer. We pored through Comcast forums and pestered customer service representatives, but we couldn’t get a consistent or straight answer.

There are numerous factors that affect your internet speed, and many have nothing to do with the service itself (multiple users on the same network, a slow computer, etc.). Consider a plan with higher speeds if you’re a serious internet user or if you have others in your household.

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XFINITY data allowance and caps

All plans have a 1TB limit. Not bad at all.

All of Comcast XFINITY’s internet plans have a 1 TB (1,000 GB) limit. The data limit used to be 300 GB, but in response to criticism from customers, Comcast changed it in June 2016. Comcast says 1 TB is “an enormous amount of data” and that 99% of its customers don’t even come close to using it. From what we researched, we think the claim is factual.

What if I hit the limit?

If you go over 1 TB, you’ll pay $10 for each additional 50 GB. You can also sign up for unlimited data for an additional $50 a month. Such overage fees are average for internet service providers. Comcast XFINITY provides a data usage meter for customers, so you can find out how much data you’re using.

Comcast customer service and support

No longer the worst in customer service, but still needs improvement.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) interviewed more than 12,000 customers for its 2016 report, and it found that “Comcast no longer occupies the bottom” of customer satisfaction for internet service providers. Comcast scored a 59 on a 100-point scale for the year (up from 56 in 2015). Compared to other internet service providers, it tied for third to last—Windstream (59), Mediacom (57), and Frontier Communications (56) filled out the bottom.

ASCI 2016 RatingJD PowerConsumer Reports

The 2015 U.S. Residential Internet Service Provider Customer Satisfaction Study from J.D. Power comes to the same conclusion as the ASCI report: Comcast XFINITY is close to last. In almost every region (East, West, North Central, and South), Comcast is ranked second-to-last or third-to-last for overall customer satisfaction.

When we contacted Comcast support, we didn’t get much help. Customer representatives talked past us and failed to answer direct questions. It was not a positive experience.

If you’re the kind of person who likes face-to-face customer service, visiting an XFINITY store for support might be a good idea (emphasis on “might”). If you need support, we think online chat is the best way to go; it’s less frustrating than making a phone call.

The bottom line

XFINITY is for those who like speed and don’t need support

Its support needs improvement, but XFINITY has low no-contract or contract pricing and it’s raised its data caps to 1 TB—two things we like. We hope Comcast gets even better in the future, but for now it’s still a good option for internet service.

Our Recommendation: XFINITY Performance Pro

Xfinity best internet for streaming
You won’t find 75 Mbps elsewhere for a lower price or with 1 TB of data.

XFINITY’s Performance Pro plan has high speed for a good price. XFINITY’s Performance Pro plan’s 75 Mbps for $49.99 a month (one-year pricing) is a good deal.

Other options:

  • If you want to save money, the Performance Starter plan’s 10 Mbps speeds should handle most, if not all, internet needs for $29.99 a month (one-year pricing).
  • If you want TV and internet service on one bill, the Internet Plus 15 plan starts at $59.99 a month (one-year pricing).

Find the best internet providers in your area.

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    Comcast wants money for doing nothing. They charge us 29$ for speed up to 25 and we have 5-7 speed, they charged for the bill 10$ so we pay 40$ for 5-7 speed, they told us when we buy new modem its going to be fast, 100$ for new modem and nothing. I wish att was here. comcast is the worst

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    I have had Comcast for 5 years now, every year when my 12months is up and my bill for just internet skyrockets I dread calling. This year was the worst so far. Accidentally hung up on twice, transferred around to people I really didn’t need to talk to, on hold forever. Every year I down grade and down grade our service and I still end up paying more. Now I’m paying twice as much for my initial service and have 3x slower internet. If you have another option go with a different company.

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