Charter Spectrum TV Review

Charter offers basic TV services without contracts.

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Charter offers basic TV services without contracts.
Overall Rating2.5 out of 5
Contract terms:
None required

THE BOTTOM LINE: Charter leaves little confusion during the buying process. Straightforward offers come without the weight of a two-year contract, but with that comes higher monthly rates and increases. You don’t get to choose your DVR, but can add up to four DVRs for a flat rate of $19.99. Spectrum TV’s offering may seem limited, but most users will find it’s enough to fit their needs.


  • No contracts
  • Flat-rate DVR service up to 4 DVRs
  • Convenient virtual support


  • Potential price increases
  • No choice in DVR
  • Low channel counts

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Charter makes it simple to choose

TV Select$59.99/mo125+View Plan
TV Silver$79.99/mo175+View Plan
TV Gold$99.99/mo200+View Plan

Spectrum service only offers three different packages, with the difference between the first level Select and top level Gold packages being 75 more channels and $40, which is a pretty steep climb for not much more content. Considering AT&T U300 with ~390 channels is $99/month and Cox Contour’s Premier package is ~340 channels for $96/month, Charter’s 200+ channels for $99.99/month is on the weaker side. Charter’s straightforward packages could be construed as a lack of options, but this isn’t to say you won’t get what you need.

It’s important to note the lack of contract. For someone who isn’t planning on sticking around for two years, this is a blessing for avoiding early termination fees, but the downside is you could potentially see rate hikes.

“TV Select” package

The most basic package, this offering from Charter is great for anyone who doesn’t require premium channels or extensive sports coverage.

Notable channels: NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX. (Premium channels not included.)

“TV Silver” package

With 50 more channels, including three premium channels, the Silver package is a decent offering, especially considering the fact you’re not locked into a contract.

Notable channels: NFL Network, Nick Jr., DIY Network, FXM, FOX Sports, HBO, Cinemax, Showtime.

“TV Gold” package

Get everything you need with TV Gold. The top tier package includes all your favorite premium channels and important sports networks like NFL RedZone and ESPN Classic.

Notable channels: HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, The Movie Channel, Starz, Epix, Encore.

Check Charter’s site for more info on current packages, since they change occasionally.


Freedom comes at a price.

No-contract options are great for anyone who expects to move within a year or two, or otherwise doesn’t want to commit to a particular service and face potential early termination fees (ETFs). On the other hand, without an agreement established you could face rate hikes from month to month. Charter bills you in advance, so you’ll always be aware of rate increases before you actually owe, giving you an opportunity to inquire about any changes.

Charter is currently offering to buy out new customers’ existing TV contracts for up to $500 for their Triple Play service (internet/TV/phone), which could be appealing for anyone looking to switch. Triple Play comes with a DVR, so it’s worth looking into if you also need internet and phone. This offer has no definitive end date.

Additional fees

Charter comes with a broadcast TV service charge of $6.05 per month, which is par for the course. Installation for your new service costs $34.99 ($49.99 with a $15 discount), which isn’t the highest we’ve seen, but plenty of providers like DISH and DIRECTV provide installation for free. When it comes to keeping your equipment in proper working order, you can purchase the Wire Maintenance Plan for $4.99/month, which covers a basic level of “troubleshooting and repair of wires.”

You’ll want to plug in your zip to see Charter rates in your area.


You’ll get most of your favorites, but not everything. 

Charter has a large library of 10,000 On Demand choices, with over 5,000 of them being free. Over 1,500 programs are available in HD. That being said, their advertised channel counts are low compared to other brands. For example, Charter’s TV Gold service features 200+ channels at $99.99/month, whereas Optimum’s Silver package is $89.99/month for 365+ channels.

Depending on your location, the true channel counts will become clear. For example, with the ZIP code we used, the Gold level actually features 495 channels. Many of these were the HD versions of regular channels, but with Charter, HD channels are free.

Equipment and features

A lack of choices may leave you wanting more. 

EquipmentStorageRecording HoursEquipment FeeService FeeSimultaneous Recordings
DVRVariesVaries$6.99/mo$11.99/mo (one DVR)2 recordings per box. 8 max.

DVRs and receivers

Unfortunately, Charter doesn’t provide much info about their available DVRs. You don’t get to select your DVR, but the general rule of thumb is that newer customers get newer equipment; higher-paying customers get better equipment.

Charter provides you with a Spectrum TV with DVR receiver when you sign up for DVR service, but only if you get their Triple Play package. Otherwise, they charge an equipment rental fee of $6.99/month per DVR.

You’ll likely get an unspecified Motorola box or Scientific Atlantic box depending on availability. All Spectrum DVRs feature HD programming, storage for 300 SD hours/75 HD hours, and dual tuners to record two shows at once.  These stats rank low with the other TV providers’ DVRs we reviewed. Comparatively, our favorite DVR, DISH’s Hopper 3, has 2,000 SD hours/500 HD hours and the ability to record six shows at once.

DVR service for a single box is $11.99/month, but if you want to record more than two shows, any additional DVRs bump the price up to the flat rate of $19.99/month. Each DVR adds two recording slots for the ability to record eight shows total simultaneously.


With the Spectrum App, you can use your phone or tablet to watch over 170 live channels, On Demand content, and even watch downloaded shows offline. Your device can act as a remote and also program your DVR.

*Note: You can only download regular broadcast content; On Demand content is only available for streaming. More info and a breakdown of DVR options can be found on Charter’s site.

Customer service

Charter appeals to the customer with guaranteed results. 

ASCIJD PowerBlended Rating

Nobody likes waiting around for the cable guy. Charter wins points for guaranteeing a two-hour appointment window. If the technician fails to show up in the arrival window, you’ll qualify for a $20 credit on your bill.

Online support

Like most providers, Charter customer support is available 24/7. In addition, they have a Virtual Support Guide that works like a chat agent with canned responses that link to support articles (which is not much different than speaking with a real agent). It actually turned out to be quite helpful and provided information that wasn’t obvious in the checkout process, such as installation costs and broadcast fees. And while it’s not ideal that you have to use the Virtual Support Guide to find out basic info, at least you can find what you’re looking for without having to make a phone call.

Our experience

When chatting with the sales agent to clarify information, we got the standard copy-and-paste answers we’ve grown all too accustomed to when dealing with TV providers. However, the scripted sales style isn’t convoluted, and the agents make sure to answer your question—or if they can’t, they’re honest about it. You can expect a quick response that satisfies your needs, but be prepared to hear about upgrade options and add-ons.


Charter’s value is easy to see. 

Charter’s service rides the line of fair, non-contractual pricing and necessary features rather than charging you a lot for all the bells and whistles a basic user might not require. While it would be nice to have some say in which DVR you receive, chances are it will cover your needs just fine. And as always, high channel counts don’t equate to quality, and Charter carries the big names you’re after.

Our recommendation

With HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime, the Silver package is the sweet spot for Charter at $79.99. You also get their Digital Tier 1 bundle which includes the NFL Network, Nick Jr., and Cartoon Network. A single DVR should work for most homes since you can record two shows simultaneously and watch live TV for up to four rooms. And although the Wire Maintenance service doesn’t appear to be very comprehensive, for only $5 a month, it’s worth the peace of mind knowing that Charter will take care of you in the event something goes terribly wrong.

Click here for ordering information regarding Charter Spectrum TV packages.

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  • Julie Jensen

    OMG! DON’T get this “service!” Their customer service is abusive. They list a phone number to call if you have questions about your bill. It’s right on the bill. I called it and was asked several survey questions about vacationing in Florida. I wanted to speak to someone about my bill. The questions demanded answers to continue. I answered no to everything and then was asked if I wanted to register for a cruise. I checked and re-checked. I called the number ON MY BILL. I did not mis-dial. The call finally hung up on me.

    I called another number I have for Charter and got jerked around by Brianna in the Cancellation department. She said she’d take care of things and put me on hold for 10 minutes and then the call was dropped. I called back and got jerked around by Eric for another 20 minutes. He insisted on reviewing my “options” FIVE TIMES!!! Chuckling here and there… GRRRR!!!!!!!!!! All I wanted to do was cancel the service someone didn’t cancel when I called nearly a month ago and was being charged TWICE for. He would not stop with the options. I SCREAMED at him to STOP and he STILL WOULDN’T. He tried to upgrade my service and charge me more money. He was trying to sell me! He tried to say that since I had the service longer than 30 days that I had to pay for it – remember, I canceled it nearly a month ago. He said that the call was not completed so whoever I spoke to then just didn’t do their job.

    Funny thing about that – I waited on the line after she said goodbye for maybe 2 minutes so I could do the survey but no survey so I hung up.

    So, back to Eric. I reminded him of the day I started the service and today’s date. It’s been exactly 30 days. He apologized and FINALLY did what I asked. He took off the charges and canceled the service. I’ve spent over an hour on this when it should have been taken care of nearly a month ago. Now I have a headache. Thank you Charter/Spectrum. Changing your name won’t help your service. Being honest and fair is all that will work.

    • A-7E STEVE

      I started when they were TWC, I can honestly say that since they became spectrum there t.v. service is the worst. The da**ed thing keeps freezing up and asking me to ” please wait “. I have had enough. Time to get a new provider. I am cancelling twc/spectrum. They even make Dish look good.

      • Scott T.

        That stinks. Let us know how your new provider works out. We want to know.

  • Imakeugiggle

    CUSTOMER SERVICE HAS NOT CHANGED AT ALL….STILL HORRIBLE!! Just came back to Time Warner after being with Directtv the past several years. The day after they did the install I asked them to come back out because the remote in the living room was not working….they told me I would have to pay for the tech to come out!!!! Day 2 mind you!! Not to mention that the equipment is terrible from a technical aspect….even the tech that came out said that they have the cheap stuff compared to Directtv. With Direct all of their systems are better as well…Like the search for shows or setting up the recording of shows. On Demand is a joke as well with Spectrum. Spend a few bucks more and go with Directtv……I will be heading back there soon!

    • Trevor Wheelwright

      Thanks for your input, since DIRECTV is one of the nations biggest providers it’s nice to hear that you like its set-up and service!

      Feel free to jump over to our DIRECTV review and leave some positive input there for our readers!

  • mallory

    Spectrum is horrible. They dont offer whole house dvr and the customer service agents are rude. Time warner is incredibly expensive compared to others. I’m so disgusted with Spectrum. OMG. RUDE customer service, refused to give price for service after I waited for them to check for 10 minutes. HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE!

  • Matthew Smith

    I recently moved into a new house in area not covered by TWC. The last step is to return the equipment, of course. On top of the TWC services being absolutely terrible, I tried to return my equipment to a Spectrum location, being that they are the same company now right. Apparently that’s impossible, because it’s not specifically Spectrum’s equipment, although when I had a box outage, they sent a Spectrum rep? Now I have to drive 45 minutes just to return their equipment. If TWC wants their crap back, make it more convenient for your customers. Am I stupid or does it not make sense to return the equipment to the company they are supposed to be now?

  • Lisa Ramirez

    Just like some of the other reviewers, DO NOT GET THiS SERVICE. I was a TWC auto pay customer before it became spectrum and never had issues with the service, signal or payment. Life it self has forsakable things happen which can’t be prevented to the minute. I had water damage (fungus and spores invaded the walls of my home making it not livable)cause by an upper unit in my property and took me more than 4 months to get it livable, understanding that it will take me longer to go back on my property I determine to cancel all my services except the phone line (which is not land line and pay $10 extra on my alarm system for that reason) as nobody was living there I felt more secure living my alarm service. I went to spectrum offices on January to return the cable box and cancel tv and internet, I told them the property was empty and nobody living there but that I only needed the phone line due to my property been empty and me feeling more scure if something happened the alarm dispatcher can contact us on any of the phone numbers connected, hence why I didn’t return the modem as it is needed for the phone line to work so I assume it was fine and the spectrum associate didn’t specify anything just confirm my cancellation of services and I leave it like that, assuming my service is cancel and that is the end of the story. Like I said life itself has un forsakeable things happen, not even a week passed my cancellation I got rushed to the hospital with a diagnosis of a thyroid storm. I spend the majority of the month at the hospital feeling like a was fighting for my life, trying to desire wat treatment to follow and praying that I take the right one for me and my family, not a single of my thoughts where given to my spectrum service, on February I was finally better and could be in contact with my family I had radiation done and I was uncommunicated of the world. Little by little I re took my life back, still living out of the charity of relatives and friends as not a permanent address due to the water damage on my property. This month of March after not been on my property since January I got all of my mail, mostly junk mail as all of my payments ar done on line or with auto pay. I got the paper statement from Spectrum which is just a confirmation of the services paid by auto pay. This statement is $5 and change more than when I just had the bundle. I called customer service and they fought to the bone awfully unresponsive of my rant as i stated I am been terrible upset, let me just rant lady , but no, instance the “lady” been the supervisor Won’t let me rant at all until I run out of breath and then try to explain why I was charged, but oh! No I got interrupted and as a form of mechanism I interrupted back making my brain unresponsive to her explanations, in between interruptions I try to tell her in a sinical way that I was admitted at the hospital and I telling the doctor “wait do not treat me jet doctor let me confirm that my spectrum service has been cancel so I can spend the month feeling like s&@t afte treatment”. She said “well I had been admitted to the hospital before and that doesn’t mean that I don’t have to pay my obligations, and my response was as well as I know that!!! That is s why I have auto pay and that is why you got paid fo the month of February as I was prostrated on a hospital bed and I didn’t get my mail until this month of March, what I believe is unfair to me is pay for a service that I didn’t use, and her response was that I had The Who,e month of February to know I was been charge still . I have auto pay on most of “my obligations ” but it is no right that I have to pay for a service that I didn’t use in the first place and that I assume was cancel in the first place, after a while going on of with her it is a fact that she is getting me more work out than a tooth ache, so I asked to be transferred to another supervisor, she then allegedly said “this is an escalating position and I am it, I am the supervisor ” so aparantly she is the one and only supervisor so my advice to you SAVE YOUR BREATH, do not try to cancel your service on an spectrum office as aparently for what the “ms supervisor ” says it needs to be done on the telephone with a supervisor, which I am assuming she is as stated on my previous note to her response to me requesting been transferred to another supervisor.
    Keep it in mind that I wouldn’t had mind loosing the over $200 if she had let me rant for a while and then she could explain why I was stupid enough to know that my service is not considered cancel until I apparently called a supervisor to cancel.

  • JRay

    I hate Spectrum! I called because they raised my rates in November. I was given a big song and dance double-talk about packages. When I told the girl that I had whole house DVR and that I wanted it continued, she informed me that I didn’t. I told her that I most certainly did and she argued with me about it. I told her I wanted the same thing – no changes. I ended up signing for the silver package and was told the crap about being a legacy customer and that if I changed, I couldn’t go back to what I had before. That said, I expected the whole house DVR because I said I wanted the same thing and she said I would have it. Surprise! I came home today and wanted to watch a recording in another room and no way to get to it. After 25 minutes on the phone, I find out that it was not part of my package and that if I want it, I have to pay another 25/month for WHOLE HOUSE DVR. The only other option is to turn in my current extra box, which doesn’t have DVR recording capability, at the store and get a new one that will record. If I don’t do this within 5 days, the order will be cancelled and I will have to start over again. (Bet the billing will start at the first call of today – wanna bet?) I asked for the name of the president of Spectrum because I want to write him about his crummy, rip-off company, but the girl didn’t even know. i called FIOS right away to make sure our building is on the list. It isn’t in our neighborhood yet but the minute it is, I’m out. Spectrum sucks. Plus, the signal breaks up all the time or the screen freezes. Why they have all the extra moves one has to make on the remote to get to a recorded show makes TWC look good.

  • Shabana

    Since spectrum took over , our internet SUCKXXX . When I say sucks ,it literally SUCKS so bad that I want to throw their service bk to their face. We can’t even watch a movie or use anything without it freezing , breaking up or just simply not working. How irritatingly is it when u are doing some important stuff and the thing freezes. Not only it take s my motivation , it’s simply very very very frustrating. As am watching a movie right now and the internet freezes literally every 30 secs. Time to change the freaking service from spectrum. Their goes another customer who pays a lot in every bill. KEEP YOUR CRAPY SERVICE. You know the worst part is people knocking our door trying to convince to but more stuff to add. PATHETIC. U can tell am pissed. Sorry for bad review but it’s the truth n fact from our very own experience. Like what happened????

  • Carly Rios

    Never, ever, ever, ever in my life did I think I would ever be singing
    the praises of Time Warner Cable over any other company, but FOR GODS
    FURTHER!!!!!!!!! The 3 month period of outages I had to endure last
    summer while you “upgraded our internet speeds” was bad enough (thank
    you TWC for the measly but now-appreciated-in-hindsight $30 credit I
    received for that). However, I have been a TWC customer for 5 years.
    Any time I was late on a bill, I was always able to make a payment
    arrangement to avoid service interruption. And now you’ve taken away the
    ability for your customer service reps on chat and on phone to do
    payment arrangements???!!!! Literally, none of the 9 people I’ve spoken
    to over the past couple of days have been able to do anything for me.
    They tell me “the computer won’t let us do that.” “No one can override
    the computer.” “Your cut off date is the 29th, but your service could be
    lost prior to that because the computer does it and we can’t override
    it.” WHAT!!!! It is absolutely ridiculous that there is not a single
    human being in your entire organization that can help me with a payment
    arrangement, a credit, a pushback on my service cut off date, ANYTHING
    to help a customer who was with the company you recently purchased for 5
    years. Comcast sucks. TWC sucks. But SPECTRUM sucks more. I hope you go
    bankrupt, you idiots. I’m switching to Centurylink on Monday when they
    have my service activated.

  • John Dillon

    I can say I feel your pain. We have been waiting since Saturday to have our service transferred and to this day we still have no service and just a lot of lies and lip service. We will be switching providers and I would recommend that other due the same. There is no customer service to speak of. Worst company I’ve ever had to deal with. Plus they now want to jack up our price for tv, internet and phone to $350 per month. They are crazy if they think we are paying that much.

  • Claira Marie

    HORRIBLE!!!! I have had spectrum since January 27, and absolutely hate it! Hate it!!! Can’t get the remote controls to work half the time, and I know it’s not me because it’s the same thing in both rooms. I spent over a half an hour last night trying to get my bedroom TV to come on. Either the box comes on only or the TV comes on only and when I do both come on at the same time it keeps telling me there’s no signal. I still can’t get it to come on. And I have this problem all the time!!! And when your power go off for like one second it takes like 10-15 minutes for it to come back on. It is a frustrating and a complete and utter pain in the neck. I absolutely hate it! It is the worst cable that I have ever had in my entire life! And the DVR…is absolutely horrible! You can only record two shows at a time and you have to be watching one of them?! The whole purpose of recording the show is so that you DON’T HAVE to watch it right away!!!!! It’s freaking ridiculous! It’s archaic and VERY over priced! I miss my DirecTV but I can’t have it where I live. They’re the best!

    • Ron

      It’s you. Remember the remote is as dumb as user. The remote does not know if a box is on or off. It just issues a power command. Use the individual power buttons to sync tv or bad power, then one button will work again.

  • McArthurdw

    Horrible service! TV has been out for days! Totally down hill since they bought out Brighthouse Networks! Save your money!

  • PN

    I would give 0 stars if that was an option. Bright house/spectrum decides to randomly hike up set prices when they feel like it and claim that’s it’s because they have to keep with the costs they have to deal with. It’s absurd that no other company does this crap yet the supervisor went onto tell me that is actually normal across the board. No Mr. supervisor it is not. Any company but yours actually honors the price you signed up with from day 1 until the end of that contract period. Oh and I have only had them for 3 months! There is no mention of these random price hikes anywhere on their website and of course none of the agents tell you this when you call to sign up. I am quite disgusted by the BS. Oh and yea make sure you check your bills and never auto-pay because this company has not once gotten my bill right. They seem to always want to charge me more and then I sit on the phone with their customer service reps for hours every month. Sorry excuse of a company. Never again!

  • Nan Butler

    Holy cow how can a company screw up everything so fast? Ours went to Spectrum a few months ago and we have had more outages than in the past two years, the prices have soared with no notice or explanation and the workers who keep having to come out HATE the new rules, which make it much more difficult for them to do their job. It almost seems like they are trying to micro manage them, but that can’t work with a company this size! We’ve always tried to avoid the dish types, but they are looking awful good now to hundreds in our area!!!! Unbelievable ! I thought it was just local but it seems to be the same everywhere!!

  • Benjamin Mickler

    Every single day the internet and cable tv drop on the hour or so and after a few min comes back. Calling spectrum is laughable since their reps act lost and confused and never have anything helpful to offer…I was told my bill would not increase if I didn’t change my services and since I guess the tech had to come out and pretend to know what he was doing and basically told my family he’s running out of time and unsure of what’s wrong. So here I am a bill increasing by the month outrageous prices for any service comparable to my current one. I am so sick of Spectrum, and AT&T burnt me in the past by continuing to charge me for the internet I had disconnected.

    Why can’t spectrum provide internet and cable, if they bought Brighthouse didn’t they inherit their infrastructure.

    Overall I miss Brighthouse so much and I HATE SPECTRUM and their laughable customer service.

    I figure I should just go with AT&T at least when I had them I had services I could use.

  • Jeff Emerson

    Stay away from spectrum!! Worst service ever!!

  • Evelyn Braswell

    Spectrum lacks honesty or customer care. This entity believes that it can conduct business and yet not follow the rules and regulations that the FCC, LFA has. We the consumer deserve the proper protection against such companies that perge the consumer. This company believes because no contracts means no rules are regulated. Now I am going to educate myself in such matters. Worst reception and equipment with terrible care towards the consumer. This company does not give fare trade of business for the almighty dollar. Salina was my service rep and she was the most hateful soul that made me want to cancel then and there and I did and of course she would not transfer to manager or supervisor so I could lodge a complaint against her inadequate service and hateful demeanor

  • Kim Huffman

    Today I was called at 5:10 pm telling me that my cable wire was down acrossed my road and the fire department was at my house. I was just a few doors up, so I was home in a minute. The 1st responders told me that Spectrum had been called and was on their way. The 1st responders had got the cable wire above the road and tied to a tree. The cable wire was still across my driveway. After I seen everything was ok, and I could do nothing at the moment, I left at 5:45 pm. I returned home at 6:50 pm and no Spectrum truck had been here. I called Spectrum and was told a work order was in and when I technichan could be found they would come. After calling back and talking to the technical supervisor and got the same thing. There was only 45 minutes in the work day and I have contractors showing up tomorrow with their work trailer. Remember the cable is down in drivewary and workers will be here in morning. I had a call back from another supervisor, stating what I had already heard. Whenever a tech was available they would be here. I stated that won’t help my contractors first thing in morning. I told them if the cable ever came down again across the road, I hope I was home and wouldn’t have the 1st responders move it out of the road and maybe I would get service, cause if someone got hurt due to bad service it would be on them. Their rates have went up, and service went down.

  • ani brioso

    I also RECOMMEND NOT USING SPECTRUM. THEIR SERVICE IS HORRIBLE. I have lost power for over 3 hours, twice in a month. Then on a regular basis, late at night, the power will go out or off and on several times. If I am working on my computer it will mess me up while working. In the first year, after I signed with Spectrum, prices were good. Once the year passed, they raise your prices and DO NOT CARE TO NEGOTIATE WITH YOU TO KEEP YOU AS A CLIENT. I am currently looking into finding another company

    • Ron

      What a moron. What does loosing power have to do with Spectrum

  • Jordan Watkins

    O well Bye TV and Phone come July 15 Spectrum is way to high much higher than Time Warner Cable was. They want a extra almost 60 dollars. For the same exact same plan I have currently. Then they wonder why people are leaving cable companies.

    • Scott T.

      Yeah, we don’t like the nonsensical price increases either. We usually have to call and act like we’re cancelling to get the same price as we were paying before.

  • drturl .

    Charter Spectrum is the WORST in terms of cost but especially customer service. We’ve been paying $213.00/month forever. We had a family emergency and mailed out a check late. I actually made 4 phone calls to CS to let them know and they said there was nothing ghey could do, our service would be cut off and indeed, they cut off our service (phone, cable TV and internet) this company could not get any worse foe providing decent customer service to paying people. IF YIU CAN MAKE THE SWITCH THESE PEOPLE REALLY DO SUCK BADLY. We have tolerated horrible customer service because if lack of competition. It’s THE ONLY REASON. We are now cancelling our service.

  • Suzanne

    Do not use Spectrum! My elderly mother has not had phone service for 3 days now and the earliest they can come out is 6/9 from 4-5? Really? Sat on the phone with them yesterday for over an hour the tech would call my son’s cell to confirm.

    This never happened and when I called them the second time 2 days is the best you can do? She has no service and cannot call out or receive calls. This is not acceptable. What if there is an emergency?

    Steer clear of Spectrum! We roll he switching both her and our services!

  • Levorne

    Spectrum is horrible they keep changing, replacing or taking away channels. Replacement with some kind of home made movies for example bounce to something called TBD and also got rid of grit. They will continue to lose customers.

  • Merry Reyes

    Spectrum cable is a disaster. I cut off of my cable and phone after I received a bill with 20 extra added. My triple bundle went from 148 dollars to 165 dollars. I called a representative and they basically told me that my promotional price had ended and that was the new price. They also said that I was still receiving a 40 dollar discount, which would mean that without the discount it be about 200 dollars. 165 dollars is still expensive considering I only had basic channels with no premium channels added to my account. And they charge a variety pass fee if you want other basic channels, which should be included in the basic channels package. My internet service was suppose to be 300mbps and it was never close to be lightening fast. My netflix was always buffering. Even with the modem they provided, which is suppose to make it go faster, didn’t. I was basically being charged lump sums of money for a service that is completely poor. Spectrum has stated that they want to give out quality service to customer, but they are not. From what I heard they are losing customers and they will continue to lose them, based on their new terrible tactics.

  • Tyjuana PhoenixEyes Adams

    On June 26, 2017, I call the 1-855-222-0102 number and set up an appointment for the hours of 8 to 10 to have my box and modem checked. They never showed. When I called the local number 407-291-2500 they stated there was no record of any call or appointment being made. However, when I called the 1-855-222-0102, they stated there was a record of the rep putting in for an appointment, but it looks as though it didn’t go through, like it had been kicked out by the scheduling department. So, now I have to suffer and wait for another appointment tomorrow, when it should be today. As soon as I find a review page I will put on it that Spectrum customer service is not what they claim on TV. Because right now the pixels on my TV are messed up and the volume goes in and out and the internet is having thinking problems. And a service that use to come along with the company messing up was a 20 dollar discount off the bill when the company messed up, but I guess the company thinks it doesn’t make mistakes. Well it made one heck of a mistake today. So, now instead of one day of waiting on an incompetent company, I now have to wait two days. Very bad company and customer service.

  • Joe Gordon

    After ten years with Charter (now Spectrum), I think I’ve had more technical issues with Charter than with every other service of any type over my entire life… combined. But they hold a monopoly in this area, so I have to stick with this horrible company. Their answer to every technical question is to reset your cable modem and hope the problem goes away. Sometimes that works. Most of the time, I just give up and hope the problem goes away on its own. Sometimes that works, too. Some customer reps are polite, some aren’t. Some know a little bit about the service, some don’t. If you persist in trying to get decent service, they will “escalate” your problem report. I have never, in the entire ten years I’ve struggled to get the service they’ve promised, ever had them follow up on an escalation. Some day we will move and I look forward to finally cancelling Charter service. I worry that the alternatives are just as bad.

  • Eveready

    Like the previous posters said: Charter system is in the dark ages. My house has been “rewired” to solve any connections problems. The boxes and system simply are trash, it is hopeless. Please, another cable company enter my market.

  • Flora McFadden

    I am so so so sick of being called by their sales reps wanting me to add cable to my internet and phone service. I have told them I do not and will never want to add cable service. I have asked that they stop calling me to no avail. I switched from ATT because of their crappy internet, but at least they didn’t call me daily!! I am trying to work people. STOP CALLING ME!!

  • Dodger

    This is NOT customer service. I was HUNG UP ON by a “customer service” representative today while trying to understand my account and billing issues. I encourage anyone to find the recorded transcripts of my conversations with 3 of your employees, passing me off to the next department. I was in NO WAY difficult to talk to or argumentative, there is absolutely NO REASON to hang up on a current customer! Is this what Spectrum customer service looks like? I will NOT remain with a company that does not listen to its customers AND raises my monthly bill every year.

  • James Fisher

    We stitched to Time Warner now Spectrum for better service and billing after talking to a representative and their commercials, we never received what they promised, slow internet, Tv was always freezing up and the phone dropped out we’ve had reps out and have made numerous calls. That’s another thing, when you do call a lot of times your having to talk to someone in India or Philippines. One of the biggest reasons we switched is the last company we were with would raise prices without contacting the customer. Spectrum is no different. I now know customer service is the thing of the past. As a regular Joe you’re just stuck dishing out all your hard earned cash to these arrogant companies. This is what happens when our politicians allow monopolies. I rate Spectrum as liars and on a scale of 1 to 10 – 10 being best – Rated a -1

  • James Fisher

    I forgot to mention what really set me off today and that when we received out new bill today it had increased by $20.00 dollars so when I tried to call Spectrum the automated person said there would be a $5.00 dollar charge to speak with someone. Really !!!

  • Kathy-kade Sanford

    Canceled my service and was told my balance would be $47. My husband took back our two boxes, remotes, cables and modem. I was charged for not returning 2 modems! Keep in mind first, I had ONE modem and second, the equip was returned!

    New bill was almost $400.

    Buyers BEWARE!!!!!!

    I do not recommend using Charter!

  • Maldonado Riddick

    I applied for service. They processed our payment and gave us an installation date. Today was that day. 8-9 or 9-10. I was up at 0730 waiting. At 1030 my wife call the tech says no one answered. What house did he go to. I have 3 German Shepard. If I didn’t hear him they would. If you don’t want to work don’t except the job. They said he called us but we didn’t answer. How do you answer a line that we don’t have cause THEY are going to install it. Honor your obligations. New name same horrible service.

  • I’m Done

    I HATE SPECTRUM!! They tell you one price and say you will have all the same channels but you don’t. Then nobody can honor the price you were quoted. Appointment set for Directv on Thursday.

  • Maryann

    I am extremely disappointed with spectrum. Paying for all the channels and then finding that perhaps, if I am lucky, I can get to see them 3 or 4 times a week. What am I paying for. I am tired of seeing the message – this channel is temporarily unavailable. – try again later – almost every night !!! You are generous with your 2.

  • John Bierkamp

    Well I’m glad I read these reviews before switching my service. I currently have dish, which I like but was looking for something a bit cheaper. I’ve had direct TV and they are a joke, terrible equipment, terrible customer service and terrible reception not to mention the insane price increases. Looks like I’m sticking with dish Network.

  • TMZ2

    Just wanted to add I joined Time Warner Cable and was ok with them. Merging with Charter to create Spectrum was not what I wanted. Spectrum didn’t exactly handle the merger well. Twc customers put on a legacy service. They will hopefully not be removed as we get everything we had before. My only concern is the cost for a dvr doubled so I don’t have a dvr. That’s thirty bucks more.
    I don’t know about anybody elses cable bills or packages or rates, but Spectrum is a bit expensive. Still if I was dumped to a Spectrum package then just keeping internet and moving to Directv Now because I want the same channels I have. There was confusion about Spectrum and services they offer and changes following merger. But I got to keep my packages. But this year it only went up less than thirty bucks from 147 to 170. Had it gone up further I would have switched.
    By next year may test Directv Now or look at UVerse if it is around. It is more about cost than customer service. I thought getting on a bundle would lower rates. So far the cost is so-so. The taxes and fees are what kill me.
    Service has been great though. With Time Warner Cable we had outages a lot. With Spectrum the big issue was confusion about merger.
    My original bundle with phone was to be 89.99 but with taxes and fees started at 118 bucks, but I did order an additional package and they increased internet speeds. However they put me on the Internet plan. It was done to all customers. The merger came two years later.
    I maybe staying with tv depending on what is worked out. The competitor UVerse I had three years but the price jumped. AT&T Buying DTV another mess. There may not even be a UVerse service. I could live with Directv Now if it has channels/packages I want and keep my internet service with Spectrum. I’m afraid I may have to shop for a internet provider if the net rates jump and honestly I need to keep the phone service. I’m not messing with a sat dish. It all comes down to what the cost will be next year or if I can live with a modifications. Would love to be on a service where I can afford a dvr. Directv Now doesn’t have it yet.

  • A.V. pissed

    Spectrum is WAY OVERPRICED. Cable gets away with raises for what they provide.I have a choice of 1 provider in my area. Isn’t that a monopoly?

  • Sam

    What I can’t understand If you are a loyal customer they want to screw you. new customers get all the best deals. I was told a month ago to call back in a month and they are going to give old customers a new and better deal But i was told from Showana badge # 17376 If she wasn’t telling a lie that i can cancel service but she is not doing anything for me but take some channels away and give me a five dollar discount I pay over 200.00 a month from my home and i use them for my business they will lose my business from my home and my business THEY SUCK

  • Jen

    On Demand never works when I’m getting ready for work in the morning. You have to reboot it everyday for it to move past one episode and the reboot takes about 5-10 minutes. We’ve contacted them and they send “refresh signals”, then you have to reboot. Now I don’t even call, I just reboot. We pay too much money to have to deal with On Demand, that isn’t on demand. Weren’t they supposed to have uodated technology when they took over Time Warner? This is a daily problem. I agree, a two is too generous for this company.

  • Jennie

    I have internet service with Spectrum cable. My bill was $45 a month. 9 months ago I added a landline which brought my bill to $68 dollars a month. I no longer need the landline and canceled it today. But spectrum is saying my bill will now be $70 a month without the landline. Tell me how that makes sense? I will be shopping around and changing services. Apparently they do not care either.

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