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Tshaka Armstrong
Tshaka Armstrong
Tshaka is a nerd and Griot. Founder of the non-profit digital literacy organization Digital Shepherds, he’s also been a broadcast technology reporter, writer, and producer. In addition to being an award-winning broadcast storyteller, he’s also covered tech online and in print for everything from paintball gear technology, to parenting gadgets. He blathers on about his many curiosities on social media everywhere as @tshakaarmstrong.
Best Cell Phones for Mobile Gaming
In this video, our mobile gaming experts look at the quality of the gaming experience of four smartphones to help you pick the best cell phone for gaming.
What’s Going On with Apple’s Fortnite Ban?
Love playing Fortnite on your Apple or Android phone? Tshaka breaks down how the current mess between Apple and Epic Games (plus Google and Facebook) affects you.
TCL 10L Smartphone Deep Dive Review
In this video, smartphone expert Tshaka Armstrong reviews the TCL 10L, a budget phone with an attractive price point and impressive display.
Apple iPhone SE (2020): A Phone for Our Times
In this video, smartphone expert Tshaka Armstrong reviews the Apple iPhone SE (2020), a budget phone that still has high-end features.
OnePlus 8 Pro: A Premium Phone That Won’t Break the Bank
In this video, smartphone expert Tshaka Armstrong reviews the OnePlus 8 Pro, a premium phone that won’t break the bank.
Samsung Galaxy Note10 Smartphone Deep Dive Review
In this video, cell phone expert Tshaka Armstrong reviews the Samsung Galaxy Note10 smartphone, including the cameras, the price, and S Pen.
Motorola Moto G7 Smartphone Review
In this video review, our mobile phone expert Tshaka Armstrong rates the Motorola Moto G7 smartphone's interface, cameras, and budget-friendly price.
Nokia 7.2 Smartphone Review
If you're looking for a budget smartphone, check out our video review of the Nokia 7.2's design, software, and cameras.
OnePlus 7T Budget Smartphone Review 2020
Want a new phone but don't want to drop $1,000? Tshaka walks us through the ups and downs of the OnePlus7T, the budget(ish) smartphone that tries to play in the same league as its more famous counterparts.
LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen Smartphone Review 2020
The LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen is not a foldable phone, but it's a capable multitasker with cameras that take solid photos for half the price.
Samsung Galaxy S10e Review 2020
Want to avoid spending $1,000 on your next phone? The Samsung Galaxy S10e offers plenty of flagship specs without the flagship price. Read our review to learn more.
iPhone 11 Review 2020
Looking to buy a new iPhone? Read our review to see how the iPhone 11 stacks up against previous generations and to learn whether or not you should upgrade.

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