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Dec 10, 2021
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We’ll help you find the best internet, TV, or cell phone provider in your town

Consider us your tag team partner as you search. We’ll hunt down the details for all the internet, TV, and mobile providers in your area so you can easily compare prices, channels, internet speeds, and data.

Wanna dig into the fine print? Done. We cover the pros and cons, highlight any gotchas, and help you pinpoint which plan is the best deal with our expert reviews.

Not sure what channels you need, how much mobile data you should get, or how fast your internet should be? We’re here to help. Our experts crafted quick guides to help you decide.

What are the best TV, internet, and cell phone providers?

For internet and traditional TV service, finding the best providers in your area depends on where you live. That’s why we use your zip code to help narrow down your search into a personalized list.

But in general, these are the mobile, TV, and internet providers our experts gave two thumbs up.

The best TV, internet, and cell phone providers in the US

Provider and service type
Best for
Monthly price range
Learn more
XfinityXfinity Internet
Best valueMax download speed: 1,000 Mbps
VerizonVerizon Fios Home Internet
Best fiber prices and speedsMax download speed: Up to 940 Mbps
ViasatViasat Internet
Best satellite internetMax download speed: 100 Mbps
Best all-around satellite TV Max channels: 290+
XfinityXfinity TV
Best cable TVMax channels: 220+
VerizonVerizon Fios TV
Best fiber TVMax channels: 425+
VerizonVerizon Wireless
Best cell phone coverage$70–$90/moUp to 75 GB data softcap
T MobileT-Mobile
Best wireless speed performance$60–$85/mo50 GB data softcap
VisibleVisible Wireless
Best family plan$40/moSpeeds slowed during high-traffic hours
Xfinity MobileXfinity Mobile
Best mobile + internet bundle$45/mo20 GB data softcap

What are the best internet service providers?

Most of us have only a couple of options when it comes to internet, which can make finding a good internet service provider (ISP) difficult.

But our internet experts found that the following ISPs generally provide reliable service for reasonable prices.

  1. Comcast Xfinity: Best value for your money (Read Review)
  2. Verizon Fios Home Internet: Best fiber internet speeds (Read Review)
  3. CenturyLink: Best for price lock (Read Review)
  4. AT&T Fiber: Also a great fiber internet pick (Read Review)
  5. Viasat: Best rural internet (Read Review)

What to look for when buying internet

Oh, internet. You’re great when you work, but when you don’t, you’re a nightmare. Here’s what to look for when you shop for internet so you can (hopefully) avoid the “no internet connection” apocalypse.

Need help paying your internet bill?

You might qualify for an internet subsidy. Check out our guide on the Affordable Connectivity Program to see if you qualify and which ISPs participate.

What are the best TV service providers?

If your personalized list of TV providers includes one of these, it’s worth giving them extra consideration.

Why? Because our TV experts found that these particular companies offer something special, whether it’s budget prices, standout channel selection, or other compelling perks.

  1. DISH: Best satellite TV service (Read Review)
  2. Xfinity: Best cable TV service (Read Review)
  3. Verizon Fios: Best fiber TV service (Read Review)
  4. Fubo TV: Best live TV streaming service (Read Review)
  5. Netflix: Best on-demand streaming service (Read Review)

What to look for when shopping for TV service

Comparing TV providers is like trying to play a game of 52 pickup in the dark. It’s hard to figure out which one has the better channel lineup for a better price. And streaming services make comparison even more difficult with their original shows and ever-changing lineup.

In general, here’s what our TV experts look for when deciding whether or not a TV provider or streaming service offers a good deal:

What are the best cell phone providers?

You’ve likely heard of the big three mobile providers: AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. (RIP Sprint.) But have you heard of mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) like Mint Mobile and Tracfone?

Here’s a quick look at how all these cell phone providers stack up, according to our mobile experts.

  1. Verizon Wireless: Best nationwide coverage (Read Review)
  2. T-Mobile: Best 4G LTE and 5G speeds (Read Review)
  3. Xfinity Mobile: Best mobile + internet bundle (Read Review)
  4. Visible Wireless: Cheapest family plan (Read Review)
  5. Mint Mobile: Cheapest unlimited data plan (Read Review)

What to look for when buying a new cell phone plan

Thinking of swapping carriers? Or maybe it’s time to say “¡Adios!” to your parents’ cell phone plan?

Whatever the case, here are the things our experts recommend looking for before you sign up for a new mobile plan. next zip logo
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Here’s what other folks are asking about TV, internet, and cell phone service.

Your service zip code, or the one you’ll want to enter into our zip code tool, is where you hope to get TV, internet, or cell phone service.

If you’re about to move to a new home, make sure you use your new zip code and not your old one.

The cable internet service near you depends on your location. Comcast Xfinity has the widest availability and is most likely available in your area, but you may also find other cable internet providers like Cox, RCN, or Spectrum.

The cable TV providers available in your area depend on where you live. You’re most likely to find Comcast Xfinity in your hometown, since its service area covers almost the entire US. But other cable TV providers, like Spectrum, Cox, and Optimum, might also be available near you.

To get cable internet service, you’ll need a cable modem and wireless router that are supported by your provider. Some ISPs provide you with a modem and router for an extra monthly rental fee, or you might be able to buy your own.

You can definitely bundle your cell phone, internet, and TV service together. Companies like Xfinity, Spectrum, and Optimum (under Altice Mobile) now offer mobile phone service along with their internet and TV service and will typically give you a large discount for adding a cell phone plan.

We’ve also noticed that Verizon tends to offer discounts if you add one of its cell phone plans to your internet or TV service.

Yes, most providers let you add internet to your existing cable TV service, or vice versa. We suggest calling your provider to see if they’re offering any deals for bundling your services together—sometimes you’ll get a happy surprise when you want to add internet to your TV service.

Some cable companies offer advantages if you bundle their services together. These advantages can include the following:

  • Discounts on one or more service
  • A combined bill for all services
  • Special offers on bundles
  • Dealing with one versus multiple companies

If you’re considering bundling services with a cable company, we recommend calling them to see if any special discounts or deals are available.

Verizon Fios Home Internet is a great choice as an internet provider based on customer satisfaction surveys, reliability, and some intensely fast internet speeds. Our internet experts regularly recommend it as one of their top choices due to all these factors, and we’ve covered them all in our Verizon Fios Home Internet review.

The cost for bundling your Verizon Fios Home Internet with its Fios TV service ranges from $89.99 to $169.99 a month, depending on the internet speed you choose and which TV channel package you select.

Our experts recommend 100 Mbps download speeds as a good starting point for most families. Of course, what you do online and who you share your internet with may mean you need more speed—or that you can get away with less.

Take a peek at our internet speed guide for ways to calculate just how much internet speed you need.

How much cell phone data you need depends on what you do with your phone while not on Wi-Fi. We’ve got some easy tips and tricks to figure out how much mobile data you need—you might even save a buck or two if you don’t need unlimited data.

The wireless carriers that use Verizon’s network include the following:

  • Visible Wireless
  • Xfinity Mobile
  • Reach Mobile
  • Lively! (formerly Greatcall)
  • Total Wireless
  • Page Plus
  • Red Pocket
  • Twigby
  • Ting
  • Tracfone
  • Net10
  • Straight Talk
  • US Mobile
  • Pix Wireless

Swapping from another cell phone carrier to Verizon might seem daunting, but it’s usually pretty easy. Your best bet is to pop into a Verizon Wireless store and have one of the service reps help you. Make sure you bring the following items with you:

  • Your name and address
  • The account number on your old carrier’s bill
  • Your old password or PIN
  • Your cell phone’s ESN/IMEI number (usually found on the back of your phone or under the battery)

And don’t forget to back up all the family photos, sweet text messages, and voice memos on your old phone just in case! (Heads up: Voicemails normally don’t transfer.)

Although Sprint is now part of T-Mobile, some providers still use its network. Here’s a list of wireless carriers that currently use or previously used Sprint’s network:

  • Gen Mobile (now on T-Mobile)
  • Tello Mobile (now on T-Mobile)
  • Boost Mobile (now on T-Mobile)
  • CREDO Mobile (now on Verizon)
  • Red Pocket (now on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon)
  • Twigby (now on Verizon)
  • Ting (now on T-Mobile)
  • Pix Wireless (now on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon)
  • Tracfone (now on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon)
  • TextNow (likely on T-Mobile)
  • Republic Wireless (now on T-Mobile)
  • Net10 Wireless (now on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon)
  • Google Fi (now on T-Mobile and US Cellular)
  • Straight Talk (now on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon)
  • Virgin Mobile (no longer operating)