Can I Use a VPN with Netflix?

Yes. When you have the right VPN, using Netflix is simple. A VPN allows you to connect to another server so that you can keep your information private. It won’t matter to Netflix whether you connect through your own server or using a different one via VPN.

Check with the VPN service you’re using. Many VPNs offer instructions on their website for how to use your VPN with Netflix.

How can I watch Netflix with a VPN?

Look on your VPN provider’s website for VPN instructions with Netflix. For example, ExpressVPN has clear directions for how to watch Netflix with a VPN. They break it down into three easy steps on their website.

For most VPNs, it’s as simple as connecting your device to your VPN service and then logging into Netflix. You’ll want to pick a server that’s located in the US, or you might not be able to find that show you were binging last weekend.

What are the best VPNs for streaming movies?

In order to stream movies and shows, you need a VPN that won’t slow down your internet too much. You’ll also want a VPN that offers a reliable connection. Multiple server options doesn’t hurt either. After researching the fastest VPNs from trusted brands, we’ve created a list of VPNs best for streaming.

As far as using Netflix goes, just make sure to check whether the VPN you’re using has instructions saying it works with Netflix. Netflix blocks some VPNs, so you won’t be able to connect when using one. However, Netflix won’t detect certain VPNs, like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, which are perfectly safe to use.

Why does Netflix block VPNs?

Netflix blocks VPNs it detects because Netflix doesn’t have the right to air certain content in every country. Netflix offers different TV shows and movie options in various countries, so using a VPN server in a different country while watching Netflix gets complicated.

That’s why many VPN providers (like ExpressVPN, for example) instruct you to connect to a server in the United States. To avoid streaming any content illegally, make sure you follow the instructions for using your VPN with Netflix.

Is it legal to watch Netflix with a VPN?

Yes, watching Netflix with a VPN is perfectly legal in the United States, so long as you’re following the user policy of your VPN client.

If you’re using a VPN that Netflix can detect, then Netflix likely won’t allow you to watch content through your connection. The worst thing that can happen is Netflix won’t allow you to use that VPN. There are many other VPN options that work with Netflix.

Will a VPN slow down my internet?

VPNs always slow your internet down a little. Whether or not you’ll notice depends on a variety of factors.

Some factors that affect your internet speed include:

  • The distance between your physical location and your VPN server location
  • The encryption type your VPN uses
  • Whether your server has bandwidth limitations

The first is pretty self explanatory. Pay attention to the location of the VPN server you’re using. Usually, the further you are from the server you connect to, the slower your internet will be. Connect to a server close to your location for faster internet speeds.

The type of encryption your VPN uses can also affect your speed. PPTP is one of the fastest VPN encryptions. If you’d like to know more about encryption characteristics and bandwidth limitations, check out this article about VPN security.

If you want to test your internet speed, we offer a free speed test you can use. To figure out how much your VPN slows your internet, use the speed test while downloading a file, both with your VPN switched off and on. You can compare the speeds from both tests to see if there’s a major difference. Remember, every VPN will undoubtedly slow your internet at least slightly.

If you’re interested in learning more, we go in greater depth about how a VPN slows your internet here.

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