US Netflix vs. UK Netflix: Which Has Better Content?

Chyelle Dvorak
Nov 11, 2020
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There are already so many differences between the US and UK in the English language alone—Brits take “holidays,” but Americans call it “vacation.” But what about Netflix? Netflix offers thousands of movies and TV shows, but it’s different depending on the country you’re watching from.

While you might have access to Parks and Recreation in the US, you might not be able to watch the same show in the UK. Here is the info you need to know about the difference between US Netflix vs. UK Netflix.

What’s unique about UK Netflix?

UK Netflix has just over 5,000 titles to choose from.1 The UK has the fourth largest Netflix library in the world, right behind Canada.1 But when it comes to TV shows, the UK places second, while the US is first.

So what does this mean in terms of content available? Just because a country has more movie options doesn’t necessarily mean the content is better. It ultimately comes down to preference. The popular drama and comedy called Hustle is available in the UK but not the US—apparently there are some differences when it comes to humor between both countries.

You can also watch all the episodes of Doctor Who, a British science fiction series about time travel. The movie Eat Pray Love is also exclusively available in the UK. UK Netflix is known for being extremely fast, while the US airs content months after it’s released, movies in the UK sometimes appear on Netflix within days.

What’s unique about US Netflix?

The most impressive aspect of US Netflix is the amount of titles to pick from. With roughly 5,600 titles, the US has the largest Netflix library in the world.1 There’s a wide variety of shows, from political dramas like The West Wing to the sitcom New Girl (both of which are unavailable in the UK). Movies like Million Dollar Baby and The Help are also available only in the US.

What other differences exist between US Netflix and UK Netflix?

Aside from content, price is one of the biggest differences. In the UK, plans range anywhere from 6 to 12 euros per month (or from $7.09 to $14.20). This is less expensive than US Netflix, which costs anywhere from $8.99 to $15.99 per month.

After the difference in pricing, there are more similarities than anything. Both countries offer 4K and HDR content, which has to do with screen resolution and color contrast. The quality of the movie itself is the same in both countries. No matter which country you watch from, your TV shows will have the same screen quality that makes Netflix so popular.

Why does it matter which country has better Netflix?

So you might be wondering, if Netflix is different for every country, and I only have access to my country’s content, then why does it matter which country has better movies? The truth is, many people use a VPN in order to access Netflix in another country.

A VPN will make it appear as though you’re located in a different country by changing your server location. Once someone does this, they can log onto Netflix and watch content from almost anywhere in the world.

However, this quickly becomes complicated. The reason Netflix shows vary in different countries is because of copyright laws. Long story short, it’s important that you don’t violate any user agreements of both Netflix and the VPN you’re using. You should never use a VPN to participate in illegal activity. VPNs are useful for protecting your privacy and keeping your information secure.

Traveling is another reason you might be interested in the differences between US Netflix and UK Netflix. If you’re going on a business trip to the UK, it helps to know when Frasier won’t be available. Whereas, Amazon Prime allows you to download certain videos to watch in other countries, Netflix does not.

If you want to check which shows are available in the UK, you can always use a region lookup tool. That way you can see what you’ll be able to watch beforehand. Which, if you’re someone who loves planning your trips right down to your Netflix show, this may be helpful.

When should you choose a different VPN?

If you are trying to connect to Netflix from another country and it doesn't quite work, you might consider using a different VPN altogether. Some VPN apps work better at connecting to other countries than others. You can find a few of the best VPN apps in our round-up that includes links to full reviews. Here are a few of the top VPN apps for streaming.

Best VPN for streaming comparison

Speed test
Number of servers


132 Mbps




90 Mbps


Hotspot Shield


83 Mbps


Private Internet Access


65 Mbps




60 Mbps


Data effective 5/26/2020. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

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