Top Ten Hidden Gems on Roku

Your guide to the top ten unknown features on your Roku device.

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Craig Hanks
YouTube Channel Manager & Streaming Expert
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June 10, 2021
6 min read

Today, we are talking about the top 10 free hidden gems on Roku. Now I've done a few of these videos before, but I am especially excited for this one. I found some really good ones for you guys.

Let's get to what you came for, which is the top 10 free hidden gems on Roku.

So I'm going to go over to my Roku device here. It's actually a Roku TV, and I'm going to skip past all the stuff we know about, Netflix, HBO Max, Peacock, whatever.

And I'm going to come down to my first one, which is Stir. Now, Stir is kind of a... it's a cable alternative. Now there are a few of these out there.

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The Lego Channel

Moving right along, if you've got kids, this one is going to be big. Now, if you've got kids, you're probably getting Disney+ or using PBS Kids or something like that. But check out the Lego channel.

I highlighted this one a little while ago, but it has stuck with me. The Lego channel is getting used in our house, believe it or not.

So the Lego channel will let you kind of pick what theme you want to go with, which brand or whatever, but you can also just go right here to skip this screen.

There we go. Yeah, skip this screen and you can see everything that's on offer. Lego has a ton of programs available. This one, yeah, I mean to say it's commercial support is a little bit of a stretch because the whole thing is a commercial for Lego, right?

So if that's alright with you, then they do have some fun programs that I'm sure that your kids will enjoy. And hey, maybe you will too. Speaking of which, if you want to keep kids entertained with something classic, let's go down here to Baby Boomer Cartoons.

Baby Boomer Cartoons

When you go to Baby Boomer Cartoons, this is stuff that's in the public domain that your Gen X-ers grew up with or whatever. I mean, when we're talking classic, we're talking real classic, Betty Boop, Bugs Bunny, all that sort of thing. So yeah, you can click through here and find some of these ultra classic cartoons.

Similarly, if it's not about the cartoons, you can go over to Baby Boomer TV, and watch things like Mr. Ed or whatever. There we go.. The Lucy Show, Mr. Ed, Dick Van Dyke, all sorts of stuff on here that would appeal to people of a certain generation and frankly, kind of me too.

Sometimes I'm in a mood and I want to watch the Dick Van Dyke Show. Yeah, not bad.

CW Seed

Now we talked about stuff for kids, whether it's Baby Boomer Cartoons or the Lego channel, but for the young adult audience out there or the teenagers out there, the CW is huge and CW Seed is great.

So CW Seed is going to have a lot of the programs that run on the CW, but you can watch them for free here.

Now again, this is going to be commercial supported like most of these things, so watch out for that. But once we're in here, yeah, you can go through and check out all lot of really good programming from the CW and their partners.

And yeah, not much more to it than that, but a lot of people know about the CW, but don't know about CW Seed. So go check that one out.

The NASA Channel

For our next one, do you like space?

Of course, you do. Everybody likes space. So go to the NASA channel.

NASA has a lot of programs that they produce and they also have a lot of live feeds that they have for you. So you can watch the Mars Rover land, just like check out that clip or you can check out their live feed.

This live feed right here is a satellite image as it's orbiting the earth and so you get a lot of really cool images that you can simply put on your TV if you just want something kind of in the background there. It's really quite something.


And if you prefer the fictionalized version of space, then go check out Dust.

Dust is a sci-fi channel that again, I've highlighted this before on these top 10 videos, but I want to do it again because it is really cool.

If you enjoy sci-fi programming, then Dust is for you. It's mostly shorter stuff, so short films anywhere from five minutes to 20 minutes that are all sci-fi based. They do have other stuff on here. It's not just shorts, but that kind of makes up the bulk of what I've seen on here anyway. Yeah. If you like sci-fi, check out Dust for sure.

Court TV

Court TV is an interesting one.

This one is, well, it's all about that. It's court TV.

So live streams of court cases that are ongoing. You can also get some short on demand pieces as well if you want to go through and check out some of that. So if you love the drama of court, then this one is a must have.


You ever shop on TV? Well, now you can shop streaming, right? So if you're paying for cable to go on QVC or HSN, well, you don't have to do that anymore.

Cut that cord, get on Roku, and you can get these same channels, all the same stuff right here for free. I mean, of course it's free. You're getting on there to shop, right?

So you're going to be paying for stuff, but this app is free for you. You can get the live feeds from QVC and HSN and all of the associated versions of those or you can go in if you have a type of thing in mind that you're looking for, they've got categories that you can go through.

You can go through kitchen, fashion, garden, et cetera, and find whatever you're looking for on these shopping networks for free.

The stuff isn't free, but hey, at least the channel is.


Okay, next up. Let's talk about Vevo and Xite. Now, technically it's Vevo by Xite, but I'm including both of these, even though they're basically the same thing.

You might have heard of Vevo If you've ever watched a music video on YouTube, but they've got their own app. Here's the deal. With both of these like I said, they're both essentially the same thing.

You can pop in here and yeah, there you go, Vevo powered by Xite and watch music videos. Now it's going to give you some instructions here, press up to like it, press right to skip. Because this is free, it's not the premium version, you can't search for something.

You can't call up a specific music video, but you can skip through these. Oh, got it. You can skip through these and find the next video on here. And then you can press the OK button to pull up different genres. Okay, here we go.

I can find genres, I can do different collections, decades, whatever. And so if I'm really into, I don't know, indie wave and then it will shuffle music videos through there. So you will watch commercials every once in a while after a few videos, but for the most part, it just kind of cycles through these videos.

It's fantastic if you just want something on in the background while you're doing dishes or if you've got a party going on. Remember when parties happen before COVID? That was awesome. So yeah. Music videos through Vevo or Xite, like I said, both basically the same thing.

I want to highlight Fawsome here. Fawesome, forever awesome TV and movies. Horrible name, great content. So you come in here, it's a lot like watching something like Tubi, something like that. It's just that most of the shows on here are going to be a little further down that quality totem pole.

Sometimes that's just what you're looking for. But anyway, so you can come through here and browse just like you would on Netflix or to be, or whatever else. You can browse by genre or you can just go through their homepage and see what it is is that you might like watching.

Wrap up

So there you have it. There's a bunch of free hidden gems out there. Now I promised you, I would show you how I found all of these.

Some of it is simple Google searching, but there's something you can do on your Roku right now if you want to find your own hidden gems. So I'm going to hit my home button, come down here to streaming channels and just browse. Okay.

Craig Hanks
Written by
Craig Hanks
Craig is a long-time writer, presenter, and podcaster, and he now runs the YouTube channel, where he strives to be far more charming and presentable than he is in real life. Within the umbrella, he has accidentally become a streaming expert after covering the streaming wars for almost three years. Craig is also the founder and host of The Legendarium Podcast, his outlet for his love of fantasy and sci-fi literature.

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