NFL Sunday Ticket, although expensive, offers an unprecedented level of features and access — worth every penny to hardcore fans.
nfl sunday ticket
NFL Sunday Ticket, although expensive, offers an unprecedented level of features and access — worth every penny to hardcore fans.
Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5
Starting around $50/mo
Games Available:
REDZONE Channel:
With Max Plan

Football fans know that your home team is not location-dependent. NFL SUNDAY TICKET lets you follow any game, any team, and any players, no matter where you live. NFL SUNDAY TICKET and NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX are DIRECTV’s premier service for football fans, offering every game of the season every Sunday, along with a host of extra coverage, stats, and highlights for the other six days of the week.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET is a great value if you want to follow multiple teams through the season or if your favorite team is in another state. For the ultimate fan, it gives an unprecedented inside perspective of the NFL season, from the first game to the Super Bowl. With so much coverage, it’s also a great way to keep up with your fantasy league. You can follow your favorite players and see who’s having the season of their career.


RED ZONE ChannelNoYes
DIRECTV Fantasy ZoneNoYes
Live streaming on laptop, tablet, phone and other devicesYesYes
Mix channelsYesYes
Player trackerYesYes
Real-time player stats and scoresYesYes
Pricing$48.99/mo. for 6 mo.$65.99/mo. for 6 mo.
DetailsView PlanView Plan

NFL SUNDAY TICKET includes a wide range of football programming. NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX expands on this already broad range of offerings with access to even more great football content.

With NFL SUNDAY TICKET, you get access to out-of-market games. This includes all the teams outside of your local area, anywhere in the United States. Since your local network pays millions for access to local football games, you’ll still need a local TV service provider to watch your local team.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET also includes DIRECTV Mix Channels, DIRECTV Player Tracker to keep up with your favorite players, real-time stats and scores, out-of-market games On Demand, and streaming to all your devices, like your laptop, phone, and tablet. NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX expands on the base package with access to NFL RED ZONE CHANNEL, DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE, and NFL SUNDAY TICKET Shortcuts, which condenses full games down to 30 minutes.


View PlanView Plan

NFL SUNDAY TICKET has two plans available; NFL SUNDAY TICKET and NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX. Both plans offer all out-of-market games in HD, but NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX offers additional features like REDZONE CHANNEL, NFL SUNDAY TICKET Shortcuts. Prices are subject to change each season.

What makes NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX stand out?

NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX offers the nonstop action of NFL RED ZONE CHANNEL and the full coverage of all out-of-market games. If your home team is out of state, this is the best option to enjoy the NFL RED ZONE CHANNEL without missing your favorite team’s games in their entirety.

There are other benefits that go along with NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX; the DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE is a hub for fantasy football, offering player stats and in-depth game coverage for fans participating in fantasy football brackets. It’s a great way to gain an edge in your office league.

DIRECTV’s NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX does have one major drawback: the price. At $59.99 per month for six months, the cost can be too steep for fans only interested in the RED ZONE CHANNEL. If you’re already interested in NFL SUNDAY TICKET, the NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX upgrade is a good value for access to NFL RED ZONE CHANNEL, DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE, and DIRECTV Shortcuts.


NFL RedZone is owned and operated by the NFL, and offers a unique way to experience out-of-market games on Sunday. While DIRECTV’s NFL RED ZONE CHANNEL does not offer full game coverage like DIRECTV’s SUNDAY TICKET, it offers a simultaneous highlight reel of multiple games, from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. every Sunday. The impressive programming circulates between every live game, catching most, if not all, of the significant plays from each game. It offers a unique experience for fans looking to get all of the action, without committing to watching multiple games in their entirety.

NFL RedZone is not offered as a standalone service, but you can access it through your cable or satellite provider. DISH customers have access to NFL RedZone, which costs an additional $13 a month. The DIRECTV NFL RED ZONE CHANNEL and DISH Network’s NFL RedZone are separate products, but offer the same simultaneous highlights, and both are operated by the NFL. For DIRECTV customers, the NFL RED ZONE CHANNEL is currently only offered as part of the NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX package, and cannot be purchased as a standalone channel.

DISH Network’s NFL RedZone cuts the price significantly as compared to DIRECTV’s package deal if you’re only interested in the NFL RED ZONE CHANNEL content. If you’re a football fan on a budget, getting access to the content of Dish’s NFL RedZone may be less expensive than DIRECTV’s SUNDAY TICKET MAX


For dedicated fans of out-of-market teams, NFL SUNDAY TICKET is still one of the best ways to gain access to every minute of every game. There are lots of long-time fans of DIRECTV’s NFL SUNDAY TICKET service, and with good reason; the unprecedented level of coverage leaves enough content to satisfy any die-hard football fan.

NFL RED ZONE CHANNEL’s simulcast format gives you every minute of the action, without needing to commit to entire games (or needing to simultaneously watch 4–8 games on DIRECTV’s Mix channels). This lighter option for enjoying the NFL season appeals to a lot of viewers, especially those on tight schedules. It’s also easier to keep up with the most important plays, players, and teams with RED ZONE CHANNEL, since it condenses the games down to the most important moments, live every Sunday.

Ideally, DIRECTV would offer NFL RED ZONE CHANNEL to customers who aren’t interested in NFL SUNDAY TICKET. However, this isn’t currently offered. This gives DISH customers an edge, and it makes DISH Network’s NFL RedZone a more user-friendly service for football fans.

The Takeaway

If you’re a superfan, the NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX is the best of both worlds. While it’s the most expensive of the three options, it offers an unprecedented level of features and access for NFL fans. The combination of NFL SUNDAY TICKET, the RED ZONE and FANTASY ZONE channels, and the 30-minute Short Cuts feature lets you delve deeper into any team’s season performance without restriction.

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  • Craig Mcculloch

    I’m being blocked from 49er panther game. I live in Austin tx. Why in the hell is it blocked here. It’s not on any channel. Cowboy and Texans games are on. This is not either teams market. I want a refund of a week of service. I’m not paying 50 a month to miss what they promised I’d get. @#$% you dtv and Sunday ticket

  • Scott Azevedo

    If I’m traveling and have my notebook, does “Max” allow me to login and watch a game from my notebook?


    NOT WORTH the extra Money. Save yourself the 90 bucks it will cost. You can see all the highlights from other games on the NFL network or you can record 4 games at once. Total ripoff. Also when will we FINALLY be able to watch just one team? there are 32 teams and I give a rat’s a** about 31 of them. The only reason I pay this extortionate price is im stupid and a fan of one team. It was really hard to sign up for it this year and I doubt I will next year. Just too much money. The sad part is there are tons of fans who live outside of the local broadcast area who would happily pay 10-15 a month to watch THEIR team play but cant afford to pay 45-65. If you gave people a choice just think of all the new customer you could pick up? But nope yall are too greedy and shortsighted to see the potential.

  • Ruthie Kirkland Abbott

    As a 15 year DTV customer, I couldn’t be more satisfied. I called to cancel the Sunday Ticket and ended up with Sunday Ticket Max free of charge, 6 months of my HBO for free and $45 off my bill for 12 months for customer loyalty. I have no complaints here! Even reduced my home internet from $57 to $40 a month!

  • Alan McCarron

    I have had nothing but trouble since Dish announced last summer that they would not be broadcasting the NFL Redzone channel last June 2016. As a hedge against missing out of my all day Sunday routine, I went ahead and signed up with Direct TV. As it turns out, Dish signed a contract with the NFL to keep the Redzone channel a la carte.Then AT&T took over Direct tv and I was receiving bills from 3 different providers. I refuse to pay $46.99 per month for games that I will not be interested in. Redzone shows all the important action throughout the entire league every game every Sunday with no commercials. Since I am stuck with a 2 year contract with Direct TV, I will continue as a basic customer. It seems unfair that a poor guy like me who loves football will be denied the priviledge to watch the NFL redzone channel in the comfort of my own home.

  • Lester Stkl

    I hate Directv

  • Steven Charles Boone

    This service is a great idea, and I am your target customer, willing to pay, but having tried the one week trial I will not be continuing the service with payment for the following reasons.

    1) There is no option to hide the scores. With me now being in a different time zone, I will not be watching live every week. Having to click on the game UI that displays the final score spoils the outcome for me and makes watching a 30 minute shortcut pointless. I would be better off watching ESPN sport center for free since they show a game recap before the final score, even though I would rather watch a replay or shortcut.

    2) Shortcuts are not available until the day after the game. For $55-$70/month, it seems like I shouldn’t have to wait. By the time I get home from work on Monday and have time to watch, I will probably already know what happened.

    3) There is no game replay. Shortcuts are cool, but for this monthly cost I would expect to get a full replay.

    4) I have to pay for the full package. I can’t just pay for access to my hometown team’s games.

    Like I said, I am your ideal target. I moved across country, want to watch my hometown Titans, and am willing to pay, but I do not want a full DirecTV installation, contract, and package of all the other channels that I do not watch. Instead, I will listen to radio broadcasts and hope that this service is better by next season.

    I suggest that you check out the NHL service. It is way, WAY better. I paid $110 for streaming access to all 82 games of my hometown team unless they are already being broadcast in my new local market (even then, replays are available after the local broadcast is over). They allow me to hide scores so that games aren’t spoiled if I watch later. I can start from the beginning of the game even if I am only starting a few minutes after the puck drops. After the game is over, I have my choice of highlights, quick replay (like short cuts), full replay, and even different camera angles. And did I mention it is cheaper?

    To be clear, I would pay more for all of my Titans’ games than I do for the NHL app. I don’t need every NFL game, just my team. Sadly, I won’t because of the experience that is delivered in this app. I know the NFL is a more popular product than NHL, so you may not think you have to try as hard with your services, but for customers like me, it isn’t good enough for the premium cost.

    I hope my feedback helps. I am optimistic for the future of this service!