How to Watch The Last Dance Documentary about Michael Jordan

One might say this is perfect timing for binge-watching a docuseries about a legend.
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  • Hulu + Live TV
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  • Xfinity TV
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  • Sling TV
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  • DISH
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The sports gods have answered our prayers. Other than reruns of old basketball games, we have been given a docuseries of the greatest basketball player of all time (cue the LeBron fans saying, “yeah, maybe in his era”).

The Last Dance, a 10-episode documentary on Michael Jordan, allows you to relive his sixth and final championship season with the Chicago Bulls.

We know you already knew that, so we’re going to tell you where and how to watch this legend’s life today and in the future.

What channel will The Last Dance be on?

The most outstanding sports docuseries is only on the most important sports channel.

ESPN, of course.

Watch two new episodes live on Sundays from  9–11 p.m. (ET) April 19 through May 17.

And if you live outside of the US, Netflix will have the two new episodes of the week at 3 a.m. (ET), a few hours after it’s aired on ESPN.

If you miss the shows live, you will have to log in with a TV provider on or the ESPN app to watch the two new episodes released each week. Or you can binge-watch on the site or app if you’re just starting the docuseries now.

But keep in mind, The Last Dance is not available on ESPN+.

If you want to avoid spoilers or FOMO, we recommend getting a satellite, cable, or streaming subscription.

How to Watch the Last Dance
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Data as of 01/06/21. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
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YouTube TV

YouTube TV has ESPN and ESPN2 for you and your kids to watch The Last Dance live.

This live TV streaming service is excellent for basketball fans because it also has NBA TV, ABC, and TNT channels. There’s no question why we chose YouTube TV as the best streaming service for sports.

You can find other sports channels on YouTube TV such as ESPNews, ESPNU, FS1, FS2, SEC, and Fox Sports. Check out the channel lineup and also our review to see if YouTube TV is perfect for you.

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV has a solid sports channel lineup, including ESPN and ESPN2 (sadly, not the NBA TV channel). So Hulu will satisfy your MJ docuseries watching.

After The Last Dance, you’ll be able to watch ABC, FS1, FS2, CBS Sports Network, SEC Network, and TBS. All of these sports channels are why Hulu is on our best streaming service for sports list, as well.

Also, Hulu has an incredible bundle sports fanatics can enjoy. You can bundle with ESPN+ and Disney+ for $61 ($6 more than if you were to get Hulu Live by itself)! What a steal.

If you want more details to see if Hulu + Live TV is for you, check out our full review.


Our recommended Xfinity plan for sports lovers, especially basketball fans, is the Preferred plan.

The Starter plan has ESPN and ESPN2 for you to watch The Last Dance, but when you upgrade to the Preferred plan, you’ll get the ESPN channels along with NBA TV.

Both the Starter and the Preferred plans have ABC, TBS, NBC Sports Network, FS1, PAC-12 Network, Tennis Channel, and the Golf Channel.

But if you’re a college and major league sports fan, the Preferred plan has not only NBA TV but also ESPN U, FS2, MLB Network, NFL Network, and SEC Network.

But check out Xfinity’s channel lineup to see the other sports channels you’ll get in your package, and check out our detailed review on Xfinity. We’ll help you decide if it’s for you.

Sling TV

Sling TV is the number one option for money savers. In fact, we named Sling the best live-TV budget pick because you can enjoy a decent amount of popular channels for only $30 to $50 per month.

The Sling Orange plan with 32 channels is the package you’ll want. You can watch The Last Dance on ESPN and ESPN2, and afterward, you can enjoy ESPN3 and Stadium.

No, Sling doesn’t have as many channels as other services, but that comes with the price.

Check out the rest of the channel lineup to see if it’s the right service for you and your family. And if you need more details on the three packages Sling offers, check out our Sling TV review.


If you live in an area that doesn’t offer a great cable TV service, satellite TV may be your next option.

And luckily, DISH’s cheapest package (America’s Top 120) has your ESPN and ESPN2. So for $64.99 per month, you can enjoy The Last Dance and channels such as ABC, TBS, PAC-12 Network, and NFL Network.

But for you avid NBA fans, you’ll want to upgrade to the $89.99/mo. plan (America’s Top 200) to get NBA TV in your living room.

To find out more info on DISH, check out our review to see if this satellite service is fit for you.

Where can I watch The Last Dance for free online?

Sadly, nowhere. But there is good news for those who don’t want to get a cable, satellite or live TV streaming service.

If you’re like most people in the US, you have a subscription to Netflix. If not, either the rest of this section or our review will convince you to subscribe.

The last episode of the Michael Jordan documentary will air on May 17. This 10-hour docuseries will be on Netflix for subscribers to stream on July 19.

So . . . can you wait?

Recap: So which service should you get for The Last Dance?

These are the five service providers we recommend for watching The Last Dance. You’re not going to want to miss watching the legend behind the scenes, the hard work, the friendships, the success.

Oh, and these services likely satisfy your sports addiction after the Jordan series is over. There’s a reason to want all of them, and the decision can be difficult, but let us help you decide:

  • YouTube TV: All of the services mentioned offer ESPN and ESPN2, but YouTube TV is the cheapest option of the bunch that offers NBA TV, as well.
  • Hulu Live: Hulu may not have NBA TV, but it does have every other sports channel a basketball fan would like. And you can take advantage of the Disney+ and ESPN+ bundle.
  • Xfinity: If you want to go the cable route, you can enjoy more than 15 sports channels (and over 200 other channels) for $60 per month with Xfinity.
  • Sling TV: The budget-minded will benefit from Sling TV. You’ll get your Michael Jordan fix for $30 per month.
  • DISH: This satellite provider offers the ESPN channels for your MJ entertainment. Upgrade if you want to enjoy NBA TV when basketball season starts up again.

For best results, add great internet

We’re probably correct in assuming that you’d like to stream The Last Dance in high-quality video without loading problems, right?

If you need a new, faster internet provider, check out our top internet providers for seamless streaming. Our internet expert, Catherine McNally, has found the best internet services for you.