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July 01, 2019
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Food is easily in the top five best parts of life. But when we go out to eat and the restaurant messes up our meal . . . oh man, we want to let our opinions be known.

Over 178 million people use Yelp on a monthly basis to help form the Internet’s collective opinion of restaurants all over the world. I’ll never forget what you did to me, [name of restaurant redacted].

So now that Yelp has given us a way to vote, which restaurants are the crème de la crème. These are the top-rated restaurants in every state according to Yelp.

What we learned

You can learn a lot about somebody by what they eat. What your date eats will be a bigger giveaway over anything they say over dinner. Likewise, we can draw some conclusions about the state of our union—at least, the state of our nation’s food.

  • Americans love American food. What is American food you ask? It’s uh, food you eat . . . that’s American. Ten of the top restaurants classify themselves as American food, and guess what? Americans love it.
  • Founding Farmers in Washington, DC, has the most reviews overall with 12,630 reviews and an overall rating of 4. Considering most popular restaurants are at least 4.5 stars, this is controversial, people. That’s a whole half a star.
  • The second-highest-reviewed restaurant is Bacchanal Buffet in Las Vegas, Nevada, with 9,046 reviews. It’s also on the lower end of the reviews spectrum with a 4 out of 5. (Hey, if you’re going to wait in a massive line, it better be at least 4.5 out of 5.)
  • Unsurprisingly, the most popular cuisine in coastal areas was seafood. The big surprise, though, is that the same was true for Wyoming: Wyoming’s Rib and Chop House specializes in seafood and steakhouse fare. (Maybe there’s good lakes out there?)
  • Did you know New Mexican is a type of food? Neither did we. New Mexicans were definitely aware, which is why Cocina Azul ranks so highly there.
  • It makes sense that Kentucky and South Carolina love Southern food. Oregon, however, also makes that list, which is interesting since they’re in the Northwest. So whatever you order there, just make sure that it’s local.


Winner: SAW’s Soul Kitchen, 4.5 stars, 712 reviews

Type of food: BBQ

What people say: “Best chicken wings I’ve ever had. Their white sauce is so addictive and goes well with everything.” -Abrihup D., Boston, MA


Winner: Moose’s Tooth, 4.5 stars, 1,962 reviews

Type of food: Pizza

What people say: “Amazing artisan pizzas developed by an incredibly fine bunch of folks that know what tastes will come together in a symphony of deliciousness backed by a choir of unicorns. Yup, it’s that good!” -David B., Anchorage, AK


Winner: Little Miss BBQ, 5 stars, 2,176 reviews

Type of food: BBQ

What people say: “I have been to quite a few BBQ places in my life and this one is right up on top. This place not only takes pride in customer service, they are very proud of what they serve as well as they should be.” -Mike A., Apple Valley, CA


Winner: The Root Cafe, 4.5 stars, 520 reviews

Type of food: Burgers

What people say: “Simple, amazing food that you won’t get in a hurry. The special of the day, the Reuben, was excellent. The sweet pickle made the sandwich. The side salad with house dressing is wonderful. The curry chicken salad sandwich was also delish. Check out the homemade lemonade. The sparkling lavender was tart and refreshing. For dessert, the almond bars and cookies will make you sigh with pleasure.” -Janna B., North Little Rock, AR


Winner: Bestia, 4.5 stars, 5,685 reviews

Type of food: Pizza

What people say: “Impeccable from start to finish. For years now, I have rolled my eyes at the fact that Bestia is booked out 2-3 months in advance, believing their popularity to be generated primarily by LA hype. I was very wrong.” -Alyssa F., Long Beach, CA


Winner: Root Down, 4.5 stars, 3,134 reviews

Type of food: American (with great vegan options)

What people say: “How could anyone come here and not like this restaurant? This is seriously some of the best eats in Denver. I’ve been here twice now and am impressed with the quality and innovation of the food and drinks, plus the level of service and ambiance.” -Claire G., Denver, CO


Winner: Brick + Wood, 4 stars, 399 reviews

Type of food: Italian

What people say: “Awesome place. Great pizza (unusual use of truffle with classic Neapolitan pizza and burrata), awesome Smokey garlic bread, great wine selections (including on tap and taste sized glasses too), and fantastic bread pudding!” -J. Scotte B., Merrick, NY

Washington, DC

Winner: Founding Farmers, 4.5 stars, 12,677 reviews

Type of food: American

What people say: “My Friday time visiting DC over MDW, we made reservations for 11am at this place. The service was super slow, we waited over an hour for our table, and the server to take our order. Once we got our food, it made up for it since it was sooo delicious. I had the chicken and waffles which were a small portion but very yummy.” -Brittney A., Bayonne, NJ


Winner: Big Fish Grill, 4 stars, 329 reviews

Type of food: Seafood

What people say: “Great atmosphere and a hugely satisfying menu. It’s the type of place where you want to order like 5 different dishes off of the special and you haven’t even looked at the actual menu yet.” -Holly B., Wilmington, DE


Winner: The Bearded Pig, 4.5 stars, 774 reviews

Type of food: BBQ

What people say: “I thought the food was really good and the prices were reasonable. If you’re looking for great BBQ and a great selection of draft beer, The Bearded Pig is the best I have found in Jacksonville.” -Brent B., Jacksonville, FL


Winner: Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q, 4.5 stars, 3,422 reviews

Type of food: BBQ

What people say: “I just love it. The food. The atmosphere. The dedicated staff. I recommend the brisket. Duh! And the mac and cheese and the fried pickles and the tots.” -Lisa P., Atlanta, GA


Winner: Marukame Udon, 4.5 stars, 8,789 reviews

Type of food: Japanese

What people say: “We loved the Udon noodles so much, we decided to eat here every morning for a whole week during our stay in Waikiki. You must try out this place if you haven’t already! I recommend to go early when they first open to avoid long lines throughout the day.” -Pazong L., Fresno, CA


Winner: Fork, 4 stars, 1,377 reviews

Type of food: American

What people say: “Order the butter cake! It’s sooooo good! Came here for brunch and then came back a day later just for the butter cake. Brunch was good, I loved the make your own Bloody Mary bar.” -Jessica R., San Diego, CA


Winner: Girl & the Goat, 4.5 stars, 8195 reviews

Type of food: American

What people say: “We ate some simply amazing dishes. My favorite was the halibut. At first I wasn’t so sure about a dish featuring almond butter and halibut, but was I wrong in the most delicious way possible. I could have eaten this all night.” -Mandy R., Lakewood, CO


Winner: The Eagle, 4.5 stars, 1,534 reviews

Type of food: American (Southern)

What people say: “Best. Place. Ever. I have not tried one thing on the menu that I didn’t love. But my favorite is the mac ‘n’ cheese (obviously!) and the spoon bread (cornbread). Seriously, if you haven’t been here you are missing out!” -Ashlea A., Indianapolis, IN


Winner: Zombie Burger + Drink Lab, 4 stars, 1,138 reviews

Type of food: Burgers

What people say: “This place came highly recommended and I can tell you they did not disappoint! A huge selection of burgers, with every type of toppings you can think of.” -Tom C., Scottsdale, AZ


Winner: Doo-Dah Diner, 4.5 stars, 649 reviews

Type of food: American (Diner)

What people say: “This place is fantastic! One of the best places I have ever eaten at. Very unique and special. I highly recommend the Sunday brunch. They serve up a wide variety of wonderful food, including a lot of original items you can’t find anywhere else.” -Logan V., Tulsa, OK


Winner: Hammerheads, 4.5 stars, 987 reviews

Type of food: American (Southern)

What people say: “YOU MUST TRY! One of my favorite restaurants in town.
Burgers and lamb ribs are the best ever.

+ Great food
+ Fair price
+ Cool and nice staff
– Poor space and location” -Majeed A., Louisville, KY


Winner: Acme Oyster House, 4 stars, 6,438 reviews

Type of food: Seafood

What people say: “Amazing charbroiled oysters and the po’ boy sandwich was also very good. We went right at 10:30 am on a Saturday and there was no line which was great.” -Stephanie C., Los Angeles, CA


Winner: Eventide Oyster Company, 4.5 stars, 2,674 reviews

Type of food: Seafood

What people say: “My expectations were very high and these folks hit it out of the park! I ordered the lobster roll and the crab bun. Words can not do these justice. The crab was great and the lobster was even better. The bread is what put both of these over the top.” -K.D., Scottdale, AZ


Winner: Thames Street Oyster House, 4.5 stars, 2,171 reviews

Type of food: Seafood

What people say: “The restaurant is small, and that being said, there almost invariably will be a wait. But wait. It’s worth it. They have a very diverse collection on the ever-changing raw bar. East to west coast. Many types of the freshest oysters! Will not disappoint. Also had the ceviche and Waygu beef apps. Both tasty.” -David F., Manhattan, NY


Winner: Neptune Oyster, 4.5 stars, 4,698 reviews

Type of food: Seafood

What people say: “The oysters were so fresh and plump, I loved every one of them, especially the Cherrystone Clams (God, those were good).” -Sharon F., Toronto, Canada


Winner: Dime Store, 4.5 stars, 1,270 reviews

Type of food: Breakfast

What people say: “My favorite restaurant in Detroit. I love the concept of this restaurant as a brunch bar where you can enjoy great food and alcohol.” -Armand R., Columbus, OH


Winner: Butcher & The Boar, 4.5 stars, 1,516 reviews

Type of food: American

What people say: “Favorite part: The filet mignon was the best cooked, beautifully grilled, melt in your mouth. Perfect sauce underneath to complement the steak if that’s your style.” -Pamela Y., Minneapolis, MN


Winner: The Pig & Pint, 4.5 stars, 652 reviews

Type of food: BBQ

What people say: “I’ve never had homemade pork rinds before now. This was so yummy! They were light and crunchy. Perfection. Better than anything you could ever find in a store.” -Elana B., Jupiter, FL


Winner: Q39, 4.5 stars, 3,474 reviews

Type of food: BBQ

What people say: “Their burnt ends are THE BEST I have ever eaten in my life. They are moist, well seasoned and very flavorful. You can really taste the smoky flavor but it’s overpowering.” -Dojo A., Murrieta, CA


Winner: The Burger Dive, 4.5 stars, 337 reviews

Type of food: Burgers

What people say: “There is just no contest: Burger Dive is the best burger in Billings. I’ve tried at least 4 different burgers there now, and all of them were first rate. They know how to mix flavors so that no meal seems too simple or too much.” -Andrew F., Columbus, MT


Winner: Block 16, 4.5 stars, 799 reviews

Type of food: American

What people say: “A 5-star experience from beginning to end!! A perfect lunchtime treat that’s both filling and flavorful. Two thumbs up for ‘Sweet (block) 16.’” -Ashli B., Dallas, TX


Winner: Bacchanal Buffet, 4 stars, 9,046 reviews

Type of food: Buffet

What people say: “Known as one of the best buffets in Vegas, it definitely lived up to it. When you think of buffets, you think of quantity over quality, but this place had both. It is super crowded and may take some time to get in, but it is worth it in my opinion.” -Michael W., Honolulu, HI

New Hampshire

Winner: Republic Cafe & Bistro, 4.5 stars, 557 reviews

Type of food: Mediterranean

What people say: “Have frequented this restaurant for years. Food is consistently delicious, and drink specials are always tasty. We love that it is a farm to table establishment, as well, with standard favorites, but also that the menu changes depending on what’s locally available.” -Katt K., Manchester, NH

New Jersey

Winner: Tops Diner, 4.5 stars, 2,438 reviews

Type of food: Breakfast diner

What people say: “From the ambiance, food, to service, Tops Diner arguably provides for the best diner experience in the area. Like another Yelper mentioned, make use of the live wait line as this place can get extremely busy.” -Chengliang L., New York, NY

New Mexico

Winner: Cocina Azul, 4.5 stars, 1,109 reviews

Type of food: New Mexican

What people say: “The pictures don’t do justice for this place. The food is absolutely on point. The soup brought me back to my mom’s kitchen and the ingredients taste so fresh. The experience doesn’t stop there.” -Erika D., Lakewood, WA

New York

Winner: Burger & Lobster, 4 stars, 5,105 reviews

Type of food: Seafood and burgers

What people say: “This is my go-to restaurant when I am craving burgers. I know, weird, because most customers come here for the lobster. Their burgers never disappoint and I always come here if I want to be guaranteed a good meal.” -Paige C., Brooklyn, NY

North Carolina

Winner: Midwood Smokehouse, 4.5 stars, 1,604 reviews

Type of food: BBQ

What people say: “Best BBQ. Large brisket with bacon wrapped jalapeños. It’s our local spot and never let us down. Great beer selection as well.” -Jeremy S., Charlotte, NC

North Dakota

Winner: Würst Bier Hall, 4.5 stars, 280 reviews

Type of food: German

What people say: “Good food and good beer. Stopped here while on a road trip and I”m so happy I did. I would certainly go back. The sweet potato fries with marshmallow fluff seemed strange, but was a fantastic combo.” -Nicole W., Pittsburgh, PA


Winner: Hot Chicken Takeover, 4.5 stars, 1,167 reviews

Type of food: Chicken

What people say: “I was visiting family in Ohio, and we tried this place. The best decision of my life. The hockey was so juicy and tasted amazing, as well as the macaroni. It was very filling, and I even had to save some for later (which is pretty surprising for me).” -Abriona H., Chandler, AZ


Winner: Kitchen No. 324, 4.5 stars, 1,060 reviews

Type of food: American

What people say: “What a wonderful place for brunch or a meal at any other time. We love the atmosphere, and the menu is both elegant and amazing. I had the scratch biscuit with gravy and poached eggs.” -Wesley F., Oklahoma City, OK


Winner: Screen Door, 4.5 stars, 6,503 reviews

Type of food: American (Southern)

What people say: “My favorite item here was the praline bacon, which was sweet, hearty, and tasty, with a nice nutty touch to it. Very enjoyable and highly recommended.” -Tyler T., San Francisco, CA


Winner: Zahav, 4.5 stars, 2,633 reviews

Type of food: Middle-Eastern

What people say: “We always go for the tasting menu and for the amount and quality of food you get, the prices are extremely reasonable and fair.” -Reena S., Trenton, NJ

Rhode Island

Winner: Los Andes Restaurant, 4.5 stars, 2,096 reviews

Type of food: Latin-American

What people say: “Try this place, whether you eat meat or seafood you can’t go wrong and will likely need a doggy bag. Just be sure to make a reservation!” -Anita D., -Cranston, RI

South Carolina

Winner: Poogan’s Porch, 4 stars, 2,649 reviews

Type of food: American (Southern)

What people say: “Best shrimp and grits I’ve had in Charleston! And that’s coming from someone who’s not the biggest shrimp and grits fan. It was excellent here!” -Desiree D., San Antonio, TX

South Dakota

Winner: Taphouse 41, 4.5 stars, 227 reviews

Type of food: Burgers

What people say: “If you are looking for the best Burger in Sioux Falls, this is the place. Specifically the egg burger. Trust me, it’s worth trying.” -Joshua J., Sioux Falls, SD


Winner: Hattie B’s Chicken, 4.5 stars, 4,738 reviews

Type of food: Chicken

What people say: “Everything is delicious. If you like spicy but want the kick and flavor of this juicy chicken, get medium. If you don’t care for spicy but want a light kick, pick mild.” -Letty M., Hollywood, FL


Winner: The Breakfast Klub, 4.5 stars, 3,955 reviews

Type of food: Breakfast

What people say: “This is a must go to breakfast spot in Houston. The wings and waffles were the best that I’ve ever had. The meat falls right off the bone. Add a little hot sauce and it’s game over.” -Rhett R., Steamboat Springs, CO


Winner: Red Iguana, 4.5 stars, 3,394 reviews

Type of food: Mexican

What people say: “Red Iguana is by far the best Mexican food in Salt Lake. I highly recommend the mole Amarillo enchiladas, tacos don Ramon, and anything with Chile verde in it!! You honestly can’t go wrong with anything here.” -Mirae W., Pocatello, ID


Winner: The Farmhouse Tap & Grill, 4 stars, 1,347 reviews

Type of food: Burgers

What people say: “We picked this place because of the good reviews and the fact they offer gluten-free buns for my kids. Best decision we made while in Burlington.” -Jeffrey L., Sacramento, CA


Winner: The Bee and the Biscuit, 4.5 stars, 504 reviews

Type of food: Breakfast

What people say: “The biscuits are enormous and fluffy. That’s a proper southern biscuit. So what did I order? I got the pork biscuit with honey BBQ sauce. It was really good.” -Chelsea M., Raleigh, NC


Winner: Pike Place Chowder, 4.5 stars, 6,723 reviews

Type of food: Seafood

What people say: “Salmon Smoked Chowder absolutely lives up to the hype. It’s got a wonderful and creamy blend of flavors. Comes with a free piece of bread and you can grab a few oyster cracker packets on your way out. Got a small 8oz, which sounds like very little but is pretty sufficient if you’re not starving.” -Matt L., Queens, NY

West Virginia

Winner: Pies & Pints, 4.5 stars, 604 reviews

Type of food: Pizza

What people say: “Delicious. Plenty of unique options for the adventurous and classic staples for the purist. If you like lots of sauce, make sure you order extra.” -Lori C., Fort Wayne, IN


Winner: Blue’s Egg, 4.5 stars, 1,414 reviews

Type of food: Breakfast

What people say: “Many will tell you it’s not a stop at Blue’s Egg without getting an order of the Monkey Bread. There’s no question that it’s divine so do make sure to try it but the thing we crave most is the pulled ham. Oh man . . . that ham.” -Erin P., Milwaukee, WI


Winner: Wyoming’s Rib & Chop House, 4 stars, 452 reviews

Type of food: Seafood

What people say: “Two words describe the food: hot and delicious! My husband ordered gumbo and the ribs with a loaded baked potato. I ordered the house salad and BBQ shrimp. No wonder they’ve been voted the best chop house in Wyoming.” -M.G., Morgan’s Point, TX


We poured through data on Yelp and found the top three restaurants (both by ratings and number of reviews) for each state’s most populous city. We then chose the highest-ranked restaurant of the three based on the reviews.

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