This Is the Top-Rated Ramen in Your State

We've searched the country (or at least Yelp) to find the best ramen restaurants across the nation.

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May 14, 2019
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It could be sunny and blazing hot outside and we’d still be down for a steaming bowl of ramen, because, what can we say? It’s nature’s perfect food. And basically the whole country agrees with us—the only question is, where are you gonna get some?

Every state in this ramen-nation has its favorite ramen joint. To find out where’s the best place to get your fix in every state, we consulted the world’s great food expert: Yelp.


We gathered a bunch of data through Yelp’s API to find the top three most reviewed ramen restaurants in each city on our list. (To create our list, we used the three most populated cities from each state.)

Check out the map and see which local ramen joints Yelp users reviewed most in your state.


Winner: Shu Shop, 4 stars, 116 reviews

What the people say: “The ramen was spectacular. We dove into the spicy ramen, shoyu, and seafood bowls. Each is well balanced and created with care.” –James I., Brooklyn, NY

The runners-up:

  • So Gong Dong Tofu and BBQ
  • Oshi Poke Bowl and Sushi


Winner: The Rookery Cafe, 4 stars, 185 reviews

What the people say: “Kimchi Ramen - the noodles were wonderful, and the broth was very flavorful with a nice spice.” –Casey C., Rancho Cucamonga, CA

The runners-up:

  • Ramen House
  • Irashai Japanese Restaurant


Winner: Nishikawa Ramen, 4 stars, 507 reviews

What the people say: “The soft boiled eggs were perfection—both texture and taste—noodles were firm but not hard, the stock (pork broth) was heavy in its flavor (the way it's supposed to be), etc. Don't change anything, kids. You are perfect the way you are.” –Jean C., Cypress, CA

The runner-up:

  • Raijin Ramen


Winner: Meiji Japanese Cuisine, 4 stars, 129 reviews

What the people say: “This is one of our go-to restaurants!! I love this place! Especially the spicy miso ramen!” –Lydia M., Fayetteville, AR

The runners-up:

  • Fuji Japanese Steakhouse
  • Aji Ramen Bar


Winner: Slurpin’ Ramen Bar, 4.5 stars, 3,614 reviews

What the people say: “In Japan, the only proper way to show that you are enjoying your noodles is by slurpin' them, and this rich tonkotsu broth will definitely give you something to be happy about.” –Ruth T., Cypress, CA

The runners-up:

  • Hokkaido Ramen Santouka
  • RakiRaki Ramen and Tsukemen


Winner: Katsu Ramen, 4 stars, 506 reviews

What the people say: “We eat here once a week - the tonkotsu is delicious. The broth is amazing! And we love their fried chicken appetizer too.” –Rachel F., Metter, GA

The runners-up:

  • Oka Ramen 2
  • Ajinoya Ramen


Winner: Kyushu Ramen, 4 stars, 131 reviews

What the people say: “This is hands down one of the best ramen spots we've had. We always get the Tonkostu Miso and Spicy Tonkostu Miso, both are super flavorful and I highly recommend.” –Samantha C., Boston, MA

The runners-up:

  • Kuro Shiro
  • Eat Noodle


Winner: Ramen Kumamoto, 4 stars, 309 reviews

What the people say: “I always go for the miso ramen because wow, it is legit. So flavorful, love the texture of the noodles (al dente) and the soup is amazingly thick and yum. No words can describe it, and my mouth is salivating just thinking about eating this ramen.” –Stanley C., Newark, DE

The runners-up:

  • Miyagi Ramen Bar
  • Ramen Kumamoto

District of Columbia (Washington, DC)

Winner: Daikaya Ramen Shop, 4 stars, 2,817 reviews

What the people say: “MUST HAVE! Seriously, this ramen was so good that I heavily considered ordering a second bowl to take back to the hotel for a later time!” –Lindsay P., Fort Lauderdale, FL

The runners-up:

  • Toki Underground
  • JINYA Ramen Bar


Winner: Ichicoro Ramen, 4 stars, 1,150 reviews

What the people say: “THE BEST RAMEN, ever. Ichicoro is my comfort food, I happen to live up the street so I probably dine here more than the average Tampa resident. Doesn't matter how hot it is outside, I need my ramen at least once a month.” –Missy M., Tampa, FL

The runners-up:

  • Ichimi
  • Modu Ramen


Winner: JINYA Ramen Bar, 4.5 stars, 581 reviews

What the people say: “Food - enjoyed the SPICY CREAMY VEGAN RAMEN. My first taste of the broth was like heaven. All the flavors meshed well together, but the fact that it had a spiciness to it was even better.” –Breoni M., Atlanta, GA

The runners-up:

  • Akedo
  • Korea House


Winner: Ramen Nakamura, 4 stars, 1,522 reviews

What the people say: “Ramen nakamura does not disappoint! Their spicy ramen is flavorful and filling, and not so spicy that it takes away from the other flavors.” –Julia D., Orange County, CA

The runner-up:

  • Daiichi Ramen – Kailua
  • Tetsumen Ramen


Winner: Ramen Sho, 4 stars, 153 reviews

What the people say: “It was DELICIOUS! My fiancé ordered the curry tonkotsu, I got spicy tonkotsu. I liked mine better but they were both quite enjoyable.” –Kate N., Eugene, OR

The runner-up:

  • Island Sushi and Ramen


Winner: Sushi N Noodle by OISI, 4 stars, 243 reviews

What the people say: “I am definitely on the bandwagon with this place. Had the tonkatsu ramen soup. It was so good.” –James P., Shorewood, IL

The runner-up:

  • Big Sea Sushi and Noodles


Winner: Ramen Ray, 4 stars, 357 reviews

What the people say: “The broth is heavenly, and the potstickers are fantastic! I believe that last summer they hosted an event for a visiting ramen master chef!” –KL J., Indianapolis, IN

The runner-up:

  • Banh Mi Pho Shop


Winner: Krunkwich Ramen House and Dim Sum, 4 stars, 153 reviews

What the people say: “Delicious ramen and tater tots? Count me in! Enjoyed the chill atmosphere and selection of ramen and sides.” –Poli P., Omaha, NE

The runners-up:

  • Oishii Hibachi and Sushi
  • Red Ginger


Winner: Shio Ramen Shop, 4 stars, 153 reviews

What the people say: “Great place for some feel-good ramen. They have an excellent selection of sake as well.” –Yooj N., Tacoma, WA

The runners-up:

  • Aoyama Ramen
  • Yokohama Ramen Joint


Winner: Zundo Ramen and Donburi, 4 stars, 108 reviews

What the people say: “I'm in love. This is definitely my new FAVORITE place for ramen. My first time coming here and it was absolutely delicious.” –Slava A., Cincinnati, OH

The runners-up:

  • Domo Sushi Bar and Ramen House
  • Sapporo Japanese and Korean Restaurant


Winner: Nomiya, 4 stars, 156 reviews

What the people say: “I almost hate extolling the virtues of this place. Because then it will get even more crowded and I'll have to wait longer for the delicious ramen I love so much.” –James B., New Orleans, LA

The runners-up:

  • Kumo Sushi
  • Chow Yum Phat


Winner: Pai Men Miyake, 4 stars, 434 reviews

What the people say: “Pai Men Miyake knows how to do ramen right. The broth is creamy, velvety, and fatty goodness. The ramen itself was perfectly cooked and the pork belly was awesome.” –Diana N., Lowell, MA

The runners-up:

  • Umami Noodle Bar
  • X Vault Pub and Provisions


Winner: Kippo Ramen, 4.5 stars, 477 reviews

What the people say: “Probably the best ramen place in Baltimore. Even better than some of the good ones in New York.” –Xinting Y., Baltimore, MD

The runners-up:

  • Lanzhou Hand-Pulled Noodle
  • Ichido Ramen


Winner: Santouka Back Bay, 4 stars, 454 reviews

What the people say: “As a ramen connoisseur I can tell you that this ramen was definitely worth the wait.” –Dorit S., Waltham, MA

The runners-up:

  • Wicked Noodles at MGM Springfield
  • Broth


Winner: Urban Ramen, 4 stars, 406 reviews

What the people say: “Soooo delicious!!! Did not disappoint!! Nothing says comfort in a bowl like a delicious bowl of ramen and boy did Urban Ramen deliver!” –Jessica N., Redford Charter Township, MI

The runners-up:

  • Ima-Madison Heights
  • Sapporo Ramen and Noodle Bar


Winner: Ramen Kazama, 4 stars, 325 reviews

What the people say: “Best ramen around! Recommended favorite is the #2 with bone broth. Simply amazing.” –Chris G., Eagan, MN

The runners-up:

  • Tori Ramen
  • Ichiddo Ramen


Winner: Quickly Asian Fusion Cafe, 4 stars, 209 reviews

What the people say: “Phenomenal service, fantastic atmosphere and tonkatsu that reminds me of my brother’s fiancé's (a compliment indeed).” –Gauge A., D’Iberville, MS

The runners-up:

  • Lucky Cat Ramen
  • Little Tokyo Japanese Restaurant


Winner: Midtown Sushi and Ramen, 4 stars, 209 reviews

What the people say: “Really great ramen. I've heard buzz about this place and that but Midtown is the one who surpassed the hype.” –Julie V., Saint Louis, MO

The runners-up:

  • Karai Ramen + Handroll
  • Shio Ramen Shop


Winner: Okinawa Sushi and Asian Bistro, 4 stars, 58 reviews

What the people say: “My wife loved the ramen, I tried it and it was really good for my first time eating ramen.” –Jimmy B., Billings, MT

The runner-up:

  • Michi Ramen


Winner: Amu Manu Ramen Bar, 4 stars, 158 reviews

What the people say: “Fantastic spot! Menu is simple and clear, service was prompt and not overbearing, and the food was fantastic.” –Steve W., Sandy, OR

The runner-up:

  • JINYA Ramen Bar


Winner: Monta Japanese Noodle House, 4 stars, 2,726 reviews

What the people say: “Most delicious ramen in Vegas! Speedy service and amazing food. Have to have it at least once a week.” –Jenny S., Las Vegas, NV

The runners-up:

  • Uchi Ramen
  • Umai Ramen

New Hampshire

Winner: Yoshimama Japanese Fusion and Sushi Bar, 4.5 stars, 184 reviews

What the people say: “I love the seafood soup here. The sushi is solid and the ramen and udon are amazing!” –Ari M., Boston, MA

The runners-up:

  • Noodles and Pearls
  • Noodz

New Jersey

Winner: Miso Ramen, 4 stars, 386 reviews

What the people say: “BYOB ramen, sign me up! This place is my go-to for ramen in downtown JC.” –Maria S., Jersey City, NJ

The runners-up:

  • Ramen Gami
  • Tori Ramen and Chicken

New Mexico

Winner: O Ramen and Curry House, 4 stars, 316 reviews

What the people say: “Delicious. There, a one word review, so you can move on with your day and know this is the place to go for ramen.” –Chris S., Albuquerque, NM

The runners-up:

  • Zero Degrees
  • Nori Ramen and Sushi Bar

New York

Winner: Totto Ramen, 4 stars, 5,269 reviews

What the people say: “Totto is easily one of the best ramen places I've ever been to, and nothing else comes to mind when I try to think about what my favorite ramen in New York City is. I've even brought my mom here!” –Michael Z., New York City, NY

The runners-up:

  • Brooklyn Ramen
  • SATO Ramen

North Carolina

Winner: Futo Buta, 4 stars, 1,032 reviews

What the people say: “Futo Buta is my all time favorite restaurant. I have never had anything I was less than ecstatic to eat!” –Cass C., Asheville, NC

The runners-up:

  • Tampopo Ramen and Hibachi
  • Tonbo Ramen

North Dakota

Winner: Noodlezip, 4.5 stars, 88 reviews

What the people say: “The Shoyu Ramen has a deeply flavorful broth. The pork slices were well executed and generous in serving size. The scallions were fresh. The half egg was creamy and flavorful. The noodles were excellent, both springy and chewy.” –Jack M., West Chester, PA

The runners-up:

  • Shing Ya Japanese Cuisine
  • Slurp Ramen


Winner: Meshikou, 4 stars, 319 reviews

What the people say: “This was the best ramen I've ever had. The atmosphere is beautiful inside and the server was very helpful and polite. I ate every last drop of the ramen I got. I'm going to have sweet dreams of that ramen.” –Debbie G., Columbus, OH

The runners-up:

  • Zundo Ramen and Donburi
  • Otani Noodle – Uptown


Winner: Tamashii Ramen, 4.5 stars, 531 reviews

What the people say: “Definitely some of the best ramen I have ever had. Clearly authentic. You can't go wrong with getting the garlic fried rice to start and the garlic ramen.” –Mark R., College Station, TX

The runners-up:

  • Tatsumaki Ramen and Lounge
  • JINYA Ramen Bar


Winner: Kizuki Ramen and Izakaya, 4 stars, 830 reviews

What the people say: “Once again Kizuki hit it out of the park!! Their ramen is so amazing and comes in huge portions with most of the add-ons already added to the items found on the menu.” –Kendall D., Portland, OR

The runners-up:

  • Ramen Ichiban
  • Toshi’s Ramen


Winner: Terakawa Ramen, 4 stars, 1,376 reviews

What the people say: “This has to be one of the best ramen places I've been to in  Philly.” –Genesis P., Philadelphia, PA

The runners-up:

  • Fujiya Ramen
  • Rakkii Ramen

Rhode Island

Winner: Ganko Ittetsu Ramen, 4 stars, 104 reviews

What the people say: “Such. Good. Ramen. Ahhhh. I've gone back twice and their broth is wonderful.” –Rebecca M., Providence, RI

South Carolina

Winner: Myles and Jun Yakitori, 4.5 stars, 419 reviews

What the people say: “Wow, wow, WOW! Everyone has been right, this place is a hidden gem that I'm so glad I finally took the time to try.” –Cynthia W., Hanahan, SC

The runners-up:

  • Menkoi Ramen House
  • 2 Nixons

South Dakota

Winner: Ichiban, 3 stars, 39 reviews

What the people say: “This place is the real deal! Fantastic service and the food is absolutely perfect! The pork ramen was so perfect and the soup was very flavorful.” –Cheryl H., Guernsey, WY

The runner-up:



Winner: Two Ten Jack, 4 stars, 320 reviews

What the people say: “Everything was full of flavor and perfectly seasoned. I'm not typically a fan on ginger but the ginger in the ramen was just enough and not super strong.” –Apryl C., Maitland, FL

The runners-up:

  • Suttree’s High Gravity Tavern
  • Lucky Cat Ramen


Winner: JINYA Ramen Bar, 4.5 stars, 2,650 reviews

What the people say: “I can't get over how delicious everything was - MOUTH WATERING! Plus I think they'll refill your noodles if you are big pasta eater.” –Brandi E., Houston, TX

The runners-up:

  • Ten Ramen
  • Ito Ramen


Winner: Tosh’s Ramen, 4 stars, 551 reviews

What the people say: “My favorite ramen place! I usually get the ‘Blend Ramen’ with extra egg, SO SATISFYING!” –Jewel R., Salt Lake City, UT

The runners-up:

  • Asa Ramen
  • Tonkotsu Ramen Bar


Winner: Gaku Ramen, 3.5 stars, 199 reviews

What the people say: “I only had the tonkotsu pork ramen but that's all I really wanted! It was amazing. The pork was cooked perfectly and the flavor was amazing.” –David V., Randolph, MA

The runner-up:

  • Si Aku Ramen


Winner: Ichran Japanese Ramen, 4 stars, 246 reviews

What the people say: “My son could not stop commenting and raving about the pork in his Shio Ramen. Said it's the most 'tenderest’ one he's ever had at any ramen joint.” –Tami C., Virginia Beach, VA

The runners-up:

  • Osaka Ramen and Sushi
  • Kappo Nara Ramen


Winner: Ramen Danbo, 4.5 stars, 678 reviews

What the people say: “Best ramen I've ever had! Every time I think about ramen this place is always the first to come to mind.” –Timmy D., Salt Lake City, UT

The runners-up:

  • Zen Ramen and Sushi Burrito
  • King of Ramen

West Virginia

Winner: Yama, 4.5 stars, 96 reviews

What the people say: “As close to perfect as it gets. Morgantown staple that never fails to deliver.” –Billy S., Morgantown, WV

The runner-up:

  • Suka Ramen


Winner: Kawa Ramen and Sushi, 4.5 stars, 160 reviews

What the people say: “This place is my absolute favorite place for ramen in Milwaukee. The broth is so rich, the noodles are perfectly chewy, great toppings, great portion.” –Bridget W., Milwaukee, WI

The runners-up:

  • Umi Sushi
  • Strings Ramen


Winner: Wasabi Japanese Grill and Bar, 3.5 stars, 106 reviews

What the people say: “I love this place! For sushi and noodles! They have the best ramen.” –Angie J., Windsor, CO

Correlations and key findings

  • The most reviewed ramen bar in the nation was Totto’s Ramen Bar in New York, which has 5,629 reviews to date.
  • Slurpin’ Ramen Bar in Los Angeles maintained a 4.5 rating—impressive, given that they had the second-highest number of reviews at 3,614 reviews. With those stats, this place could arguably be home to the best ramen in the nation!
  • The ramen chain JINYA placed among the top three in five states.
  • Houstonites really love JINYA—they gave their location a 4.5 rating with over 2000 reviews.
  • A lot of the country’s favorite ramen joints aren’t necessarily traditional, but that doesn’t mean they’re not delicious. Ramen shops are getting increasingly creative with their dishes and Americans are eating it up.

What’s your favorite ramen place in your state? Let us know in the comments!

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