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December 27, 2019
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You might be surprised at just how close you are to some of Hollywood’s best movie moments. Maybe so close that you could have met the team from The Sandlot or the Wolf Pack from The Hangover.

Heck, maybe you could have seen a real life dinosaur from Jurassic Park or a Transformer from Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

To create this impressive movie list, we analyzed films from classic to modern times. We considered locations, IMDb scores, and Rotten Tomatoes scores. Then we chose the top movies filmed in each state—including yours.

Tim Burton’s Big Fish received an 8 on IMDb and 77% on Rotten Tomatoes. The town of Spectre was actually custom built specifically for the film. It is located on a private island outside of Montgomery, Alabama. The town is still standing today and you can even visit if you know who to talk to.

Not surprisingly, several scenes of Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby were shot at the Talladega Superspeedway in Lincoln. Film 42 included scenes filmed at Rickwood Field.

Based on a true story, Into the Wild received 82% on the Tomatometer. The actual Chris McCandless’ remains were found by a moose hunter in a Fairbanks city bus, just outside of the northern boundary of Denali National Park—not far from where Into the Wild was filmed.

The 1942 classic film Casablanca is rumored to have filmed at Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff. The iconic hotel remains a popular spot for Hollywood stars and has a very unique history. Whether scenes from Casablanca were actually filmed there is one of the hotel’s many mysteries.

Jabba the Hutt’s huge hover barge was built west of Yuma at the Imperial Sand Dunes for Return of the Jedi. Jerry Maguire filmed field scenes at the ASU Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe.

Nominated for Best Director for the 2014 Indie Spirit Awards, Jeff Nichols grew up in Arkansas and was inspired by a book titled The Last River in his creation of the film Mud—starring Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon. It was very important to Nichols to film in Arkansas, where half of the cast and crew members were Arkansas residents. Mud also hired over 400 locals as extras.

The picturesque watermill seen at the beginning of Gone with the Wind is the North Little Rock Mill. Brand new at the time of filming, the mill was designed to look like a historic part of the area. Johnny Cash’s boyhood home was filmed for Walk the Line, a film about the legendary musician’s life. This simple farmhouse was opened to the public in 2014.

While it’s no surprise that many movies have been made in Hollywood, we decided to choose a recent release with plenty of locations you can visit. La La Land, received an impressive 93/100 on the Tomatometer. In this film, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone play two L.A. dreamers waiting for their big break. The movie was shot in 48 locations in just 42 days. Of the many L.A. filming locations, the Griffith Park and Observatory is our favorite. “A Lovely Night” was recorded in just one take at a spot in the park called “Cathy’s Corner.”

The Graduate and Grease were also filmed in California.

The 1969 cult classic Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was almost entirely shot throughout Colorado. The scene where Butch and Sundance jump off a cliff to escape the bandits was filmed at Baker’s Bridge, north of Durango.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Christmas Vacation were also partially filmed in Colorado.

Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds was filmed in California and in various states across the East Coast, including Connecticut. The factory block, where the alien machines start to fail is actually the Uniroyal chemical plant in Naugatuck, CT.

The ominous-looking Stepford Men’s Association building in The Stepford Wives is also known as the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion in Norwalk.

The talented late actor Robin Williams spent time in Delaware filming Dead Poets Society. The school in the film was St. Andrew’s Boarding School in Middletown, where a legacy remains for students and teachers alike.

The Village and Failure to Launch also shot scenes in Delaware.

top movie scenes filmed in Florida

An Arnold Schwarzenegger movie wouldn’t be complete without a little action. True Lies follows Harry Tasker, a man who leads a double life as spy and computer salesman. The epic bridge escape in the film was shot at Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys.

Both Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Edward Scissorhands were almost entirely shot in the Sunshine State.

Half of the huge blockbuster The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was filmed in Atlanta. One iconic location was the setting for the party scene at President Snow's estate. His estate was filmed at Swan House—which should definitely be called Swan Mansion

Also shot in Georgia were Selma and Remember the Titans—a sports classic.

Cult classic Jurassic Park was filmed primarily in Hawaii in order to nail the lush jungles in the movie. For the most part, filming took place on Kauai, but there were several other locations across all the Hawaiian islands. You can visit many of these spots, like the fallen tree where Alan Grant and the children take shelter, which is found at Kualoa Ranch.

Soul Surfer, which was based on a true story, was set and filmed entirely in Hawaii.

Napoleon Dynamite put Preston, Idaho on the map quite literally with this mashed-up Google map. One iconic location from the movie is Lamont Reservoir, where the wedding of Kip and LaFawnduh was filmed—a couple of miles east of Preston.

Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day was filmed almost entirely in Illinois and received 96/100 from Rotten Tomatoes. Groundhog Day is celebrated in Punxsutawney, PA every year on February 2nd. However, the Punxsutawney in the film is actually Town Square in Woodstock, IL.

The iconic house in Home Alone is also located in Illinois at 671 Lincoln Avenue in Winnetka.

Separated from Sam (Shia LaBeouf) and Carly (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley), Epps (Tyrese Gibson) and his men take shelter inside a bombed-out church in Michael Bay’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The church they used to shoot this scene is the City Methodist Church at 6th Avenue and Washington Street in downtown Gary, Indiana.

Also partially filmed in Indiana are Hoosiers and Rudy.

The classic 80’s thriller Children of the Corn was filmed almost entirely in Iowa. You can still go see many of the filming locations including Job and Sarah’s house at 325th St. and Grand Ave. in Hornick.

Bridges of Madison County and Field of Dreams are two additional movies with scenes shot in Iowa.

The Sunflower State is home to 90’s movies Dances with Wolves and Mars Attacks! Fort Hays was one setting for Dances with Wolves. The opening scene of Mars Attacks! was shot in Leon.

If you’re driving through northern Kentucky anytime soon, stop for some Italian food at Pompilio's Bar and Restaurant in Newport, where scenes of Rain Man were filmed.

Goldfinger and Seabiscuit filmed scenes at Fort Knox and Keeneland Racetrack, respectively.

The 2012 crime comedy 21 Jump Street was filmed entirely in Louisiana. You can see the police headquarters at St. James AME Church in New Orleans. Riverdale High School in Jefferson is where Sagan High School scenes were shot.

2015 summer blockbuster Jurassic World also had scenes filmed in Louisiana. The casino interior in Logan is Harrah’s Casino on Canal Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Hollywood version of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary was filmed entirely in Maine. The Creed’s red-roofed home still stands at 303 Point Road in Hancock. The cemetery featured at various points throughout the movie is Mount Hope Cemetery in Bangor. It’s here that Stephen King himself is seen as a minister presiding over a funeral.

Forrest Gump and Jumanji also have scenes filmed in the Pine Tree State.

The house in the final scene of The Blair Witch Project was filmed in Patapsco Valley State Park at 8020 Baltimore National Pike.

Receiving a dismal 35% on Rotten Tomatoes, National Treasure: Book of Secrets had a scene filmed at the University of Maryland. The beach scene in Wedding Crashers was filmed at Assateague Island.

Much of the original summer blockbuster Jaws was filmed in Massachusetts. Amity Island was, in fact, Martha’s Vineyard. Other locations include Chief Brody’s house and the bridge, which is actually American Legion Memorial Bridge. You’re not supposed to jump off the bridge, but tourists and locals alike do so anyway.

Shutter Island and Hocus Pocus (Hocus Pocus only got 30% on the Tomatometer!) were also partially filmed in Massachusetts.

The entirety of the 2008 drama Gran Torino was filmed throughout Michigan. Much of the film was shot at Clint Eastwood’s character Walt’s house at 238 Rhode Island St. in Highland Park. Visitors are asked to be respectful of the owner’s privacy as this is a private home.

Die Hard 2 and 8 Mile also had scenes filmed in The Great Lakes State.

Contrary to popular belief, very little of the crime thriller Fargo was filmed in North Dakota. Most of the film was shot in Minnesota. The opening bar scene was filmed at King Of Clubs N.E. in Minneapolis, while Brainerd Police Department interiors were filmed at Edina City Hall. You can even stay in the Hitching Post Motel, where Jerry Lundegaard was arrested.

Also filmed in Minnesota were Purple Rain—starring Prince—and The Mighty Ducks.

Based on a book of the same name, The Help was filmed entirely in Mississippi. This drama was nominated for 116 awards, and won 80. Many scenes were shot in the Mayflower Café in Jackson, featuring Greek-inspired seafood and steak.

Parts of the underwater scenes in 80’s sci-fi The Abyss were filmed in Bonne Terre Mine in Missouri—the world's largest fresh water dive resort and the world’s largest underground lake. You can even take walking, boating, or diving tours of the mine.

Much of Gone Girl was filmed in Missouri and one scene in Fever Pitch was shot at Busch Stadium.

The Revenant tells the true story of legendary frontiersman Hugh Glass, played by the legendary Leonardo DiCaprio. At one point in the film, Leo’s character finds himself in some rapids and eventually a waterfall. This breathtaking scene was filmed at Kootenai Falls and River in Libby, Montana. The film was nominated for twelve Oscars, ultimately winning three—including DiCaprio’s long-awaited Oscar.

Heartland was filmed entirely in Montana, and the opening scenes of the classic 80’s thriller The Shining were shot in Glacier National Park.

Election—starring Reese Witherspoon—was filmed entirely in Nebraska. While the film was a box office bomb, it did receive critical acclaim. You can go to several locations including Linda’s house at 683 Parkwood Lane in Omaha. The restaurant where Dave and Tracy begin their affair is Godfather's Pizza at 7920 South 84th Street in La Vista. And of course, the high school is Papillion-La Vista High School.

About Schmidt and Up in the Air also had scenes filmed in Nebraska.

The 2009 comedy The Hangover was filmed in California and—you guessed it—Las Vegas. Most of the casino footage took place at Caesars Palace. The scene when the characters track Jade back to her room was filmed at the Wild Wild West Casino and Hotel. Caesars Palace might be just the place to spot a celebrity as the casino scene in Iron Man was also filmed there.

Marilyn Monroe’s last film The Misfits was also filmed in Nevada. Part of the movie was shot at Misfits Flat, a dry lake that was renamed after the film.

Robin William’s Jumanji, the 90s family movie we all know and love, actually received a 48 on the Tomatometer. Part of the movie was filmed on the beautiful Main Street of Keene, NH.

In On Golden Pond, elderly couple Ethel and Norman agree to watch Billy, the son of their adult daughter’s boyfriend. The film is set at the beautiful Golden Pond, which is actually Squam Lake.

The iconic summer camp from Friday the 13th is Camp Nobebosco at 11 Sand Pond Rd in Blairstown, NJ. Also filmed in New Jersey are Goodfellas and additional horror movie The Amityville Horror (1979).

Actor Jeff Bridges portrayed faded country musician Bad Blake in Crazy Heart. Filming took place in both the Hard Rock Pavilion and Evangelo’s Cocktail Lounge in New Mexico. Jarhead also had scenes filmed in New Mexico.

You can eat lunch in New York’s iconic Katz’s Deli where Meg Ryan faked film’s most memorable orgasm in When Harry Met Sally. There’s even a sign above the famous table which reads “Where Harry Met Sally…Hope You Have What She Had!”

Meg Ryan later returned to New York for Sleepless in Seattle. The 1984 Ghostbusters also had several scenes filmed in New York.

The tear-jerking film A Walk to Remember was set and filmed entirely in North Carolina. The church where Landon and Jamie are married is Luola's Chapel at Orton Plantation, in Winnabow. Parts of Shallow Hal and Hunger Games were also filmed in North Carolina.

North Dakota is not the state for cinema. Even the dark comedy Fargo only had a couple shots of snow filmed in North Dakota. However, you can see original script copies and the infamous woodchipper at the Fargo-Moorhead Convention & Visitors Bureau.

The Shawshank Redemption used the Ohio State Reformatory (aka Mansfield Reformatory) as the prison used in the large panning scene and the warden’s office. The film received a 9.3 on IMDb and 91% on the Tomatometer.

Avengers and A Christmas Story also filmed scenes in Ohio.

During the filming of Twister (1996), the film crew actually destroyed the entire town of Wakita. Don’t worry, they rebuilt it when filming was completed and you can even visit the Twister Museum in the same town.

Iconic films Grapes of Wrath and Where the Red Fern Grows have also used Oklahoma for filming locations.

A classic from so many childhoods, The Goonies was filmed in several different locations throughout Oregon.The rally truck scene was filmed on Cannon Beach and the Stop and Snack store, county jail, and several of the characters’ homes are found in Astoria.

Short Circuit and Twilight—the movie everyone loves to hate—were also filmed in Oregon.

Both Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead were filmed in Pennsylvania. The cemetery in the opening scenes of the first movie is Evans City Cemetery. The shopping mall in the second movie is Monroeville Mall.

If horror movies aren’t your thing, you can check out Point Stadium in Johnstown from Tom Cruise’s All the Right Moves.

The Great Gatsby (1974) got a sad 39/100 on Rotten Tomatoes. Mushy fruits aside, The Great Gatsby is a classic. The Gatsby mansion was actually made up of two mansions down the street from each other in Rhode Island—Rosecliff and Marble House.

Forrest Gump surprisingly only received an 8.8 on IMDb. The movie was filmed all over the country—from Utah to South Carolina. The Vietnam scenes, where Forrest meets Lieutenant Dan and Bubba, were filmed on Fripp Island in South Carolina.

The Notebook place Noah and Allie go boating to see swans is Cypress Gardens. Unfortunately the gardens are currently closed due to flood damage.

South Dakota has a thing for 90’s sci-fi movies. Both Armageddon and Starship Troopers had scenes shot in the state. Director Michael Bay’s Armageddon included a pretty surprising scene filmed in South Dakota. The surface of the asteroid is actually Badlands National Park.

Starship Troopers also filmed scenes in Badlands.

Inspired by a true story, October Sky was filmed entirely in Tennessee. The town of Coalwood was set in Petros, while most of the school scenes were filmed in Knoxville. The drama received 11 awards nominations and earned 90% on the Tomatometer.

Earning a Certified Fresh with 95% on Rotten Tomatoes is Apollo 13. The Mission Control Room in the movie is none other than the Johnson Space Center in Houston. There’s an entire museum dedicated to the space center that offers tours.

Also filmed in Texas are No Country for Old Men and Friday Night Lights.

The film that made Jim Carrey famous, Dumb and Dumber was partially filmed in several Utah locations. Harry and Lloyd’s apartment building is found at the Smith Apartments located in downtown Salt Lake City at 228 S. 300 E.

Additional movies with scenes filmed in Utah are The Sandlot and 127 Hours.

Tim Burton’s well-known comedy Beetlejuice was set in Connecticut, but was actually filmed in East Corinth, Vermont (and partially a studio in California). The town’s main street showcases many of the featured locations. The bridge where the Maitlands died still exists, but looks nothing like the picturesque bridge in the movie. It can be found on Chicken Farm Road, close to where the street intersects with Village Road.

Baby Boom, and Funny Farm were also partially filmed in The Green Mountain State.

The classic 80’s romantic drama Dirty Dancing was partially filmed at Mountain Lake Lodge in Pembroke. Four weekends a year, the lodge reopens as “Kellerman’s Mountain House” for Dirty Dancing themed weekend packages. If you’re planning a weekend away anytime soon, get out your dancing shoes and have the time of your life!

Other movies with scenes filmed in Virginia are Lincoln and Cold Mountain.

Padua High School in 10 Things I Hate About You is actually Stadium High School in Tacoma. The building was originally designed to be a luxury hotel, but the construction was never completed and the building was purchased by the Tacoma School District. It opened as Tacoma High School in 1906, before changing its name to Stadium High School in 1913.

The 1994 film Lassie was filmed throughout West Virginia. One scene in particular really pulls at your heartstrings. The scene where Lassie jumps into the water to try and rescue Matt was filmed at Sandstone Falls.

West Virginia was also a filming location for We Are Marshall and Super 8.

The Milwaukee Art Museum made a debut in Transformers: Dark of the Moon as Dylan Gould’s automobile art gallery. Residents of Milwaukee stood outside the closed set, yet some were lucky enough to witness the scene where Sam and Carly exit the front of the museum and get into a “Bumblebee-like” car.

Other movies with scenes filmed in America’s Dairyland were Public Enemies and Major League.

top movie scenes filmed in Wyoming

Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, Django Unchained includes one scene shot in Grand Teton National Park, near Jackson Hole. Grand Teton National Park was the perfect spot to film Django and Dr. King Schultz riding their horses through the snow.

Starship Troopers and Close Encounters of the Third Kind were also filmed in Wyoming.

Contributors include: Brittany Eastman (lead), Alex Alexander, Arsalan Dezham, Matt Prina, Carlos Frias, Jared Seachris, Cassie Tolhurst, Massiel Ramirez, and Monique Serbu

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