Your State’s Favorite Scary TV Show

Map showing every state's favorite scary tv show on Netflix.

Nothing says October like staying in your house, bundling up on the couch, and watching terrifying things on TV. OK, let’s be fair. Nothing says 2020 like isolating in your house, bundling up on your couch, and watching terrifying things on TV. At least around Halloween the scary stuff is fun and not real!

To help distract you from the scary stuff you hate with the scary stuff you love, we decided to figure out each state’s favorite spooky TV show. Check out your state and let us know if you agree in the comments.

The most popular spooky series on Netflix

Black Mirror

Area of peak popularity: California, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Rhode Island

The people of California, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Rhode Island obviously like to get creeped out about robotic bees and blackmailing anti-malware programs. Seriously, doesn’t the future of technology give you the heebie-jeebies?

The Twilight Zone

Area of peak popularity: Michigan, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia

We wonder if our friends in Michigan, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia are stuck in the twilight zone. We know the feeling. What dimension are you in?

Devilman Crybaby

Area of peak popularity: Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Mississippi, and Montana

Our neighbors of Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Mississippi, and Montana have a fascination with demons taking over the world. Or maybe they like watching Devilman save other demon-humans like himself. Either way, how do you sleep at night?

The Haunting of Hill House

Area of peak popularity: Idaho, Indiana, Missouri, and Pennsylvania

The Haunting of Hill House is the predecessor to Netflix’s new TV series, The Haunting of Bly Manor, and is still the most popular scary show in Idaho, Indiana, Missouri, and Pennsylvania. Residents love themselves a good horror story about a haunted house.

States that go back to their old scary favorites

These states are loyal fans of their favorite scary show from last year as they’re replaying them this year to get them in the Halloween spirit:

  • California: Black Mirror
  • Connecticut: Black Mirror
  • Hawaii: Devilman Crybaby
  • Maine: Dexter
  • Massachusetts: Black Mirror
  • New Jersey: Black Mirror
  • New Mexico: Goosebumps
  • Rhode Island: Black Mirror
  • Utah: Stranger Things


To figure out each state’s favorite scary series on Netflix, we simply tapped into the mindset of a Mindhunter.

Just kidding. Actually, we took a list of the most popular and highly rated scary series you can watch on Netflix, put each show title in Google Trends, narrowed it down by state, and let Google work its magic. Out came the results of which horror series was most popular in each state.

Each state's favorite scary Netflix series
StateFavorite scary Netflix show
AlabamaTwin Peaks
AlaskaAsh vs. Evil Dead
ArizonaThe Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
CaliforniaBlack Mirror
ColoradoTwin Peaks
ConnecticutBlack Mirror
DelawareBates Motel
District of ColumbiaBlack Summer
FloridaDevilman Crybaby
GeorgiaDevilman Crybaby
HawaiiDevilman Crybaby
IdahoThe Haunting of Hill House
IllinoisBlack Mirror
IndianaThe Haunting of Hill House
KansasTwin Peaks
KentuckyThe Walking Dead
LouisianaAmerican Horror Story
MarylandDevilman Crybaby
MassachusettsBlack Mirror
MichiganThe Twilight Zone
MinnesotaStranger Things
MississippiDevilman Crybaby
MissouriThe Haunting of Hill House
MontanaDevilman Crybaby
NevadaThe Twilight Zone
New HampshireMindhunter
New JerseyBlack Mirror
New MexicoGoosebumps
New YorkThe Twilight Zone
North CarolinaThe Twilight Zone
North DakotaAmerican Horror Story
OhioAmerican Horror Story
OklahomaPenny Dreadful
PennsylvaniaThe Haunting of Hill House
Rhode IslandBlack Mirror
South CarolinaBlack Summer
South DakotaBlack Summer
TennesseeThe Twilight Zone
TexasScreamMTV Series
UtahStranger Things
VirginiaThe Twilight Zone
West VirginiaGlitch
WisconsinStranger Things
WyomingVan Helsing

Which scary series on Netflix gives you the chills? Tell us in the comments!